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UI Mod Monday!
Kitten on sofa
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Morning! If you're going out in the snow, make sure your boots run on cute.

Several updates this week, including a recent update of MogIt.

Coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and warm blankets available. Help yourself. =)

UI Mod Monday!
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Morning all!

Very long week. How about you? Brain still melted, so... yeah.

Monday - cute kitten, uis, and mods. =)

UI Mod Monday!
Out of mana
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Morning all!

Garrison Commander and Ovale are among the updates this week. Molinari did too, for anyone using that to bust your crafting mats.

Monday - cute kitten, uis, and mods. =)

Looking for an addon
Gamer Girl
I've decided to try my hand at doing RP as a Troll but typing out speaking as a Troll takes me forever! I've heard there are addons you can use to modify your writing to Troll and I'm wondering if anyone could recommend any that are up to date?

Thanks :)

UI Mod Monday!
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Wow, post holiday crud and I almost missed this one! Hope you all survived Thanksgiving and Black Friday. Personally, we hid from the madness, and didn't have any political arguments at all. =)

So, UIs, Mods, it is in fact Monday - have an Ash in the Cat Trap gif to start your day out.

Headset recs for tiny noggin?
Please, wow_ladies, lend me your aid!

My current headset is on its last legs, and it's time to start looking for a new one. This is where I could use some nods in the right direction.

So far I've been using Creative's Fatal1ties, as they are supremely comfortable. However, I'm getting mighty sick of the wiring giving up just after the warranty expires, and I can assure you I'm extra careful with them since this is my, uhh, third pair and I know what they're up to!

The boyfriend got me a shiny Steelseries Siberia, the kind where the headband is sort of suspended on some thread, but it was just too big, perching precariously on my head and sliding off at every movement...

Sooo, if anyone has any recs or tips, I'm all ears! The main features I'm after is fitting my small head, comfortable to wear, reasonably priced, wirelessness I have no feelings about in either direction.

UI Mod Monday!
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Morning everyone! Coffee, tea, and hot chocolate are on. It's gotten nippy here the last few days!

World Quest Tracker has an update, as does GTFO, DBM, Atlas, AtlasQuest (fan update), SavedInstances, Overachiever, Badboy, Outfitter, and Professions Complete.

If I'm not tracking something you use, please comment with what you're using! I'm more than happy to track things which will actually, you know, be ~useful~ for you. =)

[A] Slapfight 7/7H EST Guild w/ Personality LFM!
Just in time for the legion invasion, the members of <Slapfight> Garona (A) have dusted off their old raiding gear, relearned which end of the sword to hold (it's the non-pointy end, btw), and are back in the saddle.
We're seeking a few more melee and ranged DPS to fill out our mythic raiding roster. If you can wiggle those magic fingers and make health bars go down, we want you! If you are good at punching a monster's knees until he falls over, we want you! If you can do all this, and manage to topple our raid leaders !@#$%-*!@ record at the same time, you will become a legend and we will build a shrine in your honor.

Currently Recruiting:

  • 1x Shadow Priest (bonus points if you can dip into a disc offspec!)

  • 1x Mage

  • 1x Balance Druid

  • 1x Feral Druid

  • 1x Rogue

  • 1x Frost Death Knight

  • 1x Disc Priest

Those are our most pressing needs, but we are more than happy to consider interested applicants from any exceptional player. Dual specs are most welcome and are encouraged! Interested applicants should ideally be between 850-860 ilvl and have experience in normal (heroic a plus!) Emerald Nightmare.

Progression and Goals:
Our current progression is 7/7H in EN and 2/3N in ToV. Mythic raiding and mythic+ dungeons will be our primary focus and we'll be gearing accordingly through heroic in preparation for this. LFR is often done in groups or solo on offnights, as well as group content and old raids. At the moment, we are only 1-2 consistent raiders away from progressing through mythics and would love to find those like-minded folks out there to work together towards the same goals :)

Weekly Raiding Schedule:
We raid on Tuesday and Thursday from 7 - 10 pm server (CST), and with such a small schedule, we expect our raiders to know their classes well, and be able to follow directions to maximize our time. We recently implemented Wednesday and Sunday nights for guild organized mythic+ and karazhan dungeon runs, as well as alt raids as well.

Who We Are:
We're a small, offbeat guild with a strong sense of humor consisting of a core group of players who have raided together since as far back as Vanilla. As such, we only accept members over the age of 21. And, while we're a silly guild, we take our raiding seriously. Several of our members have completed the AotC Mythic achievements in MoP/WoD and we will be focusing on doing the same in Legion. In the past, we've had great success recruiting members from wow_ladies and hope to do the same in Legion :)
Community is also very important to us, and having patience and a good sense of humor is just as big a priority as amazing numbers. We welcome each and every new raider and aim to make you a member of our core!

If <Slapfight> sounds like a fit for you or if you have any questions please reach out to both myself at stellery#1166 and Saucy @ Saucy#11257.
Looking forward to hearing from you!

UI Mod Monday!
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Seems like in the last couple weeks pretty nearly everything has updated. Anything you're still waiting on, or searching for a replacement?

And once again - does this space provide value to anyone? It's been pretty silent for quite a while now. I'm happy to continue to post if it serves a useful purpose, but I can't tell from this side of the screen whether it does or not. Yay? Nay? Anyone even here to answer?

UI Mod Monday!
Tohru happy
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So, how excited is everyone about the announcements at Blizzcon? :D

UIs and mods - Mount Farm Helper, Tidy Plates and Threat Plates, Chinchilla, Go Fish, Auctionator, Outfitter, Ovale, World Quest Tracker, and Mage Candy are among the updates this week.

For those who use prepackaged UIs - which one do you use, and what do you like best about it?

Coffee's on, come on in!


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