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The Wednesday Safari
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Children's Week is here!

If you haven't yet gotten all the pets, then now is the time to escort that orphan! And if you HAVE gotten the pets, there's something to sweeten the deal in making the various orphans run you about Azeroth & Outland - there's a new bag option in the rewards. Of course, there is still the Curmudgeon's Payoff! But there is now a Pet Care Package, and it can contain Perky Pug costumes, Lesser Pet Treats, Pet Treats, the pet-size changing items, and a Flawless Battle-Stone! It looks like the latter is always in the bag, and remember that's the one that is unbound and can be sold or traded. I noticed on my server the price of the stones dropped by at least 2k in just a few days, so if you don't want to use it, I'd suggest keeping them around until after Children's Week is over to get the most bang for your buck.

And remember that as long as you're high enough level, you can do this on alts (level 10 required for the one from vanilla, 60 for the Outland one, and 70 for the Dalaran one), so you can get ALL THE PETS if you don't have them, as well as as many stones as you want to escort orphans for.

Get escorting!

Am I the only one that has trouble making friends in game these days?
That geisha in the window
It seems really since Cataclysm that I just can't meet and get to know people in the game.  It doesn't help the feeling of isolation that I inadvertantly wiped my friends list a while back.  =/  *laughs at herself*

I spend most of my time in-game running our family guilds. We have one Horde side and one Alliance side.  Our mains are Horde side.  So yeah, I'm pretty much in Mom mode even in the game these days. Gosh.  Am I the only one?

UI Mod Monday!
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Morning all!

There's an update for Rematch this week. Also for Deus Vox Encounters, Daily Global Check and a bunch of related modules, VuhDo, Ackis Recipe List, GTFO, Bigwigs Bossmods, Flight Map Enhanced & Times, MasterPlan, HandyNotes AzerothsTopTunes, Fishing Buddy, GarrisonCommander, Destruction for Dummies, Deadly Boss Mods, Miner's Coffee and Pick, TitanPanel, GoGoMount, and WIMv3.

Questions? Comments?

Anyone on the PTR - are we expecting a flood of broken addons with the next patch?

Blessed of Elune (Alliance US PVE RP - Kirin Tor) is looking for family

Blessed of Elune
Alliance Guild on Kirin Tor Server

Hi ladies!

Looking for a social guild that is not all about raiding and the raid group? Want some light RP mixed in with other social events in a relaxed and fun group? Sick of big guilds where you don't get a chance to get to know anyone or is full of kids that want to curse just because they can? If any of the above fits you, you might just be the perfect fit with BoE :)

We have been around since the end of WotLK so we have a strong foundation. There was a bit of a slow down in guild activity between expansions but the officers are all excited to run some fun events for the guild including pvp runs (no pvp gear required. We just do it for fun), rp events and old world achievement runs. We require that members treat each other with respect, support and positivity. We do not have a raid group but many of our guild members are in various levels of progression raiding and we have a raid officer who raid assists/leads a group composed of members from multiple guilds and can also assist members with finding raid groups that fit what they are looking for. This allows the guild to focus on social events and hanging out rather than raiding taking up everyone's focus.

We welcome all classes, levels and even alts. Want to make an alt to check us out and see if we are a good fit? You are very welcome to do so. Still somewhat new to the game? Everyone in the guild is happy to help new players and will never frown at answering questions.

wow_ladies has been a great place for finding good members. In fact, three of my officers came from previous recruitment messages in this group! I am hoping we can find more new family to join us in our adventures.

Finowen - GM

Coming Back to WoW, A Bit Lost
I have not played WoW seriously since 2012, when I gave birth to my little guy. I started a new job after that, moved, and started my own business. As you can imagine, I could not dedicate time to WoW. In the time I was away from the game completely, the raiding guild I was in moved servers, so I created a family guild for my toons, as well as my sons and now my brothers. The last raid I did with the guild was Firelands, anything after was done in LFR, which I was fine with, although I did miss the family like feeling of a raid group. I never joined a guild because of time constraints. Now that my little guy is 2 and he likes to spend time with his big brothers at night, I have some time to dedicate again.

My main question, what sites do you all use for making sure you are raid ready and maximizing your character? so many sites have merged, closed, and new ones have popped up, and I have not kept on top of them. I play one of each class, main is disc priest and next is a feral druid. Any good class specific sites that you all use? I want to get back into LFR first, but I personally want to be as max as possible to get the most out of my classes. Thanks!

PS I also used TukUi, are their any class specific UIs you all use that might make a difference on game play. I know it's all user preference, but I'd like to try something different, but worthwhile.

The Wednesday Safari
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Yes, things are getting wacky on the PTR, but it looks like not only will we have a Rygarius battle pet, but a Left Shark one as well, and quite possibly a Crusher pet!

