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UI Mod Monday!
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Morning everyone!

Pretty quiet, this week. Updates include Archy, Rematch, TitanPanel, Bigwigs Bossmods, Opie and DBM.

Other than that, I got nothing.

What's up with you all?

The Wednesday Safari
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Whoops, later post today as my brain kept thinking it was Tuesday. Not much new to report in pet battle news, so I'll just throw this out to an open forum. Anyone got anything they want to gab about? Complaints? Questions? Get it off your chest here!

Opening Commissions!
It's been...a very long time since I posted here, so a (very late) hello again to everyone! I'm not very active on here anymore, but I got some good feedback when I last posted commissions here, and as I've a vet bill to pay now, I figured I'd open them up again!

Bust: $10
Waist: $15
Full body: $25
+ Character: $10 each

Bust: $15 ( + $10 per extra )
Waist: $20 ( + $15 per extra )
Full body: $35 ( + $25 per extra )
Bust: $20 ( + $10 per extra )
Waist: $30 ( + $20 per extra )
Full body: $50 ( + $35 per extra)

$15 per character. Full body, includes flats. Shading is an additional $5.
Fully rendered (either painted or inked, your choice) backgrounds will run an additional $15 for full bodies. Portraits and busts will run $10.
More examples can be found here, on my tumblr.

Please include the following form when you order:
Preferred email:
What you are buying (flat-colored waist, etc):
How many characters:
What you would like to see (poses, reference, etc):
Available reference images, or description of character(s):
Feel free to contact me privately at . Thumbnails, sketches, any WIP shots and the final images will be sent and worked out over email. Unless you’d like otherwise, you will receive the full-sized, completed image, free of watermarks.
Payment is currently via Paypal only! All prices in USD. Payment is due upon agreement of the thumbnail.

UI Mod Monday!
Guard your Honour
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A quiet /salute on this Memorial Day.

Has everyone had mass patch data pre downloaded? Not sure how imminent the next major patch is. May be why addons are so quiet this week.

I'm showing a bunch of Ackis modules updated, along with Fishing Buddy and Bigwigs Bossmods, and not much else.

Floor's open and coffee's on. Come on in.

The Wednesday Safari
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Well, a bit of controversy has hit with an official 6.2 battle pet preview. Most of it is stuff we've already known: Legendary pet battles in Tanaan, new vendors in your Garrison, Nethaera's Light in Dalaran, 2 new pets from fishing at the DMF, and so on. But they've announced 2 new pets with the Unborn Val'kyr/Minfernal spawn mechanic: a firefly and a moth. Currently these are just reskins of the same moth/firefly pets we have, no special abilities. Which many people are finding annoying and not worth the camping effort, especially if this is a manufactured reason to get people out of their Garrisons and into new content, only to have to sit in a spawn point and camp until it appears. Not interesting gameplay, or a unique or unusual way of finding a rare pet. I'm thinking more like the rain on Jaguero Isle, or the way you get Nethaera's Light. We'll see how things progress with these two pets; I'll definitely be keeping an eye on it. Here's a blog post with someone's thoughts on it. I know that Lio isn't happy with the idea either, based on her tweets.

There is also a pet from from a boss in the new Hellfire Citadel raid; I'm not sure if it'll drop in LFR or if only from normal/heroic/mythic. Hopefully it will have the chance to drop in all places.

I know I just got the background downloader with some pre-release 6.2 content, but we still don't know when it will drop, and some people are even speculating August. I would be fine with late June or July myself.

What are your thoughts on the two new pets with the rare spawn mechanic, and when do you think 6.2 will be released?

UI Mod Monday!
what day is this?
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Morning ladies and lurklemen!

Let's see now. We have updates for Elementarist; DMB modules for Wrath, Cata, Pandaria, and Timeless Isle; HandyNotes has added a WorldMapButton module to allow quick toggling of the addon; Auctioneer; AtlasLoot Enhanced; Collect Me; Garrison Mission Manager; Rematch; TellMeWhen; XRP; Skada Damage Reductions; BigWigs Bossmods; BonusRollPreview; YayMounts; PetBattle Teams; Bagnon; BadBoy Spam Blocker and Reporter; BigWigs Common Auras; BigWigs Cataclysm; NoDuel; and lots of SuperVillain modules.

I saw the Avatar addon, which allows you to view your character in all its transmogged glory, as a decorative part of your UI. What do you think? Would that be something you'd like to see? Or would you rather have that screen real estate for something else? I'm honestly not sure what I think about it yet.

So. UIs. Mods. It's Monday. What's up?

The Wednesday Safari
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More PTR goodness for pet lovers! The new Cinder Pup will come from a follower mission, and the Shard of Cyrukh comes after unlocking an area with a bunch of quests in Tanaan Jungle. (news courtesy of Warcraft Pets

The model for Crusher, the young fan-created pet, has now appeared on the PTR. He looks like an ore eater with a little pickaxe in his hand, and is very cute. He costs 1k gold currently from the new traders, but is not bound.

I have also heard that Graves, the Heroes of the Storm pet, will be available when you hit level 20 in HotS. Not sure if I can take playing a MOBA for that long, so I may end up passing on that pet. We'll see.

What is up with you and your pets?

WoW graphics
I was showing a friend now living overseas some of the places of Warcraft, and this was such a lovely shot I had to share.

It truly can be a most beautiful place.

I called it "Sunset over Warspear"

UI Mod Monday!
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Hope all the moms had a happy Mother's Day!

I am totally clueless about what's been going on this last week, since I was travelling, so I'm just going to open the floor for your questions, comments, screenshots, discoveries, announcements, whatever you've got.

UI Mod Monday!
Wait - What?
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Right. UI Mod Monday Post. I'm packing for a trip and have to be out today for a crack of dawn appointment so right now, I got nothing. Sorry folks.

Space - have at!

Questions? Comments? Screenshots? News flash? Rumours you want to check about what they're doing to UIs? Bring em on in and we'll see what we can do, but right now I gotta git.

*voice calls back "The coffee's on, help yourself!"

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