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UI Mod Monday!
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Morning all! It's the end of June, can you believe it? There's a few more days of Midsummer Fire Festival, so you still have time to make use of the xp bonus. Combining that with heirlooms makes for insane leveling, which makes getting through those zones OMGonemoretime tolerable. Mostly. (Thank you Darkmoon Fair for the heirlooms!)

Let's see. Curse says there's updates for TradeSkillMaster, Bitten SpellFlash:Mage, MoveAnything, TimelessLoot, Skillet, and last Monday had TotalRP2.

So... how's it going this week?

WoD beta starts today
So the wait is over - the WoD beta starts today at 2 pm PST.

I checked my email and was overjoyed to see I got a beta invite as well. Please check your emails - my gmail had it shoved under "Promotions" for those using gmail.

Now I can start to get excited :).

How does every-one else feel now that Beta is finally here?

The Wednesday Safari
scorchling, Indolence scorchling
Dang, I knew I forgot something last week! The Qiraji Guardling has returned to the area outside Ahn'Qiraj in Silithus with the return of summer! If you were missing that pet from your Kalimdor Safari, be sure to head down and grab one! I would hope that competing for spawns won't be as bad as last year, since they increased the spawn rate and many people likely have one from last summer. Also remember they are levels 16-17 for capturing purposes. Happy catching!

On the heels of the Elekk Plushie tailoring pet mentioned last week, apparently there may be an achievement for using him on your team to defeat the celestials, and possibly other trainers! @LeCrafticus tweeted this, so we'll see if he actually gets abilities or if it's just a "fluff" pet that will not have any abilities, and you'll have to defeat everything with just two pets (lol god I hope not).

There are also some new Alpha pets - 6 sproutlings and a Zomstrok, which looks like the Bogstrok mob model.

What's going on in your pet battle world?

LF Signatures WRA(H) US - DONE
I have too much stuff and need a bank guild charter signing!

Who: Katbank the lovely Belf boy
Where: Blood Elf Start Area
Realm: Wyrmrest Accord - Horde

I'll be around for a while, just poke or /w me!


1) Meowsalot (BEST NAME)
2) Dezzy
3) Tarenar with a funny A
4) Tosserelf

DONE! Thanks all!

UI Mod Monday!
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Morning ladies! Back to work, and on with the paperwork, eh?

Let's see. This week, Curse has updates for Tradeskill Master, Tradeskill Master Crafting, HandyNotes Summer Festival for those wanting to find ALL the bonfires, TellMeWhen, DMB PVP Mods, Molinari, Hydra MultiBox Leveling Helper, Squelchy's Gun2Bow Sound Pack, MoveAnything, PowerAuras Classic v4, and Timeless Loot for the "Going to need a bigger bag" hunters.

Don't really have anything else this week - It is Fire Festival, if that affects your plans this week at all.

So, what's up?

Show Off Your Hunters!
Bill Kaulitz - Sehr glucklich
There was a post like this in the tags, but it was from two years ago, so I figured no one would mind a fresh post.

My hunter is feeling stale. He's a male Tauren right now, and I just...need a change. I'm not feeling inspired, you know? But at the same time, so many races can be hunters, so when I try to decide what I want to switch to, I stall out.

So, tell me why you picked the race you picked for your hunter, and show me your badass hunter screenshots, or even artwork! I'm not leaning heavily one way or another as far as Alliance or Horde goes, though I do go with a female character 98% of the time, so it'll likely be a girl- unless it's a Troll. Troll boys are just that awesome. But yeah, anyway, I would greatly appreciate some inspiration! And this hunter is on an RP server, so if you want to go full tilt awesome RP story, feel free! <3 Let's share the hunter love!

If it makes any difference in any suggestions, my go-to pet on my hunter is my Oil-Stained Wolf that I got back in Wrath, before they fixed the bug that allowed you to tame them with the oil on them. If he ever glitches and loses his unique skin like some of them have, I swear I'll cry. XD

The Wednesday Safari
scorchling, Indolence scorchling
As mentioned last week in the comments by furrygreen , the Guardian Cub will soon be "retiring" from the Blizzard store. It's unsure what "retiring" means, so it could be back, or it could be gone for good. This was the first pet that allowed you "legally" by Blizzard's terms, to exchange real money for gold, in that it could be bought from Blizz with cash, and it wasn't bound to you upon receipt in game. You could sell it for gold, and they were fine with that. So maybe consider stocking up on a few, for WoD, before it retires?

Also noted was that the wind rider cub and gryphon hatchling plushies were back in the store as well. Those also get you an in-game pet that will fly with you, and IIRC, it was one of the first pets to do that, if not the first. I have the wind rider cub, being a hordie at heart, but I am now considering getting the hatchling.

Lastly, also mentioned in the comments was the datamined 10th anniversary pet - a little Hogger named Hogs!

Anything else going on with you and pets/pet battling? Feel free to share!

UI Mod Monday!
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Morning... *yaaaaawn* Coffee's on, grab a cup and let's see what's new this week.

Curse has TradeSkillMaster CompetitorTracker, for those tracking their AH competitors. CollectMe looks interesting - anyone tried it? DBM Cataclyms Mods, ElvUI PriestAoE, Skillet, ShadowedUnitFrames, ArkInventory, TeleportCloak for those who keep forgetting to switch back, MoveAnything, Power Auras Classic v4, Bigwigs Bossmods, and last Monday TotalRP 2 and Decursive updated, after the post.

unresolved question from last week which may not have been seen:

i had an addon but i cannot remember the name of it.

it was a chat addon that had timestamps and whenever someone said the name of the toon you were on in chat, it caused the name to turn the colour of the class and it made a noise. like the sound when someone whispers you. that little 'ding' noise.

it wasn't a big addon like prat or chatter that i can remember.

Anyone have any ideas?

So, what's up this week?

The camera
This is a stupid question and I'm sorry. XD But, erm, how do you set the camera of the game so that it'll pan around your character? I can't pan my camera around to see the front of my character unless she's sitting down. I know that I knew how a long time ago but I've forgotten (my old computer didn't like it so I stopped.)

Thanks! <3

New Store Mount

I guess your whole party can use this via a kind of hitching post? I don't know if this works as a regular mount but it is purty! I mean, it probably does. It wouldn't make sense otherwise but still, I can't say for certain.

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