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ну не знаю, по-моему, непохожа!
Комсомольская Правда
Кто ты в «Игре престолов»?

Кто ты в «Игре престолов»?

Серсея Ланнистер Ты Серсея Ланнистер — супруга короля Роберта Баратеона, дочь лорда Тайвина Ланнистера. Серсея поистине прекрасна! Изящная, воспитанная, умная и гордая. Рождена, чтобы повелевать! Но бывает жестокой. Для своих целей не избегает ни сплетен и интриг, ни более суровых методов. Вспыльчивая и своенравная. При этом готова на все ради своих детей. С ними она мила, отзывчива, добра. Что касается всех остальных, то у Серсеи настоящий дар – очень тонко оценивать людей. Она умеет заставить кого угодно сделать то, что надо ей. Цитата героини : «В игре престолов побеждают или погибают. Третьего не дано».

Easter in Instagrams
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We had a great Easter. The first 3 days was just me and the boys while J worked. It was a nice mix of relaxation and social engagements.

I've been watching Sons of Anarchy. I've gone through the first 4 seasons. I like it a lot. The duality of it. Like Breaking Bad where you're rooting for people who are doing immoral stuff, but you still want them to succeed.

I hope you all had a nice Easter as well!

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So remember that solar eclipse a week and two days ago, right? I wanted to get up and watch it, but I was working 12 hours before, and the weather was rainy and stormy as all hell (in fact, the day after the eclipse we had some snow... after having 80 degree weather the day before). Eclipses are pretty important in more than a few religions, so even though I'm an atheist I put this stupid thought into my head before going to sleep:

"So hey if there's anything important going on tonight and some super spechul gods are coming out, lemme know what I should do with my life kthx?!"

Yup, I dreamed about becoming a nurse/continuing work in a hospital. I can't remember all the specifics, but one part stuck out--we had to shave this lady's private regions for surgery. Well, she had shoulder-length straight brownish hair, and her pubic hair looked EXACTLY like the hair on her head--length, texture, and all. Between all the "WTF", we were trying to figure out the best way to shave it all off--I think we tackled it with an electric razor. It's my dream; it couldn't make total sense now, could it?

But hey I finally got a letter in the mail accepting me into nursing school. Soooo I guess... the dream told me to do it.

After that I had a dream people around me were being abducted by aliens. They had some kind of aircraft that hovered over and dropped down these stairs (not beams of light, not ladders, but escalator-looking stairs). They singled out one person at a time, and I think the weird thing about the dream was that people were going up the stairs almost of their own free will. Yeah, they could have been mind controlled, but it was almost like they just really wanted to get off the planet and finally decided to break it all off and leave it all behind. Every time the stairs came down, there was this split second thought of "will this person decide to stay or go?" I saw a few people go, but I can't remember who or why they maybe decided to go. And I think there was the idea in my head that these aliens were targeting people who were maybe looking for a "way out" somehow; like they knew their life/mental histories and wanted either easy prey or to offer a way out.

There were some other dreams, including one where I was also on some kind of weird hovercraft (it looked kind of like a squished hexagon/box shape, taller and longer than it was wide) flying around this futuristic-ish big city that was hosting some sports playoffs, so all the lights on the skyscrapers turned into advertisements for every different team. There were some other people on the ship with me, and most of them seemed to be annoyed at me because they thought I was taking advantage of some other "crew member" I was supposedly in a relationship with, because he was much older than me.

Oh yeah! And a while ago now, I got sick for the second time this year (I don't know what's up with my immune system, but seriously, it's killing it...literally). It was a little strange because my initial symptom was something that came to me IN A DREAM. I was sleeping, and woke up unable to breathe. I tried to go back to sleep, but even though I would start dreaming almost immediately, I would increasingly feel like I couldn't breathe--even in the dream. Like my lungs just wouldn't expand enough. This happened about 4 times before I gave up and woke up. SUPER AWKWARD PART TIME: This dream that kept getting interrupted and restarted by my waking up unable to breathe was also one of those almost-orgasm kind of dreams. So yeah, sleep has never felt weirder. And the funniest part is, after that I had no breathing problems, and didn't start having a sore throat until almost 24 hours later.

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day one of 365 dream journal testing....

