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Don't use Guildportal for your guild site
I wanted to send out a warning about which hosts guild sites for WoW and other games.

My guild was on their site for many years. There came a point where the site crashed and they lost a lot of data. Bad things happen and I had no problem with this. A few weeks later I was informed by someone here on LJ that our "About Us" page had just a short line that we were an RP guild. I go to the site and see my nice pretty description with a video showing we are an "all around" guild and nothing mentioning RP. What the person was describing sounds like our old about us page that existed 5+ years ago and was changed 2+ years ago when we gave up on having an RP guild because our members were not interested in RP no matter how many events we ran. We ended up being an all around fun guild with raiding and such.

I log out and low and behold, that is exactly what is showing. Just a single line that says we are an RP guild. So to see our actual about us page you have to log in. I have to log in to make changes and I can only see this wrong information if I log out. So I can't change it.

I opened numerous help tickets to guildportal with no response. I tried to contact them on their facebook page and no answer and they actually deleted my comments on their facebook a few months later, still with no contact. After a month of trying to reach them I give up, move our site to a new host and my fiancee who was paying for our add free site on guildportal logged on and canceled our membership. He has the email confirmation and we move on with life. This was on March 18th. Then one day I get a single message on the guildportal site that all of my tickets with them have been closed  because of lack of contact on my part. I go check my email and there are no emails what so ever from them. Not in my inbox, my junk mail, my trash, no where. I blow it off because we gave up and canceled anyways.

That is, until they billed my fiancee for 6 months of service on May 19th, 2 months after we canceled our subscription with them. More attempts are made to contact them via their web site, their fail ticketing system and their facebook page. Still no contact and we ended up having to contest it with the bank.

I do not recommend that anyone use guildportal. If you are paying them for services already, be very careful when you cancel and make sure to keep your confirmation emails to show your bank when they bill you anyways. After over 6 months I still have not heard a peep from that site no matter how I try to reach them. If you check their facebook page you will see I'm not the only one. There used to be a lot more comments on their facebook complaining of lack of contact but they seem to have cleared them off. The last update to their facebook was June 10th so someone is alive out there but they seem to be ignoring their customers completely.

Edited to add:
I did some research and found more info.

They claim to be an accredited BBB member. They are not. The BBB has even told them to stop claiming that and they have not responded to the BBB

I plan to file a complaint with the BBB

Looking to start an all girl guild
Hello I've been wanting to start an all girl guild for a while now
I'm currently on the server US-Sargeras, I'm not sure if my server has any yet I think there was one but it died slowly of course because everyone who started to join wasn't a female lol

So I want to get one going, I already have a guild. I'm just not sure how to get it going so that I can get the attention of other girls. I'd need a few officers to help out so I can get things rolling

Any help, advice, anyone on the server who might want to help out

-Thank you :)

H-Hyjal The Pink Lady- Recruiting!
Abby Picture
Hi everyone!!
Guild Name: The Pink Lady
Faction: Horde
Realm (US/EU): US
Realm Type: PVE
Realm Timezone: PST
I am here recruiting for my super small guild on Hyjal. We are looking for some friendly people to come help level us up. We are willing to pay for repairs, help gear, and supply profession mats. Also willing to pay for max flying if you come help us level up ten more levels! Alts are welcome!
Our website:(that I spent way too much time for a guild of three people)
Thank you!!
The girl with way too many alts!!

Guild Websites?
My current guild's website is very under used and rather neglected ( the last post was about D3 over 2 months ago) so I am thinking of revamping it for MoP, and possibly switching to a different provider. We are currently using Guild Launch. My question to you ladies, is what sites does your guild use, and what do you like/hate about them? And if you admin your guild's website, how easy is the site you use to maintain? ( I'm not computer illiterate, but I'm by no means a web guru, and would prefer the simpler the better)

A:RP-PVP "The Sha'nash" - A'dal's Angels!
Hi wow_ladies!

I'm here to promote The Sha'nash, Moon Guard's largest Draenei-centric guild, and one of the Alliance's premier RP-PVP guilds. And did you also know that we raid DS on the side, too? How epictacular is that?

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Dragon Snacks (Horde guild on Kilrogg, PvE) Recruitment

Dragon Snacks is a group of easy going, friendly, helpful folks with a sincere interest in mastery of their class, what ever game we are playing. The average age of Dragon Snacks is greater than that of the average gamer. Most Snacks are working people with jobs, families and lives that MMO's are just a part of, not the other way around.

Dragon Snacks won't likely be the first guild into new encounters or move through content faster than, or even keep up with those who enjoy that most. We raid as a guild for the fun and the challenge. We use need before greed for loot distribution, there are no attendance requirements, and raid slots are awarded in a way that anyone interested gets a chance to go. The result is that we progress a little slower but we end up with more stable raid force and folks can take a night (or a month) off without crippling the guild.

We care more about the player than we do about the character. Level and class are not as important as attitude. We don't tolerate drama and public chat channels are restricted to PG-13 topics. We don't require you run any add-ons (though you are welcome to do so) and we think figuring out our own strategies for fights is part of the fun. We value teamwork over raw DPS, and we believe that helping each other enjoy the games we play is the greatest reward of all.

