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Guild server transfer question (EU)
lizzy blue sky
Soo it has come to it that our guild has realised that the server we are on (Bladefist-EU) is getting deader and deader by the hour and the nickname Deadfist is more appropriate than ever. We can't recruit new people, we can't find pvp teams, nothing. We need to move to a different server.

We are still considering it, nothing is certain, but research is needed and the main question is - where to go? Well, the general consensus is that we are bone-tired of ganking so we are all up only for a transfer to a PvE server.

So this is where I ask you if you can recommend a EU PvE server with more alliance than horde, a healthy economy and population? We're thinking of Silvermoon-EU, which is high-pop and has more Alliance and seems good but do any of you play there and can say how it is? Or can recommend another good server?

Thank you!

Need Advise; Server Move for the Guild

I'm in need of your advice and your experience.
Several days ago, the idea came up of serving moving our guild. Our server (Duskwood) has been losing people, even with the expansion, and it's hard to recruit new blood to fit in with our semi-casual/semi-raiding guild. It's line we manage to maintain only because every member of the guild is understands that Life > WoW. We love playing this game, we love raiding, and we supporting each other and help out the guild as a whole.

I'm reluctant to server move the whole of the guild, but I'm open to hearing the pro/con arguments from my guildmates. We're having an officer meeting to discuss this possibility, then open it up to a broader decision with the rest of the guild.

If this is something the majority of the guild is interested, then I'm open to doing that. I realize that some people will not want to move or can't afford to move, and we'll lose people. This might be offset with a better population.

I've read the FAQ from Blizz ( so I can understand how to do this, and what would happen.

But, I want to hear about YOUR experiences on server moving your guild...or why you decided to remain in your current server:

* why you did it (move or stay)
* how you made your decision
* what happened when you did
* what you would do differently
* what server did you move to and why?

As mentioned above, I am hesitant to do this -- I don't want to lose good guild members, and I don't want to server transfer only to regret it later. I'm not sure if those interested in server transfering are having the grass-is-greener-on-the-other side syndrome. But, on the flip side, this could be good for us.

I appreciate your time and answers to my questions. I want to ensure that this is the right decision for us and that I understand all of the pitfalls / advantages of this from all angles.

Hey! I posted here before about looking for a new guild because my last guild was absolute horrid. 

WELL! First of all, THANK YOU ladies for your words, your advice, your love, and your offers. It really helped me, so much.

On top of my guild being horrid, I've also essentially been re-homed. Last week, my father attempted to assault me (again). I've gotten out to a safe place, though, and hopefully will never deal with that 'man' again.

As it is, I've found a wonderful guild, though. I've transferred to Nordrassil, and have joined <Palladium>. It's an incredible guild, so far. In terms of personality and friendliness, they get an A. In terms of skill in gameplay, they get an A++. The guild is fairly new-ish, I do believe they splintered from another for one reason or another. They're very experienced, and do a great job in supporting their players and guiding their new raiders. Honestly, I'd call the guild a dream come true. 

In terms of rape 'jokes', one was made. And it was quickly corrected. A true blue trigger of mine is men yelling. It happened once. And was quickly corrected. I am very happy with this guild and their steps taken to make sure their players are comfortable. Not only that, but the presence of the LGBTQ community in the guild is very comforting, and hurray supporters. 

Also, I finished my mog today!  Got Crown of Fire the first time I've ever run firelands! 

Pics below! :DCollapse )

Looking for a home
WoW Alliance Fangirl
After a few months playing Horde and raiding, I've realized that I miss my space goat mage, but the server she's currently on doesn't really fit my playtimes. So I'm looking for somewhere to either move her (and by extension, my small crafting village) to or start over on. I'm looking for (hopefully?) both of these in wherever I choose:

Some sort of raiding activity around 10:30 pm - 1am EST. My work schedule varies so much that I can't ever guarantee that I'll be off the same days every week and rather than be a "one day here, a day there" raider, I think the later times would be perfect. I haven't killed Deathwing on my ally girls yet, but have on my horde. I don't really have much interest in Heroic fights, but if the group is awesome enough to make them not sucky, then I'd reconsider.

A fairly okay AH market. I don't want to be spending all of my dailies gold on gems, but I don't want to be able to buy stacks of them with a few silver.

The standard not-douchebag-ry guild wishes also apply, I don't have any problem with swearing or not, nor any real issues with jokes of the gutter minded nature. I love using Vent but the past 3 guilds I've been in have all been ghost towns when it comes to using Vent.

EDIT: Forgot to put, this is for US servers and that if I transfer, I'd be bringing a mage, a hunter, a druid, and maybe a shaman and a priest.

3 awesome people LFG US-Alliance Side
2pm ; wooyoung ; ILU JYP
Hello, My 2 friends and I decided it is finally time to find a new guild, as our current guild is frustrating us for various reasons. We are semi casual but know end-game raids, but would love to be part of a guild who has some progression and raids on weekends. We are on US-Staghelm, but all three of us are willing to server transfer if we find the guild right for us. We can help newbies with questions, we're really helpful with helping guildies do achievements, like doing achievements, and we like running through old content. We are just sick of the Non-PC people in our guild who have egos the size of Jupiter. We like to joke around and have a good time, after all, we are playing the game for fun in our free time.

