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Question for you all!!
So transmog changes in legion.

I've been searching everywhere but i haven't been able to find answers for a few of these questions I have.

First off,,,items no longer obtainable.
My hunter has these.  Are they going to vanish in legion?  Will I unlock them for everyone who can wear mail?

Plate wearers can equip robes.
Can they transmog into them?

UI Mod Monday!
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I've got my thinking cat on - it's Monday morning, time to open the floor for your UI/mod questions, comments, screenshots, and all that good stuff.

Oriflame украла идею ролика игры Warcraft для рекламы с Плющенко
орифлэйм, орифлейм, налоги
Оригинал взят у oriflamiy в Oriflame украла идею ролика игры Warcraft для рекламы с Плющенко
Мне приходит много писем и ссылок о деятельности компании Орифлэйм, а также уже и о других интересных делах налоговой, есть жалобы, но без их публикации в интернете я их не публикую пока.
Но вот мне прислали ссылку на новость, она старая, но в силу того6 что я не часто смотрю телевизор, а также не играю в компьютерные игры и не отслеживаю их рекламу, она прошла мимо меня.

Реклама косметической компании Oriflame с фигуристом Плющенко в главной роли тщательно копирует вступительный ролик World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King, причём несчастный фигурист выступает в роли царя нежити.

Далее – близзардовский мультфильм и покадровое сравнение, из которого становится ясно, что сходство вовсе не кажущееся, и Плющенко шагает именно по Ледяной Короне.

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UI Mod Monday!
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It's your monday morning placeholder - THE central location for your UI/mod questions and comments. Not... that anyone has any, until the new expac is out, but hey. It's here anyway. ;)

Better'n Starbucks, because we not only have coffee, we have beanbag chairs and blankets! Everyone in the storm's path stay safe and warm.

UI Mod Monday!
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Morning everyone! East Coast folks - you all hanging in there okay? Looked like a wild one, from here.

Garrison Commander, Elementarist, Titan Panel, and a bunch of TradeSkillMaster updates this week.

Coffee, cocoa, and blankets to your left. Come on in!

UI Mod Monday!
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Morning everyone!

Coffee's on, blankets are piled up over to the left, help yourselves.

UIs. Mods. It's Monday. Come on in.

UI Mod Monday!
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UIs. Mods. Monday.
You know the drill.
I think Lyta may be the only one leaping into the day, here. Coffee's on.

UI Mod Monday!
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Morning all!

Updates to Ovale, Garrison Commander, LiteMount, and several of the HandyNotes plugins have menu/waypoint updates.

DarkMoon Faire this week.

Floor's open. I'm grabbing a blanket and heading back to bed to see if I can sleep off the winter plague.

Flimsy armour for men
WoW Warlock official
You know that everyone is complaining about barely protecting armour for female players, don't you?
Today I was playing with my only male character, an undead mage and wondered what tabart I was wearing, since the back was all whiteish. After zooming in, I almost choked on my latte, because I laughed so hard.
He's actually wearing a robe without any shirt and it's practically a skirt + a collar, but nothing in between, so if you're prepared and in a safe environment, have a look ;)

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EDIT: changed the format of the pic
EDIT2: Here is the link to wowhead: Steamburst Robe

UI Mod Monday!
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Morning everyone! Hope you all had a good Christmas. Everyone remember to log in and grab your gifts?

Elementarist bugfix. Not really much else going on.

How about you?


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