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LOL grats! I think I *adore* the "help me" face of the fawn on the last pic :D

Ahaha yeah that face is great.

I got other shots of the deer, but that's by far my favourite. XD

AUGH. I'm such a fool. I never considered doing that because I thought you would lose it after you go back to skinning.

I suppose after I finish leveling leatherworking, I'll follow in your footsteps. :D

Nope, once you get the pet, it's yours. :) It has no engineering requirement to have or use!

WHyyy is my pet collector a tailor/enchanter, so this is not a viable option for me? Wee fawn is so cute.

Yeah, I wouldn't drop those for engineering! I dropped a gathering profession cause it's pretty easy to level those up!

I am feeling this exact way. :(

Ahahaha! That last screenie totally looks like my screen whenever I'm fighting... uh... the big dog thing in Construct quarter after Grobulus. Where you have to back up to the door. Except, it's not a fawn, but my beloved Ancona Chicken, pecking at the ground and smiling at me.

Ancona Chicken is my secret tanking weapon.

he is ADORABLE! its a more tricked out looking Ba-bomb from Super Mario~ I WANT ONE!!!

Thats awsome! grats! I think I missed it, but what was your 74th pet? Just curious :)

I bought a proto-whelp off the AH and sat it in my bank. I waited until the actual day the achievements came in, picked it up and learned it so I could get the achievement spam in gchat and freak everyone out. :D

right on! grats on the new pets and achievement! Gunna go for the mounts next? lol xD

I'm not really a mount collector. :) I may go for the 50 mount achievement just for the points, but other than that, probably nothing beyond it other than random mounts that I get here and there. :)

Your cut text wins an internet. And grats on the cute little deery. :D

That last screenshot is excellent! XD Soo cute.

Awesome! At least skinning doesn't take that long to level back up... (Only took me a few hours to get skinning from scratch up to where I could actually skin my level kills (I think I was 62 when I went skinning crazy).

Are the bomblings BoP? Or can you sell them/trade them to another alt? ;) (I'd check myself, but I can't get on any of the WoW help sites at work u.u*)

Yes, the pet is BoP, which is why I had to level engineering for it on this toon.

There are a handful of Engineering pets that are not BoP and you can either get a friend with engineering to craft them for you or hunt them down on the AH. But there are two that are only available to engineers and even then, you're limited to one per engineer. They're a reward for renewing your specialization card. While you can wind up with goblin *and* gnomish engineering on one toon, you can only renew for one, thus limiting you to one BoP pet. You need to have 205 engineering to get the specialization quest.

If I could have traded it to this toon, I definitely would have just kept grinding out the renewals on my engineer toon, but these are special pets. :)

For all the information on pets, check out

Yeah the Engineering pets are BOP. The pattern is BOP, and the pet it makes is also BOP.

lucky girl!!! I am tempted to also drop mining to pick up eng for that pet. I'm stuck at 73/75 and also pissed that the hat summoned pets don't count. My only hope is finding a group for ZA because I still need mojo! I am also hoping to get the tickbird from my oracles egg. Good to see it's not THAT painful to drop a gathering skill for eng. I'm mining/BS Right now and have been too chicken to drop either of them. :(

Mining would be a bit more of a grind than skinning, but seriously... leveling up a gathering skill when you're 80 is pretty easysauce. I cranked out 140 points in mining on my DK in one evening while farming up the ores to do this stunt.

As for the last two pets you might need, have you checked the site? I used that to track what I was missing and it made it far easier to figure out what work I needed to do to hit the last few!

yeah i just made a little profile for my warrior over there. I can still get the higher learning pet, mojo from ZA and the pet from magisers terrace. The oracles eggs are hit or miss. I was lucky with my last egg that hatched it just so happened that my buddy got the Cobra and i got a duplicate proto-drake so we traded. :) Just been lazy about getting a group together to go into those old instances to get the pets. The last time I put groups up for Magisters everyone ended up leaving with the pet except me it felt like. Oh well. I'll get my little fawn. It's too precious!!!

The Oracle pets can be purchased off the AH too! I was lucky and a guildie gave me 3 of them, then I bought the fourth off the AH!

I currently have 63 pets (curse the wolf and bloodsail parrot for not counting!) and am generally at a loss where to get that many pets. If I did the Crocolisks in the City daily and got super lucky with it, there's technically three more pets there.

There's two to be had from Engineering, but that'd cost a fortune to do to get both.