We are currently 8/8 Dragonsoul on normal. Our raid night is saturday @6pm Server time. Kilrogg is a PST server. We try to do a guild LFR on wednesday and are attempting older cata raids in heroic modes on Mondays. We are looking for active or even semi-active members to have fun with.

I am trying to fill up our guild a bit more since we did lose a ton of people to SWTOR and I miss having a active guild!
Come roll an alt, see if you want to admit that you really do enjoy being a dragon snack!
Our Website:
In game, you can contact me(Adryanna, Zoeyelle, Melanya), or Philina or do /who Dragonsnacks and see whose on!

Edited for typos.

Reunion (EU-Silvermoon, Alliance) looking for DPS
Reunion is a progression 10-man raiding guild on the Alliance side of the European Silvermoon realm, founded a few weeks ago (late December; we started raiding on Sunday 8th January). We've cleared normal mode DS and we're now working on hard modes: we're 1/8HM (Morchok) with Zon'ozz HM to 22% this week, our first reset of being able to put together full guild raids rather than having to PuG people out of the trade channel. (With a little bit of luck, he'll fall over on Sunday.)

We raid five days a week, Sunday to Thursday (Friday and Saturday free) during progression, from 8pm to midnight server time. These raid times are designed in order to allow our members to come home from work or school without having to rush, as well as get enough sleep at night; raids might occasionally push 10-15min past the end if we're particularly close to a kill, but it's not a common occurrence, and it's only ever done with the agreement of everybody in the raid. Once all content is on farm, the raid schedule would be scaled back to a smaller number of days.

Loot distribution is done by loot council. We endeavour to keep our roster as small as possible, so you would need to be available for as close to 100% of the raids as possible.

We are currently looking for a few more excellent DPS; we would especially welcome Balance Druid, Mage, Retribution Paladin, Shadow Priest and Warlock applications, although you're still encouraged to apply if you play a different class.

We've a friendly bunch; many of our core members have been friends with each other for years, and part of the reason we started the guild was because we all missed raiding with each other in a guild that fostered an atmosphere of mutual respect (rather than the selfish "me me me me" attitude sadly found in a lot of progression guilds).

All our core members are experienced raiders (some of us have been raiding since vanilla) - our GM and raidleader in particular is extremely competent and has been raiding at the highest levels for 6+ years. We've invested a lot of our time (and a decent bit of money) into this project, and it's not something that we'll just give up on and allow to fall apart.

To know more and send in an application, visit our website ( If you have any questions, feel free to post here or get in touch with Aeliel (me) or Alieth (our GM) ingame.

Infinite Jeeves (Thorium Brotherhood - US / Alliance) LF caster DPS!

Click to check out the guild site!

Infinite Jeeves of Thorium Brotherhood (RP-US, Alliance) is looking for a couple caster DPS to come hang out and kill stuff in Dragon Soul with us (or just hang out if you need a social guild on TB!). We recently renamed ourselves, but the guild has been on the server since (I think!) Burning Crusade. =O

We are 8/8 DS normals and are putting our toes into heroic-mode waters for the very first time. It's pretty exciting!

We're definitely a casual guild, raiding Wednesday and Thursday nights from 8pm to 11pm Central time (the server is also Central).

We do not put up with any racist, *phobic, or misogynistic BS. Seriously, none.

There's no yelling/blaming/shaming during raid or after - we work to help people having difficulties.

Loot is distributed via a loot list system - you submit a ranked list of items at the beginning of the month, and when an item drops it goes to the person who has it ranked the highest.

We're really fun people! We have several WoW_Ladies members as well as others, and you can get a sense of the guild culture both from our forums and from the videos/screens posted to the front page.

Please come be our friend! =D

You can message/mail the GM (Narae), myself (Peregrina, alts are Andaviel and Selinah), or either of our officers (Galewyn or Crapemyrtle) or just /who Infinite Jeeves and see who's online. You can also chat with us here, send in a guild app, however you want to get in touch. We really look forward to hearing from you!

[H] Havoc - US Ysera Recruitment
Havoc Logo
Name: Havoc
Server: Ysera
Faction: Horde
G Lvl: 25
Raid Times: 8-11pm (Eastern/Server)
Raid Days: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, & Sunday
Progression: 1/8 DS (Previously 3/7 HM in Firelands)

Contact Abtorr, Raffiki, or reply here with questions (We love questions!). My email is also: allison (dot) lins (at)

Havoc is always looking for more people! We are still in need of Ranged, but some new healers would be nice, and really.. anybody that doesn't stand in fire is welcome to apply!

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US Trollbane (A) Recuiting
Hello All!

Devastate ( is looking for some Ranged DPS and healers to join our 25 man raids. We are looking for FL ready raiders (but no tanks... sorry!)

Devastate (lvl25) is a casual guild with a dedicated raiding core. We were 6/7 pre-nerf and are now working our way through Heroic content (Shannox on farm, close to getting Aly/Rhy). We raid Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday from 8pm (EST/Server) to 11pm. Our raids are relaxed environment. We do old content guild runs to help gear people, and are working on getting a more stable FL 10 man alt run.

As with all guilds, if you are an exceptional player feel free to apply. If you are curious about us feel free to contact me via this post, via Abtorr in game, or contact any of our guildies and they can point to to an officer who can assist you.

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