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That's terrible, I'm really sorry.

I don't know if you still read this, but I thought I'd add a suggestion anyway.

Now, I also don't know when you have your warm meal. If it's possible to have it at noon, then why don't you make a "bread plate" in the evening? That is, slices of bread, sausage, cheese, vegetables and fruit on plates. Everybody takes what they want. You can prepare it before you go raiding (it doesn't get cold, after all *g*) and you can also eat together already. If the children get hungry later, they can take some more food from the plate (that way, it's still part of the dinner and they hopefully won't cry for unhealthy food then *g*).

At least, when I was a kid, I always LOVED plates like this. You can take what you want and there's always such nice stuff there to eat. Plus, if you add fruit like watermelon, apples, strawberries, bananas, pineapples,... it's very healthy, too.

If that's the only time of the day you can have a warm meal, then maybe a different guild would be good, too. One that doesn't start that early or so. :o) Or you just alternate in going raiding. One time, you go. The other time, your husband goes.

I'd have to disagree with most of the posts here.

From what I read above it just looks to me that you're trying to juggle your sanity and your love, care, and devotion to your children.

(It does irk me that I have yet to see people suggest that your husband actually helps as well. Its a marriage of TWO and he contributed to those children as well)

Anyway, I love the actual suggestions here about the slow cooker and the assorted food plates.

You also might mention your issue with your raiding officers or your GM. There are many parents in the game and people can be very accomodating if you need to tuck off and prepare a quick meal etc...

I'm just saying...that don't listen to the people above who think you have to spend 24/7 time with your kids or you're a bad mother. WTF this isn't the 50's where the mom was stuck at home bored out of her mind and that's all she could do. There were horrible kids/people in the 50's too. Your sanity is very important. Your happiest is very important. Cause if your a happy mom that will filter down to your children. Also, I'm sure you do but use your husband. Ya'll can easily tag team a meal in MC (might be a little more difficult in ZG and AQ20).

Okies I'll stop rambling. I hope you'll not let these posts bother you. They aren't worth listening to.

Put your kids LONG before your game. If they want to eat at Seven feed them then. Find a game you can play AFTER they go to bed.

When you become a parent, they're comfort comes before your pleasure.

Now say it with me
other family

In that order.

First off, 98% of the people that responded to this are ignorant fools. She's trying to reconcile a hobby/her social life with her kids, not whipping them with razorblades. And it's all about a matter of dinnertime, which is flexible to begin with. She's not neglecting her kid, or trying to neglect her kid, she's trying to work out a way to reconcile her fun with her duties. Isn't that something we all do in one way or another?

I'm a gamer, and a guy, and I have a son (which granted I split custody of) and for me the game is a bonding experience with him. He sits on my lap, babbles to me and I talk back to him, and we discuss what's going on on the screen. It's like tv, but daddy can make the thing on the tv dance or whatever. He'll sit there for an hour most of the time, and I talk to him/tell him stories/whatever while he's there. bam, I'm gaming and at the same time I spend QT with my son. Odd concept, isn't it?

As for the dinner bit, I'd have to agree with the finger food platter concept if you're just looking for easy food they can eat. Home made chicken nuggets (because fast food and frozen ones are a waste of stomach space), baby carrots, peeled tail-less fried shrimp, chicken drumsticks, broccoli, potstickers, baked french fries, pigs in a blanket, stuff like that. it's quick and easy, and kids love food they can eat with their hands. Also healthy as well, since if it's smaller hand sized foods you can make a mixed plate of stuff, and get more food groups in.

Also, salads are quick, easy and healthy. That's my son's favorite food, and he's *2*.

Other options are definitely find a local teenager and give them 10 bucks to watch the kid on game night or find a friend who has kids and trade babysitting. that's free and as well your kid gets to play with another child frequently, so not only is it undoing the "gross mental trauma" many of the posters here are bitching about, but it also develops social skills among the child's peer group.

Or, grab your husband and switch guilds with him. I do agree he has a responsibility as well. you being a stay at home mom doesn't matter, when he's done with work he should be helping just as much. Kids aren't a chore, they're your greatest possession.

I also wonder, if the original post would have been "I love to read, and I have a reading group come over to my house once or twice a week and discuss books. Problem is most of them work, so the only time we can do this is at dinner time. Can anyone give me advice on quick and easy meals I can put together to make this easier?" would it have gotten even 1/4th the attention? Or is it just because it's GAMER PARENT! *gasp* you assume the kid's running around in a loin cloth banging pots together and trying to eat knives, while being fed bits of the thing that used to be the family dog?

Wow, about the only sane comment I saw here. Apparently if you have children, you cannot have a hobby. Who knew? And the reading group thought came to my mind as well!

And my daughter loves to sit on my lap and watch me play sometimes. She calls my character Barbie. Hahaha! Then I'll talk to her about what is going on, like the other day I had to kill bears and wolves and so I asked her to help me find the wolves and bears and she would get excited and point at them when she saw them. So she has her mothers love and is actually having a semi-learning experience.

Obviously I need worst mother of the year award. I'd like it framed plx!

If this post is half serious, humanity is doomed. Oh well, ph33r teh 1337 and whatnot.

I don't really have any suggestions to give, but I will say I'm sorry people are being so bitchy about this. You can have a hobby and be a good mother. I would suggest finding a family friendly guild that understands that you have a full time job and sometimes you won't be able to make it. I was lucky in my last guild in that respect - our guild leader and all the officers were parents, so we all sort of understood each other. I didn't raid every night though.

Most of all I cannot understand the whole it's a sin for a mother to want a few hours for herself in the evening so she can do something she'd like to do. Jesus. If I didn't have outlets for myself (reading, playing wow, a job, etc) I would go crazy. And the thing I cannot understand even more is that you're not asking to go out and get trashed and leave your children with a babysitter. You just want to have a fun time while everyone is at home. Actually I personally find that a little better. Maybe that's just me.

This post is 2 years old, you realize?

LOL but I saw this in stupid_free and clicked it assuming it was new. :p


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