I woke from a nightmare this morning. It involved some kind of home invasion set at one of the homes I lived at as a child, yet not. It was a different place, but there were some similarities between the entry-way and the front door. I was with my mother. The face of the invader is only semi-clear; possibly someone I've seen in the past at a distance who I considered threatening (didn't really make that connection until now, otherwise an anonymous random dream-person). After waking up (it was around 5:30), I fell back asleep. This time, a group of people came to the house and helped my mother and I, assuring us of our safety. I think in that semi-wakeful state I knew I didn't want to leave things on a negative note in the dream, so I wanted to return to it and rectify the situation. The group helping us were a number of men; I forget the details of the group, but they were from a variety of backgrounds and jobs, they were friends (still anonymous dream characters). I remember there was still a feeling of unease, but I also knew nothing bad would happen.

The night prior, I went to bed hoping to try and start a lucid dream, but that definitely didn't happen. I will continue to try, however. I'm still trying to decide what I want to lucid dream about, though.... Having had success in the past, I know it's possible. That's a part of this written experiment.

Actually, when successful in the past, I did have a consistent "place" and dream character in mind: if I encountered either the setting (even if obliquely similar) or the person, I would be prompted to remember I was dreaming (usually). I'm not sure if I want to use either again, however, or start with something new.

If I can't recall my dream, I'll post "no dream."

A part of my interest arises from my potential MA studies. We'll see....

Okay, this is the fluffier post. O:>
(Obligatory shilling for my stuff: free stories available at ( ), and all my novels can be sampled there to the 50% mark. I'm also on Barnes & Noble (because Smashwords distributes there), Kobo (ditto), Blio and anywhere else Smashwords distributes to, and of course the elephant-tiger Amazon. ( )

As with all authors, I squee about sales, reviews, and even people clicking "this review was useful" on reviews they find useful, on sites that offer that ability.

This ends the obligatory shilling.)

The rest of the day... Well, my kitty still has a transporter accident, and it was trash night. I got some Dragonstuff done, and am hoping to get more done. I am having fun sending my NPC minions off to do Assignments for me, but need to make sure that I don't send the colonists off anymore or else I won't be able to get them off my ship for the bigger bonus of "Send your colonists to a planet to colonize it!" ...I don't know how only 5 people, of two different species, are going to manage that, but hey. Maybe they have a bunch of uterine replicators with them.

I would start being a real subscriber, paying money and all, except they won't BEAM MY CHARACTER OUT OF THE BASEMENT. O:p

BTW, is it just me, or did Amazon remove all the fancy "see the graph" and "payments made" from their dashboard? Or are those now only for Amazon-exclusive authors? Looks like they rolled it back to a way-prior version. ...way prior version -- I don't see the AU option on the dropdown!

Havva Quote
I've never heard maniacal laughter from a robot before. It feels good to have brought something new and wonderful into the world.

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Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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Author Blog Chain Tag!
(This will be also be posted to my "real" journal,, and someday I will stick it on my very own site. But I figured that today... Is today. O:> )

Blog Chain Tag!

I was tagged by Stephanie Cain, and here are the questions we're supposed to answer... *grin*

Rules of tag!

Basically, you link back to the person who tagged you and then answer four questions: What am I working on? How does my work differ from others in its genre? Why do I write what I do? How does my writing process work?

So here I go!

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Time to reach out and add some people. O_o Hope you don't mind if I add ya.


-.english translation.-

This is the furthest I will go.
Never the same again.
The vile path calling me,
the day I ran from life again.

If I win this one time,
it will still be the end of me.
My belief that nothing ends well.
This is the end for me.

Day and night heart was uneased.
Broken will frozen smile.
Riding on, heart pumping tears.
Day and night I walk alone.

Bones rotting in the earth,
like your secrets
that you long kept from me.
But blood weighs more than silence.

Broken words, shards in your mouth,
cut deeper than any wound.
Broken vows will never be the same.
Lies like the viper's bite.

Hearthstone. That's a very addicting game. When I was playing a hand last night, I was fighting against a rouge and noticed that she had all "draw a card" cards in her deck. She kicked my butt so hard. I wanted to try the same so after the match, I created the same deck with my favorite picks (Alexstrasza & Ysera) and wow... I've been winning mostly. The only problem is - you are getting cards so fast that you don't know what to do with them. It's crazy but fun. Especially when you have your favorite dragons alongside of you.

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I'm so tired... *passes out*


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