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Introducing TRFA (US-Horde!) Want to raid (normal)? DON'T want to leave your guild?

Team Roaring Fuzzy Alpacas ( That Rad Fine Ass Initiative, This Raid is Freakin’ Awesome, etc)
Team Tumblr:
WRA in-game channel: /TRFA (Please feel free to hop in and chitchat, look for groups for normals/heroics or join us for group dailies at approx 5 pm server every day!)

Tentative Start Date: January 6th, 2015

Raid Times: Tu, Th -  7:30 - 9PM server (10:30-12AM EST)

Team Overview:

Hosted by Nalette and Tytheríon (alt 0237 for the funky i, Btag: livethislife#1370) on Wyrmrest Accord (Horde), we are a casual but focused raid collective.  We do not ask or expect any interested parties to leave their current guilds to join us, and openly welcome cross-realm additions to our team.

TRFA is an LGBT friendly raid environment, and aims to be a safe and supportive space for anyone that wishes to raid with us. We will not tolerate slurs, ableist language, and other grossness. Basically, if it looks like it belongs in Trade Chat, it has no place with us.

Our goal is to complete the tier on Normal (Formerly Flex) Difficulty. Please note that progression for Heroic (formerly Normal) and onward will not be handled in an official capacity by the team.

There is no set attendance requirement. Slots will be filled on a first-come, first serve basis, depending on what roles we need to fill and who is ready for invite and prepared to go, fifteen minutes prior to raid. Obviously, the number of tanks and healers that will be needed will be less than DPS, so flexibility in the role you are willing to play and are geared for will go a long way to making sure you get to come with us as often as possible!

What we’re looking for:

Friendly, mature, and fun-minded players who want to put in a couple hours a week to clearing content in a supportive and positive environment.

Our Ideal Alpaca is someone with a really good attitude, follows directions, and knows how to work with a team. Previous raid experience is not required, but an overall desire to improve, learn one’s class, and play to the best of their ability is.

If there are problems, rest assured your raid coordinators know about them, and will be working with any individual members to make productive and helpful adjustments as needed.

Edit: Welp, for some reason the 'Read More' isn't cutting the post, so if you would like more specific, detailed info, just contact us in-game, join the channel, send a message to me here, or an ask on Tumblr. :D

UI Mod Monday!
coffee buff
To the Catcave! photo kittenescaperoute-1.gif

Morning everyone! Hope you all had a good Thanksgiving, or a good Thursday, whichever applies.

I noticed Tomtom updated! And I'm LOVING the updated Garrison Commander.

Anything updated that's really exciting? Or something NOT updated needing replacing?

It's Monday. It's December. (HOW did that happen?) It's UI mod Monday, and the coffee is definitely on. How are things going?

Wowhead and trojan viruses
Over the last couple of months Ive had two incidents of a couple of Trojans being loaded onto my pc. At first I thought it was just an unlucky fluke but this time this week when it happened the only webpage I was on in the timeframe was Wowhead.

I am not saying the site itself has these Trojans but it seems likely that the pop up advertising they have on the site does. They were, in this instance, only annoying ones not very destructive (they interfered with IE and I kept getting Critical Alert warnings). I have since purchased a paid version of Malwarebytes and made sure my Java is up to date, but I thought I'd ask if anyone else has experienced anything similar from Wowhead.

It would be very annoying to have to stop using the site as it is a very valuable resource but these computer issues are very annoying.

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Good morning, ladies!

Have any of you come across a guide or list for finding garrison followers? I did most of the quests (Horde-side) while I was leveling to 100, but I still feel like I missed a bunch of them along the way.

The Wednesday Safari
scorchling, Indolence scorchling
Since every Thanksgiving I visit friends in North Carolina, I've never experienced a Pilgrim's Bounty from my desktop computer. So it's always been a holiday that I skip as much as I can, since my laptop is not the best computer for WoW these days. But with this holiday revamp, I had to take part as there is a new pet and a toy, as well as a cosmetic hat.

I got lucky on my mage (I ran her through as she could port between the cities) and got the pet in my first bag. Still holding out for the toy, but I forgot to do the dailies yesterday.

How goes your pet collecting in WoD?

New Blood Elf Model Preview
moist > edward
Blizz shared a preview of the new Blood Elf model today.

Read more...Collapse )

LF: a Horde guild on Alexstrasza/Terokkar
Until the very end
Hi ladies; it's my first time posting here!

I recently rolled some alts on Terokkar (Horde), and I was wondering if there are any friendly and active guilds to join?

I'm also interested in making more friends to chat/play with on both Horde & Alliance side, any realm.

Let me know if you'd like to exchange BattleTags. :)

UI Mod Monday!
Percussive Maintenance
 photo PounceBox_zps4nqasvmi.gif

Morning all!

Lots of updates still. Following up on a tip last week I checked out Garrison addons, and there are several out now. Some manage followers and missions, others monitor work orders. If you've tried them, which is your favourite?

Found anything cool this week? Anything making you tear your hair out (aside from other players)? How are things in the UIs of Azeroth?

Divine Hymn
How does Divine Hymn work now? It feels radically changed now and, at level 100, the only time I feel 'okay' casting it is if I've cast GA on the tank first. People have died when I cast this. It feels as useless as back during Cata. I remember one of the new 5-mans in Cata (the one with the panther priestess boss) and I remember casting DH and having the exact same thing happen in both situations: a wipe.

Did they nerf it into the ground or is it not an Oh-Shit spell any more and me using it as one is where I'm having problems?

Aaaaand another Add-on Issue
Thanks for all the rec's for Auctionator. I'll give it a run. My problem is, now, I can't get anyone to buy my items. I swear, it's the same problem I have in RL: I can't sell water during a drought. When I work retail, if I had to rely on commission to make money? I'd starve to death, lol.

ANYWAY: Does anyone else use Lightheaded? I've got the latest and greatest loaded, but something in WoW is keeping it from kicking in. Even QuesthelperLite only works once in a while. I'd swear Blizz is doing something to prevent some add-ons from kicking in. They want you to use their map and their directions and they sucketh to the largeth degreeths.

More help?


Bueller? Bueller?

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