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Random strangers what
Me: umbrella
moonykins wrote in wow_ladies
...okay what.

Right, so I'm running around minding my own business in Nagrand, when I get a whisper from a random person. I check, and he's a lvl 41 warrior, in TANARIS.

Him: Plz need some help here
Me: I know you?
Him: yup
Him: and plz help me to quest
Me: who are you?
Him: Drakoknight
Me: I don't know that name
Him: but plz I really need help m8 :(
Me: ask people in your own zone
Him: but they are to low :(
Me: Then level up a bit and do whatever it is you need help with later

Aaaand that shut him up. Seriously, what?

I'm all for helping friends/guildies out, and grouping up if someone else in my zone needs the same group quest I do, but seriously.

A complete stranger expects me to come running all the way from Nagrand to Tanaris to help him out with something?


On a happier note though, one level to go and my hunter will be 68, and then it will be Northrend time!! Woot woot.
On my Horde druid, I much prefer Howling Fjord to Borean Tundra. Which one is best Alliance-side, in your opinion?

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How'd he even find you?

(That's what I was wondering!)

Yeah, but *why* ask for someone to come to Tanaris from NAGRAND???

They were fishing so to speak.

Random much? People do weird stuff like that to me all the time. It's very odd.

Congrats on your almost-level!! :D :D

I get random whispers from people because I am a mage... they expect that I will drop everything to come port them for 2g. Yeah, if you want to come to me I'll do it, but don't expect me to come to you, dropping everything that I'm doing!

Lol, I was in Dalaran last night, and a friend of a friend asked me to port his lvl 40-something toon from Ironforge to Shattrath. I replied, "Sorry, I'm just logging off." All I got back was, ":("

Sorry, dude, real life takes precedence.

I was questing with my baby lock in Ashenvale when i got a whisper to please summon them. Well in Ashenvale, you have at least a fifteen minute run back to town from anywhere you have to go for any given quest. And i was solo. But never mind how much trouble i would have had to go through to make this summon happen! Even after i took the time to explain all this, the begging continued.

One time I was visiting a friend whose lower level alt was questing in Un'Goro. I got a whisper asking "can u help me with some quests?". I was feeling generous, so I was like "uh, which ones?" and they were like "all of em".

Does any high level person actually stop and take that much time to help a random complete a zone? Like seriously, what are they expecting?? It's different if it's a friend, but what?

So I'm chilling on the zep from UC to Org and I get a whisper "plz give me 95g for epic mount". I say no as the zeppelin departs. As we're cruising into the org tower, I look over at my beggar. He's a level 59... a level 59 death knight. WHAT. So I whisper him back why do you need gold for your epic mount? And he says he wants an "ostrich mount". -__________________-

I usually put people like that into therapy.

Had on guy going for over an hour. I couldn't quest I was laughing so hard.

....that is pretty much the best add-on EVER holy crap.

I want that! But can you really get in trouble if it repeats nasty language back at people automatically?

I've never had it reply with nasty language. Turning on Blizz's language filter may prevent it from completely happening.

I will be getting! =D

That is absolutely hysterical! I love it!!!

To the OP, I actually do both starting zones, as I follow the Jame's guides, which suggest doing them. The toon I didn't do it on was sad when I went back, 'cause I had to have low-level quest tracking on, meaning I missed herbs sometimes, but, more importantly, higher-level quests I could have done for gold were instead done for XP, so I could have made more money. Alas.

O.M.G. That is the BEST add-on EVER! I read some of the sample conversations and I was laughing so hard! I'm totally using that.

Oy! Where do these people come from?

For Alliance questing...I've done both areas and they've both got some nice spots. If you're a skinner, Borean, lots more to skin (although those DETHA guys will tag you for some of them). Fjord is a lot more nordic, so many humanoids. Fjord also had more vehicle quests, from what I remember. Both have a lot of nice quests and good lore.

I was in Zul'Drak yesterday and a level 71(!) I'd never spoken to before whispered me and asked me to run him through Durnholde. I was like wtf...

There's another guy, who I somehow ran a PuG with or something in Hellfire, but then I leveled much faster than him so he was still questing then when I had moved onto Northrend. He kept whispering me "Can you help me with this quest"- wanting me to go to Hellfire from Borean Tundra or whatever. I made the mistake of doing this once- it was a group quest but I was like in the future find others who need it in the zone. But the whispers kept coming. He's a DK so not exactly squishy.

A little boy that consistently bothers me (he has way too many alts for me to completely block him, mind you) asked me for 101 gold last night. 101. I told him that I couldn't afford giving him that money (I certainly HAD enough to cover it) and he said, "Well, ur a good friend thats why." ugh.

When I was running around on my lvl 34 lock alt, some lvl 7 whispered me and asked if I could run him to STV.

Guess where we both were? Grom'gol Camp....

I said... dude, you're in STV and logged. (I was logging for the night to begin with when he whispered me.)

This happens to me in org ALL the time with people wanting me to run them through RFC or WC. Usually, they're guilded, and I've always wondered if their guilds suck so hard that they have to ask strangers for help.

I've come to think of this as a kind of parasitism. There's nothing a random stranger could possibly offer me that would make it worth my time to run them through quests and lowbie instances. And at the end of it, they're going to be just as dependent on others because they've learned nothing about playing their class.

I hated HF on my Alliance but loved it on Horde. My vote is Borean Tundra for your Alliance.

The other day I was fishing in Howling Fjord when I got a whisper from a random DK saying "i need your help with Rider of Blood".

I was bored, so instead of just ignoring yet another moron with a sense of entitlement, I actually whispered back to point out that the Rider quests are phased and he needed to find people on the same quest.

He replied that it was hard [to find them, I assume] and I should come help him.

Yes. I'm totally flying to the other side on the continent for a total stranger when I won't even be able to interact with him or the quest mobs. Uh huh.

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