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Same deal with world server crashes and Tues maint. If you see a realm restart countdown, haul ass to Dalaran.

thanks for posting this! i've been thinking about doing it for awhile now but i wasn't sure how to start. i'm going to try to do it now. =)

The guide has screenshots for each location where they actually show a spawned book, showing the exact spots. Seeing that helped a lot, because it was one thing for me to read that something spawned "between two bookshelves" and another to see a screenshot of that.

There is also a Dalaran map there with the locations marked.

Good luck!

Another trick that I've developed is that you can camp books while doing other stuff. I'll have a pile of emails to do and in order to feel like I'm actually accomplishing something in game, I'll log in, park myself near one of the spawn points, zoom in really close to where the book is supposed to spawn ( has graphics that show exactly where the books are) and set myself to DND/AFK. Also, set the bookclub channel in another colour so that if someone posts about a book popping, you'll see it. Then, if you need to do computer stuff, situate the apps in such a way that your chat and the spawn point is visible underneath it! (works best if you have a 20" or larger monitor)

I've nailed at least three books this way, while getting a lot of other stuff done, such as dishes, cooking, emails, etc!

Wow, you're good! I am too distracted to physically leave the monitor for too long. I guess I might be able to do it if I had an egg timer I could set for 3 minutes at a time...

One thing that's worked for me is to set myself up with my laptop on the couch while I watch TV. I have a tiny netbook that actually runs WoW (not very fast, but it actually has enough strength to run WoW in Dalaran!), so I've put the netbook on the arm of the couch and sat in such a way that I can mostly watch TV, and keep my eye on the spawn spot. I zoom in closer so there's less clutter and so it's also more obvious when something magically appears there.

Mostly, I'm just glad that the titles themselves don't move around. That would make it way too crazy. At least this way I can camp a spot and just wait... and wait and wait and wait and wait. lol

Yep, watching TV too works. :)

As for distraction, I find that *most* of the time, I can get my other work done while camping a book. But there's still that chance that someone starts messaging me or guild chatter starts going and I wind up saying "sure, I'll go to that run!" and I wind up procrastinating the stuff that needs to get done! :(

Thanks for posting this. I had all but given up on this one.

Thank you for the addons! I've been trying halfassedly to do this.

Oh man, I've got 4 books to go and I've had such bad luck finding the rest. I thought any book could spawn at any location. Thanks so much <3

It's /books on Muradin.

1. If you're actually being nice, don't read it until the majority of the channel gets there, if they say they're coming. However if you someone come up and read it, do so yourself and then tell the channel that it's happened.

I'd read it first anyway. You never know if some other person (maybe on the other faction) already read it before you got there and didn't tell anyone, it might disappear if you wait.

If you're sitting there camping it and see it spawn you can pretty much tell if anyone reads it: Walk up, pause, walk away. Or if they are the other faction, just assume that they have. Alliance usually paid attention when we asked them to wait, we got a lot more people their books this way. If you run up and happen to see a book, of course just read it, because you never know how long it'll be there.


The link to the first addon doesn't work for me. I've got 4 books to go for this as well. :(

Oh so sorry! I fixed it, should be working now.

Oh god, thank you! Hahaha I just figured I was late to the party and the author took it down or something.

met some of my newest and best wow friends doing this :)

Just wanted to post a quick update that I was able to read my last book this evening, and got my pet! :-)

Very class specific, but as a priest it's possible to stand on the balcony above the cloth armor shop where one of the books spawn, and Mind Vision your way around Dalaran to each of the book spawns. Saves a lot of running by macroing this and cycling through them.

I'll definitely be trying for this achievement someday, but I just haven't gotten around to it yet. Too many alts to level! I've found a few books on my main thanks to people who announce in General, and I generally /join bookclub if I'm planning on sitting around Dalaran for a while.

PS: Are you the Teniblue I used to know? Remember Tamanda? I play a night elf druid now. Go figure :)

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