Thank you for your time ladies and lurking gents! If any of you know a guild that would be good for us please leave a comment! We'd love to make an alt and check your guilds out!

Raiding guild looking for a new home
FIREFLY Man named Jayne
Hey ya'll!

I'm an officer of a raiding guild on Ravenholdt and after some lengthy and painful discussion, we came to the conclusion that it's in our best interests to server transfer. We've been having serious roster issues lately and Ravenholdt simply doesn't have the recruitment pool we need to maintain the level of competitive raiding we would like. (We've had three holes in our roster for as many months and next to zero bites in recruitment - needless to say, it's difficult!)

I love my server and it pains me to transfer even one of my characters off, so I'm working very hard to make sure we find a place that we call can be happy with. It's a daunting task and there are a lot of potential hiccups that come with transferring (we won't have the benefit of alts to keep ourselves self-sufficient, our few non-raiding members will be left out in the cold if they don't want to transfer, we won't have the kind of familiarity with people as we do with RH, etc), but despite all these drawbacks, we've agreed it's the best decision we could make for the health of our guild. We're taking the next week to do research on various servers and will then reconvene to go over our options on a point-by-point basis.

So what I'd like to hear from you ladies is this: what are some US, high-pop (this is important) servers with solid recruitment pools and decent (some hard mode) Dragon Soul progression Horde-side would you recommend? Ideally, the server would also have an active PvP community, as several of our raiders are fairly serious in arenas/rbgs. Personally I would absolutely love it if we could transfer to another RP/RP-PvP realm (as I am an RPer), but I know that's unlikely.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Some Advice Please? Possible LF Guild EU
Flounder D:
Hi Ladies.. and lurking Gents.

I have a bit of a problem..I love my guild.. really I do.. but lately it's just been dead.. there are at most about 4 of us on.. and it's the same 4 late at night and during the day it's just me and someone else.

We used to have a full guild chat and there was green text flowing all the time and we'd be raiding regularly and even with alts. Then suddenly... we down Rag after the nerf... and all the officers and most of the core raid group basically are gone over to RIFT or other games.

Several of us wanted to try HC modes of FL but since someone said they didn't wanna do "recycled content" we never did. I want to see some FL HCs.

I made a post on the guild forums about this and the comments I got back from the officers seemed like.. maybe we'll be back for 4.3... maybe not. Its like they don't seem bothered anymore. If they don't want to come back it would be nice to say "We're not coming back. See you around maybe.." instead of leaving us hanging on what they're doing.

Had several other people agree with me that it looks like time for a possible guild change. But that's where we have another problem.. Our server is currently dead and pugging is a nightmare.

So what I'm asking for is.. Is it worth hanging around till 4.3 which is god only knows when in a dead guild or go for greener pastures elsewhere since we have no idea if the officers and others are gonna be back.

This is my shaman.

I also have another 85 shaman that's Enhance/Resto but not that well geared yet. A Feral/Boom Druid, MM Hunter, Frost DK and I'm currently levelling a Disc Priest.

If anyone wants a resto/ele shaman that's 7/7 and alliance and have a possibility of a couple of extra people tagging along.. which might be two hunters and maybe someone else let me know since I'd  have to speak to them first.

Faction Change
alttp link
Hello everyone,
I was curious to know what happens to your reputation/achevements/mounts,... basically everything when you faction change. Is there a list somewhere? Someone told me if I went from horde to alliance, I'd lose all My ATG stuff, and honestly it's not something i want to redo but....
I tried looking on the official wow site and and couldn't find ANYTHING. I tried browsing on the forums didnt find much. I normally would just reroll but I've done too much on this toon to reroll.

Server Transfer......Complete.......Log no no no no no argghghg
So I transferred servers last night to Saurfang EU, no problem, everything processed smoothly and went quickly. Until I went to log on.

My entire UI was completely and utterly FUBARd, after getting control over my hyperventilating I started trying to recover what had been so pitifully broken. No luck. I eventually deleted the WTF folder (now I know why they called it that) and started from scratch. I think I have my Bartender 4 settings straightened out as well as Mage Nuggets, tonight I need to figure out how to configure Arkinventory again because it's been quite a while since I even looked at the settings.


On the bright side I've joined a lovely guild though we are undermanned right now, so if you are a girl and on Saurfang EU /w Trefoil if you are looking to hang out with some interesting chicks and I will introduce you to our lovely guild leader.

In need of Realm Reviews
Keu: Holiday Shep
Hi ladies (and lurking gents),

My SO is looking to transfer his small raiding guild off Korialstrasz to a more active and populated realm. We've narrowed it down to three different realms after looking through places like Wowprogress, and WowCensus. But we're more in need of personal experience or opinions about them to make our final decision. He wants us to be as happy as possible with where we end up at, especially since spending $25 to transfer to the same ol' crappy stuff would really, really suck.

The ones on the table are (these are all US servers):

Korgath-H (PVP)
Hyjal-H (PVE)
Scarlet Crusade-H (RP)

But the last one is negligible, since I'm already a resident there and can give his members an idea of what it's like. So if you are on those realms, have been in the past, or even know a good deal about it through various experiences, please post here! We'd love to hear from you!


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