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Biker Bunny?
dravvie wrote in wow_ladies
So when my guild got to Ulduar tonight, I was transformed into a bunny while we were waiting. When i got on my bike...I figured the illusion would go away.




That's incredibly adorable.

LOL! Bunny with an attitude! That's awesome.

As I was hopping my pink bunny self from Gadgetzan to Un'Goro, some friendly bikers stopped and offered me a lift to the Hot Spring. It was awesome being a bunny in a side car!

That's so precious. *shows to everyone she is talking to*

That is one badass bunny. ;)


I saw a bunny with a tiny bone shield. It was adorable.

That is the most awesome thing I have seen all week.

AMG sudden urge to play Full Throttle again :D :D :D

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