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The Wednesday Safari
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Another late post, my apologies. This 3rd shift thing is a killer for keeping me on a posting schedule.

I hope everyone has their Lovebird Hatchling by now (and maybe a few to sell). I decided to try doing it on my 90, since I was sure (and it was confirmed) that the Sapflies in the Dread Wastes still drop charms. Not one for every kill, but enough so it doesn't take long to get the 40 for the daily.

Of course, between doing that and the DMF dailies, she dinged 91 and still hasn't set foot in Draenor. I swear, I want to lock my characters who are still 90 so they don't outlevel all the content so quickly!

The latest pet news involves Hogs, which apparently was datamined to be a belated reward from the SS vs. TM BG, for winning it. But that was in error (as many datamined things end up being), and they still have not yet announced how the Hogs pet will show up in game. Many people were mad and frustrated as they'd ignored the BG at the time, not knowing it would reward a pet! But it doesn't, so we can all relax.

One thing that WILL reward a pet, however, is Heroes of the Storm. Graves is the pet, and it's unsure how it will be rewarded at this time. Possibly from winning a match, ala the Hearthsteed from Hearthstone, possibly from something else. Since the game will be free to play once it's launched, so hopefully it won't come from some in-game purchase.

Anything on your mind, pet battlers? Let's hear it!

UI Mod Monday!
Guard your Honour
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Morning everyone!

Let's see. Bugfix update to Dominoes. Ovale, Garrison Commander, FlightMapEnhanced, HealBot Continued, QuestGuru, XRP, ArkInventory, a bunch of BigWigs modules, Skillet, Decursive, and Rarity are among the updates this week.

How things going?

Come on in, the coffee's on.

Blackrock foundry trash?
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Does anyone know of a good resource for abilities and guides to the trash pulls at the start of Blackrock Foundry? I ask because my raid is going to take a crack at Gruul tonight, and from what we hear the trash is pretty brutal. Our sister guild tried BRF on Tuesday and took over an hour to get past the trash. I usually go to icy-veins for strategy guides but while they have boss guides, they have nothing for trash.

The Wednesday Safari
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Whoops, I missed posting last week! I blame the blizzard, which while it didn't knock out my power, it gave me a day off and confused the heck out of my body for the rest of the week (had Tuesday off, kept thinking that it had been Saturday).

Anyway! Love is in the Air is ongoing! There's a new pet, and a few toys for the toybox. The pet is the Lovebird Hatchling, to match your Swift Lovebird mount (and Mazzaranche, for hunters). I haven't yet managed to get online to gather tokens for the pet (it costs 40 Love Tokens).

Also, as it's the first Wednesday of the month, trading is open should anyone wish to trade some pets! How are you all doing at collecting Menagerie pets? I have them all now (but not all breeds of some of them), and I've only gotten 2 extras so far. But I just hit my third 100 character, so soon I'll have 3 rotating through the dailies and hopefully will get some more for trading/selling.

(US-Hellscream-A) Social, Community-Minded Guild
TV | Buffy - B [Go Sunnydale]

Embervale is a community-oriented guild that focuses on creating a social environment that encourages members to play at their own pace, do what they find fun, and form real friendships within the game.


The guild was started as a response to what the founders saw as a lack of community-minded, casual guilds for adults who just want to hang out with great folks while they play the game. While we field a flex team, we are not a raid guild. We are not PVP-focused or here to push progression, numbers, or make demands on your time.

Embervale was created to be your WoW home - the place you look forward to logging into after a long day. No drama, no pressure, just fun.

Whether you’re a raider, a solo player, an alt-oholic, a PVPer, a freshly returned veteran, or are new to Warcraft altogether, Embervale can be the home you’ve been looking for; we have members that enjoy a wide variety of playstyles. What brings us all together is our desire to play with friends, not strangers who share a guild tag.


Embervale offers a variety of social activities (trivia tournaments, naked gnome races, LFR drinking games, and more), as well as the above-mentioned flex team and other in-game events. We have a vent server and forum to facilitate socializing in whatever way you prefer.

We will never recruit people just to build our numbers. Our focus is always on finding members who will be the right fit for Embervale and help our community grow in a positive direction. We are a lady-led, LGBT-positive community.

Our leadership style also reflects our dedication to a community. There is no one person in charge of Embervale, and we encourage input from all members - regardless of rank. For more information please review our Guild Charter.


If you’re interested in learning more about us or want to submit an application, you can visit our website at:

While we do ask all prospective members to take a moment to fill out an application to make sure we’re a good fit for you, you have the option of elaborating to your heart’s content on the our short, open-ended form or filling it out with a minimum of information and opting for an interview instead. We understand some folks hate to (or can’t) sit down and type out essay answers for a variety of reasons.

If you have any questions or just want to chat about what you’re looking for, please feel free to contact Sunny, our recruitment lead, via her battletag - Sunny#1621, or any member of leadership on their mains in game: Fidgewidget (John) and Aela (Jenny - Aela#1588).

You can also contact us at for a quick, out-of-game response.

We look forward to welcoming you home!

UI Mod Monday!
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Morning everyone!

Sorry I'm a little later than usual this morning getting this up and running. I really don't have anything this morning. Way too much blood in my coffee stream, so I'll get the coffee and tea going right away.

What's up this week? UIs? Mods? New stuff? Old stuff?

Twelve Women of Azeroth Update: Leda, Part 2 (the Present)
I have risen from my hibernation (i.e. grad school applications, going to Japan, holidays, etc.) to finally write the second part of Leda the worgen's story! For those not in the know, Twelve Women of Azeroth is my masochistic fanfiction that is about twelve women of (at the time) the twelve playable races of Azeroth. I originally had an intro that had snippets of each character, but I've changed several of the characters so I nixed it. Tamatanga the goblin's story is finished, however! As always, this fic is rated M for violence, sexual overtones, rape, and suicide.

Link for the latest chapter

Link for the first chapter

Link for the Leda's first chapter

Thanks everyone for reading!

UI Mod Monday!
Zaboo Evil Eye
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Morning everyone!

Lots of updates this week, including scrap, litemount, DBM, Breeze, and Ovale.

Questions, comments, screenshots, squees and groans, anything UI/mod related.

And coffee. Lots of coffee.

The Wednesday Safari
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Well well well, the 6.1 PTR is up and we have a LOT of datamine stuff to digest! First off, we have 3 new pets, a bone serpent, a talbuk, and an eel! This is not counting all the Raiding with Leashes III pets, of course.

We also have a wandering trainer who may visit your garrison one day, but be gone the next. Erris the Collector for Alliance, and Kura Thunderhoof for horde. They have a rotating stable of pets, and also may not visit all characters on the same day, so one of your alts could see them the day after your main sees them. The rotating stable seems to mean that they may not use the same team each time they fight, but pick 3 from their stable! That should make things definitely interesting, keeping us on our toes.

Lio also noticed another visitor in your garrison's town hall, who has a team to battle that consist of varying rarity pets. Pets do get a good amount of experience by defeating him, nearly as much as a Pandaren tamer.

Lastly, there is a one-time only quest (hopefully for each character!) given by the Menagerie NPC, to get you the Ultimate Battle-Training Stone, a one-use stone that takes any pet from any level to 25!

All info here obtained from Warcraft Pets.

UI Mod Monday!
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Morning all!

Several updates this week, including Elementarist, Ovale, LiteMount, and Badboy Spam Blocker.

UIs, mods, addons, etc. You know the drill. What's up this week?

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