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WoW Literature Online
Morgaine - 01

Greetings, Ladies and Lurkin'Gents.

I'm currently unable to play WoW due to economy reasons, so to sate my fix, I'm looking for Online Literature about the WoW universe. Not comic like, but text-stories. Particularly Draenei, Belfies and trolls interest me.

Anyone know where I could find it?

Thanks in advance!


If anyone happens to know of any of the above in a more ... Mature setting, I'd be pleased.

Looking for friends on Stormrage-A
best friend
I've recently decided I was tired of not being to raid on my main server and lacking the funds to pay for transfers or faction changes I've gone and rerolled on another server and plan to level as quickly as I can. Problem is, I know no one on the server, most of my realid friends no longer play, and the grind can get mighty weary without someone to talk to.

I don't expect you to give me items, give me gold, run me through dungeons or anything of the sort. I just want someone to chat with and potentially become good friends with on my new server. If you're interested, you're welcome to message me. Both my character and realid name is Enalon.

Mage Challenge Modes
My guild's finally getting into challenge modes, and, well. Since I've been shunted out of my healing spot by the group leader's girlfriend, it seems I'll be going on my mage.

Problem: I hate frost. With a passion. I.. I can't... Words. Cannot describe my absolute loathing for the spec. And I don't know how to PLAY it. But apparently, there's "no room for slacking."

So. I take it that means that I WILL have to drop my arcane spec and pick up frost, right?

What other tips do you have? I know we're going to be a Prot Pally, a Resto Druid, and probably a boomkin? That one has a bunch of characters. And then me, a mage. I don't know who our fifth will be, yet.

The Cinder Kitten is here!
WoW Girls
If you haven't seen this little cutie yet, you absolutely have to. I was expecting it as part of 5.1, but it actually joined the game yesterday. Click to see the kitteh!

I have to wait until Friday to get mine, but I have sat and watched it play from the Pet Journal. My friend has gotten his to level 15 so far and says it's a great part of his pet battle team.

Looking for a post
(Art - Victoria Frances) Girl with Cat
Members of W_L! I'm hoping you all can help me. Quite a while back, someone had posted commissions for iPhone wallpapers along with some examples. Said person (I believe she, but I don't want to assume) had some AMAZING wallpapers of Alexstraza and Ysera.

I've looked back through the tags, but no luck so far.


Rez scrolls?
Quote old gamer
Not sure if this has been asked several times already... (at least I didn't find even a tag for scroll of resurrection)

My friend (person A) wants to rez my account. 
-> I apparently would get a "free" 80 toon (and according to the FAQ this ties to the next one)
-> Free realm transfer
-> 7 days of game time
-> free Cata (well I already have it, but it's relevant)
If I'd accept it, I'd send a continuous Scroll for my boyfriend's account.

Q 1 - I've never had my account resurrected before (I don't have any memory of such at least), so it should still work? According to the FAQ you can only receive it once... =/
Q 2 -Would my boyfriend's account be instantly upgraded from Burning Crusade to Cataclysm? I don't see the point of having a look at the game if I'll be all alone. There's not much of a "massively-multi-player" if you play alone and just see the random general chat... (I mean sure, my RealID friends would be all over spamming me with questions, but... they've moved on with the guild I used to know.)

Also, I'm superbly unsure if I'll even accept my friend's offer, because spending around 45€ in total is a lot right now. (I just bought White2 and bunch of Steam games with sale prices that totaled around 60€, which was my summer-game savings from the time I haven't played WoW.)

But the main point of this is the questions. 
Thank you before hand already.

Prodigal Daughter!

So, a lot has been going on in my life and I took a break from WoW and from wow_ladies. I've since returned and I realized this morning how much I miss you all!

I have so much to tell you all, but I don't want to repeat stuff that has already been discussed, so I just wanted to start by saying HAI! And to ask if there are any major posts that I need to read. I'm going to go back and try to catch up, but fill me in! What's been going on?

My biggest delight right now is the pet battling and I'm curious - do we have a daily post where we can share our favorite pet battle teams like we have a transmog day to share our transmog sets?

*bounces* I'm so happy to be back! Now to get reading.......

Mount squee...Or not?
I figured I'd share this with people who might actually care. I was cruising the AH as I usually do in the morning, and I saw this up for 19,800 buyout: 

Edit: Apparently this is a scam? I am not thrilled if I just lost out on 20k. 

WrA H: You want Darkmoon cards? I might have yours!
I have the following four cards currently, and am making more on a semi-daily basis, whisper me and ask what I have if you see me around...I'm looking to sell these first off, and will do so for a fair price or trades to complete a Crane deck:

Check out what I"ve got under here!Collapse )

In which my 7 year old saves the day!
Cat Chubwick
My 9 YO son and 7 YO daughter love WoW. So much so that we added accounts on for them, DS's is attached to hubby's and DD's is attached to mine. Ever since we got into the beta (Day 1, woohoo!) they have been in LOVE with the pandas. So proud of them, they made 85 templates and got them almost to 87 on their own! You may judge my parenting skills in another forum, but anyway!

Launch happened, so of course everyone wants to play! We on the mains, the kids on pandas! Hubby was all over pet battles and such right away, whereas I know I level slow, so I didn't even let myself touch pet battles till Friday. (I'm still only level 88 too, see?) We were looking forward to the kids getting their new pandas over to the pet trainer so they could learn the Jade Crane chick and then we'd all have it in our books. Only...turns out there's a bug. If you trained your main in pet battles before making a panda, the panda gets bugged. The game will act like they have the training, but they can't see the Chick pet on the Pet Battle lady in Stormwind.

So since I was a laggard on that front, DD had made her panda and was well on the way to leaving the Wandering Isle before I got around to training pet battles. I haz crane! But remember my gung-ho hubby who was in like Flynn with...everything? He had trained pet battles long before our young fella made his panda, and he got hit with the bug. BUT! DD had made a second panda! They *do* love pandas something fierce already, and she loves making new newbies! So hubby got her abandoned first panda to the mainland, bought and caged the chick, and learned that one on his account, so he and DS have crane chicks now too.

My daughter: defeating Blizzard bugs since...Thursday.

PS: I think we need a battle pets tag!

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