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Wtf?! Why is she naked?!
[Glee] Klaine You take my breath away
slwmtiondaylite wrote in wow_ladies
So, my sister and I were leveling our DKs around Dragonblight last night, no big deal...when I suddenly noticed she was running around in her underwear.... WTF?

But at the same time, not....

She appeared naked to me, but she didn't look naked to my sister on her screen... I pulled up the inspection window and she's clearly got her armor why was she naked?

She logged out quickly and came back and she had her armor back on. So is this just some sort of weird bug or has anyone else ever had this happen?

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Very well-known bug. Happens a lot.

It's just a wierd glitch. Though the problem is with your loading, not her. Love it when it happens during 25 man naxx.

You can get rid of it by reloading.

I have a guildbuddy who has run through low level instances stark naked just because she can. XD

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I love that bug. Naked raids are the best.

rofl....i have a friend that gets that bugfrequently. the first time was in the beginning of an AV. To her everyone was standing around buffing and table-ing while she was afk. It was Her, myself, her brother and their good friend....she thought it wasus playing a joke on her,like we all conspired to take off our clothes while she was gone. So funny.

I'm more interrested in the UI mod you're using. Where can I get it?

Yeah, it's a glitch that caused my group to do naked heroic UK.

looks like SpartanUI which I also use. I love it!

It happened to my group once a few months back, of course, I took a screenshot

That poor orc is traumatize by those naked blood elves. :(

I've had that happen in Naxx before. It's really disconcerting to have the tanks charging in in their undies!

About half the raid was naked around me after zoning out of Naxx to summon and then back in during our Undying run last night:

Was pretty amusing, but it's fairly common.

Eeep, you can see my bum!

Had this happen once when my boyfriend and I were questing as a duo. Suddenly he was naked and I asked him why he took off all his armor? He was all "What?!" I glanced over at his screen and sure enough, he had his armor on! I wasn't complaning though. :3 (He plays a male blood elf.)

LOL, I remember the first time that happened to me. And then it kept happening when I zoned in or out of instances. I did a heroic Utgarde Keep run with the entire party (but myself of course) naked. I've also done several others. XD I just find it really amusing.

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Your icon surprised me lol

*gives that icon a cookie*

She must've been chilly.

I WISH this glitch happened to me. :(

I went off on my fellow raid members when I came back from an afk once in Naxx. I really thought they were messing with me. I told them I wasn't going to continue if they didn't put their gear back on, but after inspecting them, they were fully geared.

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