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Holy priest rotation.
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tenismoresonic wrote in wow_ladies
I just respecced my priest to holy (I have always been shadow), want to try something new with her. I was wondering what a good heal rotation was and what's best for saving mana? (Yes, I'm lvl 80 and a draenei).

I respecced to this build.

Thanks in advance!

(I checked the tags, couldn't find anything.)


Also, which glyphs would be best used?

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I hope you get some answers because I'm pretty much in the same boat in that I recently respeced from Shadow to Holy. My build is just like yours with the exception of spending my last point in Guardian Spirit when I hit 80.

Leveling Holy has been a good learning experience although a big pain when it comes to mana regen. I've asked a few places and have not gotten any clear direction to take so I'm wondering too. When it comes to spells, I still think like a Shadow Priest and use what is going to do the most damage the quickest. I use Holy Fire > SW:P > PW:S > DP > MB > Smite > Smite until dead or switch to wands if I'm oom and my fiend is on cool down.

I dunno maybe that's what I'm doing wrong. I haven't been able to make the mental switch to spell priorities to save that mana!

She's asking for a heal rotation, not a holy dps one.

Yes ma'am. I'm talking about dps spell priorities and what a pain it is when it comes to mana regen :)

There's not really a heal rotation like there is for DPS. I start with a ProM, and renew on the tank, and then...well...whatever is needed for the fight. Generally greater heal over flash heal (except when I get free insta-cast flash heals, or if I just need to top off one other party member and it's more urgent than a renew) and ProM is very mana efficient if a lot of party members are taking damage so I try to keep it up, and it's almost like an insta-cast flash when I don't have the proc up and it's an oh-shit kinda moment.

Healing is just WAY more situational than DPS, and also depends on your assignment if you're raiding. But, that's kind of why I like it.

Yeah, I figured keeping ProM up as much as possible would be the best. I learned the hard way that spamming flash heal wasn't the best, but I had figured it'd be better than Greater Heal since it took so long to cast... but I'll change that.

Thanks. =)

I pretty much have the same spec, except I took the point out of desperate prayer and put it in holy reach. With the coming nerf of CoH I am considering going back to putting points into healing prayers.

Like Hap said, healing is very situational. For most encounters I like to start with a PoM and or renew from the start. With the new aggro mechanics don't be afraid to put a bubble on your tank. Also, watch your buffs for when you get a Surge of Light, which recently changed to a free-instant smite OR flash heal so it's nice if you need a quick top off. Also look for when you get Holy Concentration - free gheal or fheal - even if no one needs it, I try to use the buff before it runs out with the chance to get an Inspiration proc. If there isn't much AoE damage, I usually just top off group members besides the tank with renews or flash heals. Don't go crazy with gheals in 5-mans; it is good to sometimes start casting if you think a hit is incoming but stopcast if it is not needed.

Mp5 went to crap with wrath and I finally am getting back up having done parts of naxx and many many heroics. Spirit is your friend. :)

As for glyphs - it depends on the sort of thing you play the game for. I am actually about to re-glyph my priest but if you are doing raids :
-Flash heal
-Prayer of Healing [again, since the nerf for CoH is coming, get used to using PoH)
-Spirit of Redemption (I know someone who was up for 3 minutes as a SoR in Naxx- free heals for that long = <3)
(I also like dispel magic- it gives a nice instant heal)

-Levitate, no question.
-Shadow Prot.

I usually bubble the tank if it looks like they're really low on health and won't be getting a heal anytime soon (I was shadow then). But I can't bubble too much, since some tanks get rage and mana from being hit.

The glyphs that I have are:

Major: Flash Heal, Circle of Healing, and Spirit of Redemption.

Minor: Shadowfiend, Fortitude, and I got the Levitate one now.

I think CoH would still be good, from what I hear they're just making it have a 8 sec cooldown. But if it doesn't seem to work so well, I'll spec out of it and change the glyph.

it's actually a 6 sec. cd- which isn't BAD, just will put some limit on AoE healing. I'm not sure what to think about it just yet; I'll have to see when it comes out.

And yes, bubbling too much is bad, too for those reasons; but it is a lot better now. Especially in 10/25 mans, it's a great cushion if you need an extra second or two do do a big heal.

yeah there isn't a healing rotation. you have to be ready to smash the appropriate button at the correct time.

This is how you can tell if your party leader has played a healer, when you are a healer who has specced DPS.

The leader says, "Have you been here before?"

and you say, "I've been here as a healer."

if the party leader takes the time to explain the fight, then you know that the leader has played a healer before. Because they know that you see nothing but health bars while you make split second decisions that could literally mean wipe or triumph, that make the difference between being blamed for that wipe and ignored once you triumph.

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