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Pet Names translated
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I', just rummaging through and tried to figure out some names. Since I mainly use English guides, I sometimes have to find out what pets they're actually talking about. Especially the named ones are often very different.

This is something I adore in WoW. The names (and surprisingly even the translations) have a ton of awesome and funny puns and tributes.

One example (although not pet related): Tenacious Defenders (probably referencing Tenacious D.) are called Dead Suspenders/Braces in German since there is a Band called Die Toten Hosen (the dead pants/trousers) and so it is Die Toten Hosenträger.
Same for all the slightly obfuscated promi names, like Haris Pilton, Harrison Jones and the rest.

But for pets there are two that just caught my eye and they are so cool.

Moon Moon - Loved the reference, but the joke is totally lost in German. He's called Mondflausch (Moon Fluff) here.

On the other hand, the most epic name ever (in my opinion) is Schrödingers Katze. What better name could you give to an undead cat? <3 Ok, I admit, I have no idea, what Widget the Departed references to, maybe it's super cool as well, but Schroedinger's cat is awesome, isn't it? I'm talking about the Ghost cat, which you can currently buy during the Hallow's End event.

UI Mod Monday!
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UIs and mods - come on in, it's Monday!

Someone asked a few days ago if there's an addon which will open all your bags in the bank, and I don't know of one. I know all your regular inventory bags open - but the bank containers don't. Is there a way to make that happen?

UI Mod Monday!
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Morning everyone.

It's Monday. That means the floor's open for your regularly scheduled discussion space. UIs, mods, addons, it's all fair game.

The Wednesday Safari
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I believe for now I'll be posting The Wednesday Safari every other week, as there's not much news going on these days. Unless some breaking news happens, in which case I will post about it as soon as possible, still keeping to a Wednesday schedule. Once we get closer to Legion, I'm sure things will pick up again, and weekly posting will be back.

So I hope everyone got their Stout Alemental from Brewfest! If not, I'm sure there are some still going cheaply on the AH. I managed to snag three; one for myself, one for a guildie who is a collector but missed Brewfest due to RL issues, and a third just because.

There's also the Virtual Ticket to Blizzcon (or the real thing) coming up in November, which will give us Murkidan, so get your ticket now!

We have Hallow's End upcoming (starting 10/18), and it looks like we have 3 new pets: Ghostly Rat, Ghost Maggot, and the Spectral Spinner. Not sure how we'll get these yet, but I'm sure it will be revealed soon. There are also new toys to get, and you can decorate your Garrison with Hallow's End decorations as well.

UI Mod Monday!
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Hey, anyone here?
Auctionator has been taken over by a new developer, and there's an update out! *kermit wave*
Also, updates for LiteMount, and Garrison Commander.

Happy October. Darkmoon fair this week.

I think there was something else but damned if I can remember what. Coffee, tea, and hot chocolate are on. Come on it!

UI Mod Monday!
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Morning all. Everyone get to see the eclipse last night?

Ovale fixed the mage class trinket, and Mute Annoying Wow Sounds has a major update including lots of garrison sounds and the stables mounts.

How's everything going this week?

The Wednesday Safari
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Brewfest is here, and along with that, a new pet, a Stout Alemental, for only 200 Brewfest coins. It shouldn't take too long to gather that many coins; I got 177 with one day of dailies, the few one-time quests offered, and 2 Coren runs! There are also 2 new toys, a Brewfest Banner and a Steamworks Sausage Grill, for 100 and 200 coins respectively. Of course there's still the Direbrew Remote, the trinkets off Coren (now ilevel 670), and the Pandaren Brewpack toy from last year.

It's also time for PET BATTLE BONUS WEEK(END)! Time to level those pets you haven't bothered to level, or level up new pets, or what-have-you. Anyone have any tips for the PVP event? I saw on twitter that someone had a 3 Plump Turkey team and they kept their opponents (the person posting the tweet) in a Food Coma all the time, with no chance to do damage, while they would swap to another turkey, Peck, and then Food Coma again. Not really fair, and hopefully they'll fix Food Coma to have it make you resistant for a few rounds. Unless you had a faster pet, you're pretty much screwed.

Anyone else encountered that team? And what's the current flavor of the month in PVP battles?

(oops, missed posting on Wednesday, apologies!)

First dive into pet battles
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3 Years of silence and I'm back. Let's see for how long. I really wanted to write about my first experiences with the battle pets and thought this might be the place.

I pretty much ignored the battle pets when they were introduced back with Mists of Pandaria. But lately I decided to give it a try and thanks to some weeks of sickness at home, I'm now the proud mother of roughly 320 individual pets and counting. About 30 are 25 already and I fight and fight and fight...

Since I'm currently sick AGAIN I'm on my trusty old laptop and can't do much because the performance is very low. That's the good thing with battle pets the performance doesn't matter.

Of course I started with levelling the most cute / cool pets, no matter whether they were good or useful at all. I made teams with all my cute lava animals (rarely useful to make a team of 3 similar pets, before the fables), 3 different cats and similar useless combinations. When my first toon hit 100 and built the menagerie, I got a stone to push one pet up to 25, I chose the Molten Corgi. He's too cute <3

After That I started my other cool pets like Schrödinger's cat. (all pets that I rarely use nowadays) And suddenly the urge to collect had me. I wanted the title "Crazy Cat Lady" and did Molten Core, Ahn'Quiraj (I'll never remember how it's actually spelled, sorry) and Blackwing Lair over and over and over again. (got it with the help of a guild mate, who let me learn his tradeable cats, but I'm close to achieving it for real) I never really learned the mechanics though. Most of the times, I checked the web for combinations against specific encounter. Just a few weeks back I finally printed out a cheat sheet with all the weaknesses and boni and tried to create my own teams against the tamer around the world. I got better, but I'd still consider myself an adventurous noob. I finished the fable quests and the Pandaren ghost tamers. Next step will be the Timeless Isle, I think. Only read some snippets about scenarios, and 40 tamers and so on... don't think I'm ready for that yet. So currently I try to get a lot of those pets that were mentioned as "must have" for those later encounter and level them *yawn*.

This week is bonus weekend for battle pets again, so I hope I can push as many as possible. This includes a few more battles with the plush elekk. For some of the tamers I have currently teams that manage to survive the fight only barely and so I need to push more pets to be able to improve the teams, so they can win with only 2 active pets. Again, I'm using a lot of solutions from the internet and don't think too much myself. Feels a bit like cheating, but it'll become better, I promise.

UI Mod Monday!
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Morning everyone.

Holy heck, we have a TomTom update! Not just a TOC bump either - replacing some outdated components so hopefully it won't throw errors like it was.

How things going this week?

Hello ladies! I need your help
Oh No It&#39;s Devo

I'm setting up a new guild on Area 52, Horde-side.  My Tauren is named Spudwazz, and he's dancing just outside the Orgrimmar gates with his monkey pet.

I'm a huge fan of Devo, so the Guild is called "Are We Not Horde".  If you're a fan too, sing out when you sign my charter :D

I'll be there from 12-2pm MST, or until I have all my sigs.  Thanks in advance!


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