We also have more details on the new Garrison pet vendor, including costs of everything, thanks to Lio. It will cost 1,050 pet charms to buy everything (pets and toys) on 6.2 release at this time. I also have heard we will have Legendary battle pets in 6.2, possibly in Tanaan when it opens.

We're also getting Pepe costumes, though we're not sure how we'll be getting those at this point. But they've datamined pirate, ninja, viking, and knight costumes so far.

Lots of PTR stuff going on, nothing else much in game re: pets at the moment. I'm sure once we get further into the PTR we'll have a lot more definitive info!

Lost Info on Commissions
Hello all!

Several months ago I made a post about taking commissions. I overbooked a bit and was exceptionally slow with this batch (life caught up to me in very real and scary ways). I know a couple of people who were interested came from this community, so I'm reaching out here first.

I sent out proofs for a couple of people in the past few months and never heard back. I know life happens and I was horribly slow getting back to some of you, and I know that maybe in a few cases you're not interested anymore, and it's fine! I just want to make sure that people who still wanted their art would have a chance to get it. In one case, I can't for the life of me find the email thread and their character's armory link has been broken for quite some time, so I was concerned that maybe they didn't play anymore. Another lady had some medical stuff going on, and I never heard back after a while, so I don't want to send a bunch of emails bugging her if she's not up to dealing with this.

All that said, if you commissioned me back then and you're still interested in getting your piece finished, please contact me! If you're no longer interested, no need to contact me unless you want to chew me out for not having finished (totally understandable). I have several pieces in various stages of completion sitting on my HD but since I haven't heard back from anyone, I'm just assuming interest dropped off. I figure this is just the least awkward way to let people say "yeah I'm not interested anymore" without having to SAY it, you know?

Anyway, I'd like to clear this up and make sure that I have the correct contact info for everyone so that I can finish up and open new batches soon as I have a few people waiting for me to open again.

TL;DR - If you contacted me about commissions several months ago and are still interested in getting a finished piece, I have artwork to send you! Please contact me at xcourtkneex [at] gmail [dot] com. If you are no longer interested, you can totally ignore this if you want. Thanks!

Mods, feel free to delete this post after a couple of days if you need to, thank you!

UI Mod Monday!
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Let's see, what have we got this week?

Updates for TidyPlates, VuhDo, Destruction for Dummies, PetBattleMaster, TotemTimers, LittleWigs, Bigwigs Bossmods, Bigwigs Common Auras, Rematch, Dugi Questing Essential, Fishing Buddy, Badboy Spam Blocker and Badboy Guilded, DBM, and everything SuperVillain including the theme.

Anyone tried Garrison Shuffle? I never thought about a shuffle button for the Garrison Jukebox.

How things going this week?

A small whine
I'm very fond of my Horde guild. By and large the membership is great; we are a social guild that does raid but not with any high level of intensity. However, there is a certain structure to the raids, within that social frame.

I have mostly enjoyed doing the raids, though we do have to take a fair few runs at a boss before we get it down. Mostly it has gone well and we have a lot of laughs along the way.

But last night I had a rather unpleasant jerk back to reality. We were making about our 4th attempt of the night to down Oregorger, and had all arrived back at the location after the most recent wipe. People were having their toons eat and drink etc and I messaged in chat that I would be back in a sec. I badly needed a drink and to wash my hands and face. When I got back, I found I'd been removed from the group.

To say I was upset was putting it mildly, and when I asked why it had happened I was told it was because I hadn't responded to two ready requests.

I guess the thing that made me angry was not so much being removed (raid leaders have to make decisions for the group and having one person hold back a fight isn't fair) - what made me annoyed was that it seemed a bit like the old Orwell saying, that all raiders are equal, but some are more equal than others. One of our other regulars has poor country internet reception and occasionally drops out, and we've waited around 5 mins or more for her to get back on. I was gone for no more than 3 mins, and felt fairly picked on.

After I'd calmed down I had a chat to the RL and he said he was sorry if I'd been upset, that he had impose these rules because people were causing everyone else delay, it wasn't personal (yeah, right, I'm fairly thick skinned but not quite that much) and I could have come back into the group after the fight. It seemed pointless to take the issue further since he felt justified, and perhaps he was.

But it didn't stop that sense of disappointment. I've really loved playing with these people and this has put a bit of a damper on it for me. I'm not young, I have physical issues that make raiding not as easy for me as it is for others, and I felt like I'd found a home.

I guess I just need you all to tell me to get over it and move on (:

Taking Commissions again
Starting at $35. :) Please see my website for more examples and information:

Feel free to comment here or send me an email at for more information.
Thanks in advance, and as always, happy raiding!

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