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LF A Garrosh Kill
More than just a shell
Hiya All! I took a ton of time off the game and now I'm back (and way behind) I would really, really like to be able to get the AOTC mount before it is gone. So what I'm looking for is a Normal Garrosh kill, Alliance side US (Ysera). I'm willing to pay gold if needed and I can be on vent/follow directions ect. I also have a friend who is looking for the same. We're both DPS.

If this is something you can help with or know someone who can I'd be very grateful! Thanks!!

Looking for a great big friendly social guild (EU)
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Hi folks. I've been a raider for a few years now, but in the past few months work has kept me busy, and travelling, too much to be able to raid and that is likely not to stop. While my guildies are lovely, they are few and not that socially minded so I am looking for a new Guild. They MUST be female/ LGBTQI friendly (I am a queer woman and intend never to hide that or put up with shit because of it). Ideally they would be on Tarren Mill EU Hordeside, as that is where my toons are now, but I am happy to move to a different server or faction for the right guild. if they do some casual raiding that would be perfect too as I do love it but just can't give it all the time it needs.

I was GM of my current Guild (handed over when too busy to play) and also of a previous social Guild, so I know to be nice to GMs and Guildies and not give people shit :-)

Really serious about the fame/ LGBTQI friendly part though. And everything that goes with it - no "that's so gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay" or "stop being a whiny little girl" (said to men to insult them) or "so do you play WoW naked?". It's almost like I have no sense of humour about being oppressed and marginalised :-P 

The Wednesday Safari
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Good morning pet battlers!

We had a new beta deployed last night, and there was a surprising bit of information in it. Since the MoP Challenge Modes are going away, the pet that is unlocked by a guild getting all golds in them is also going away from the vendor that sells it, the Thundering Serpent Hatchling.

The pet will be available on the WoD BMAH, but that will be the only way to get one, come WoD. However! There is still time to get one before 6.0 drops! You just need to level a character to revered in a guild that already has unlocked the CM Gold achievement. This is relatively easily done with a Renowned Guild Tabard and questing to Revered.

Warcraft Pets has a list of guilds that will let you level an alt in them to purchase the pet.

The new WoD gold Challenge Mode achieve will award the Deathwatch Hatchling. It had been previously named the Ravager Hatchling and the Ravager Spawnling in the previous betas.

There are of course more pets datamined, but I think this is enough news for today! What have you all been up to? My husband informed me today he wants to get the Celestial pets, so I am putting him on track using the Wowhead guide for pets to level so he can start working to that goal.

UI Mod Monday!
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Loading holiday, please wait...

Happy Labour Day for those with the day off! Happy Monday for those without.

Let's see. Curse has updates for XRP. Total RP 2, Server Ignore (for those who want to ignore chat from an entire server), GoGoMount, CrashCourse (for the LFR folks), Molinari, Spy, DBM, DBM Timeless Isle, Dressing Room Functions, BindPad, TradeSkillMaster, Tome of Teleportation, DBM for Wrath, BC/Vanilla, and Cata, Water Elemental Silencer, MageCandy, and NPCScan.

WowInterface also has RobBossMods and SuperVillainUI.

And a non UI related heads up - Perculia posted the mounts/pets/mog gear/etc being removed with WoD in case you haven't seen it yet.

So, what's up this long weekend?

Ingame friend crossing so many boundaries
I need help with an in-game/"friend" issue that's really freaked me out.Read more...Collapse )

Need Guild Sigs H-Side Shu'halo
I'm in Undercity (Genesummons) but the person needing sigs is Azuline. We're at the Guild spot near the bank.  Need one more sig so we can get going!

ETA:  Got it!  Thanks :)

The Wednesday Safari
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Only a few updates to report this week, all via Wowhead:

Stormwing, which to me looks like a baby night elf druid in flight form, is from having 600 battle pets, an achievement called "So. Many. Pets."

All of the WoD factions have pets associated with reputation, the Draenei Micro Defender, the Son of Sethe, the Frostwolf Pup, and the Albino River Calf.

Deathwatch Hatchling is tied to the new CMs, if you get the guild Gold achievement.

Blacksmithing pet, a Mining pet, and I'm guessing this is an archeaology pet tied to reputation. Otherwise it's not a profession pet, not sure.

And it looks like Mylune isn't the only Garrison Inn-based quest giver who will get you a pet for completing a dungeon. Not sure what the horde may have to partner with this one.

Have you all been busy trying to finish MoP pet stuff in anticipation for WoD, now that we have a release date?

Is OQueue working for ya'll's? It's not working for me and I can't figure out why. :( It says it's online and I see the lists of premades but it won't let me waitlist for anything. I've tried 'find mesh' and the like. Any clues? I've looked online and I can't seem to find anything concrete.

UI Mod Monday!
Shiver me whiskers
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Morning! Last post for August, can you believe it? Seems like just a couple weeks ago we were impatiently waiting for winter to end, and now it's almost fall again. Closer to expac release. You looking forward to it?

For those looking for Warlords addons, heinous_bitca pointed out last week (thank you!) that "MagdalenaDK on Twitter has a (now non-editable) spreadsheet of working addons for the beta, located here. It was editable until some dicks decided to start deleting addons."

For current addons, Curse has Water Elemental Silencer so your pet won't keep making you have to pee. Elementarist, several TradeSkillMaster units, Geary, Bigwigs BossMods, DBM PVP Mods, OPie, GTFO, and MyRolePlay.

(SuperVillain is, as always, updated on WowInterface.)

Now that the release date is known, are you feeling the crunch to finish things before Outland as we know it is no more?

Beautiful Bird
After all this time, I still think this, the Night Elf druid, is the most beautiful flight form in the game. Was sailing along through Borean Tundra today and was reminded of how elegant it is. Sharing the love (:


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