There's the Penguin pet, which I haven't started the rep for. Even if I got all those, that's only 7...and I'm still 5 short. I only need the Proto-drake hatchling from the Mysterious Egg and I've got all those.

So short of Trading Card pets, I'm at a loss.

Have you checked the website? I know I wasn't sure how to get the last few I needed, but once I created an account for one single character (I have one that is for my entire collection and it's a bit more difficult to figure out how to hit an achievement) it made it pretty easy to hunt down the last few.

Some are definitely limited to events and such, so if you have all the farmable ones and year round drops, you could get stuck. But I hit 75 without any TCG ones and only one collector's edition pet.

Yup, I'm there and registered, the whole kit n' kaboodle. I just dunno realistically where I can get 12 more pets. D: I have a few rare ones, like Chuck, the Olympic dragon, Magical Crawdad, etc. I definitely have all the farmable ones except the Disgusting Oozeling and the Hyacinth Macaw, which ironically I farmed the ooze, but gave to a friend as her 50th pet since she was stuck, and I already had mine.

I'm Horde so the Sprite Darter is out.

Hrm... looking through... there are a few you could get pretty quickly/easily. The engineering ones are all BoE and pretty low level. Got an engineering friend to make those for you? You could buy the mats off the AH for them. Or check the AH and see if they're already up there. Mechanical yeti is also an engineering BoE pet but the engineer needs to do the "Are We There Yeti" quest from Winterspring (I just did it on my priest and it's a royal pain). The two LBRS pets should be easy to get solo depending on your class. I *think* there's a guide out there on how to get down there solo... ah ha!

This is a guide for level 60 on how to get down to LBRS to the wolf area to tame the pet that gives hunters Bite8/Howl4. At level 60, it was pretty hard to do. But it's pretty much a walk-through that will take you through the spider area and into the wolf area. The quest giver for the two pets is over on the north ridge of Burning Steppes (I think... or the other hellish zone near Blackrock) where the horde-only flight master is.

Proto whelp, you can try to find that on the AH. I paid 1000 gold for mine. Which is insane if you ask me. >_< Same with the hyacinth maccaw and the ooze. I bought both of mine for under 200 gold, but this was also some time ago and I waited until I found them for those prices.

You have emerald whelp. :( QQ. Haven't been able to get that one at all! He haunts me! :(

Incidentally, it's Goblin Engineering that makes the Lil' Smokey, I think, not Gnomish. Actually, I'm not sure it's possible to get both.

Goblin engineering gives you the bomb and gnomish is Smokey. I have Gnomish on my warrior and she's not picked up any pets yet from the renewal... and because she has the gnomish I went goblin on this toon, and as you can see, I got the bombling.

It's possible to switch specializations on one toon, but you can only do the renewal quest for one type, so you can only get one pet ever, no matter what your specialization is. I thought there was a loophole that if you dropped engineering and releveled it, you could pick a different specialization and get the renewal that way, but research showed me that it wasn't possible.

Aww, that sucks. That was gonna be my next question. XD

The only reason I'd ever take up Engineering would be for the pets, pretty much.

Yeah, I really *was* ready to grind up engineering *twice* if it meant I could get both pets! :D I researched and dug and asked around but it seemed pretty clear... no way to get both at all period. :/

Fortunately, most of the engineering pets are BoE so you can either have a friend make them, an alt make them, or buy them off the AH. I had all the BoE ones quickly and easily. It was the BoP ones that are a pain! And tbh, the grinding to 205 isn't *too* bad. I found some ways to make it a little more desirable, one of which was getting my gnome DK out into the world to work on leveling mining/herbalism, which was my goal with her in the first place. :D

I love my little fawn! :D I use him to chase our tree around, hehehehehe.


That is seriously awesome. Your dedication is pretty amazing! I think I'm up to like 13 vanity pets, heh. Ah, someday I will have 50. :)

Grats again!

Oh my, that bombling is teh cuute! I'd never heard of one before. My only engineer is level 11, but it gives me something to look forward to. *grin*

Seriously jealous about the fawn -- it' so cute and that last shot is priceless! I'm only at 53 pets and don't think I'll be able to get to 75 unless they add some new ones... :-( I have the worst luck with drops.

Oh my! That's awesome with a side of sauce!

(at least it's not drama!)

I missed this until I saw it on WI. :(

You write such wonderful guides and explanations!

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