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develsaa wrote in wow_ladies
So let's chat about being honest.

Person one : Want to heal for HH
Me : Sure, everyone have their summons?
Person one : Yep!
Me: Awesome.

ME : Now know demise!
Fight Over
Looted Over
Me : who's next?

Party : Uhh what do you mean who's next, you're it.

Exit stage left.

I am so frustrated, I don't mind healing, hell I don't mind wasting a summon, AS LONG AS YOU'RE HONEST AND YOU TELL ME BEFOREHAND..

Rant Over.

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i hate that. every time i join a seasonal boss grp, i always make sure everyone has fresh summons.
thankfully, i havent been scammed, yet.

Pardon me for asking, but...

How was that wasting a summon? You got a chance to use yours.

If everyone in the group had had a summon, she would've gotten 5 chances at the pet/mount/etc rather than just one.

In the pragmatic way of thinking, you are absolutely correct. I did get to summon. However because the rest of the group was unable to summon, I used mine in a 1 summon group, whereas I had been led to believe that it was a 5 summon group, thus 'wasting my summon' and my usability to get into the next group because I do not have a summon to give them.

It's more of a polite thing because they are using her to up their chances at an item. She should have a fair chance at being able to get her item of choice.

When I do my guild runs I try to make sure to have a full group of 5. Sometimes we have to do 3's because not enough tanks or healers are on to make a full group. but usually the person who gets only the 3's group gets first slot at a full 5 run the next day. and continue to flip it around so everyone gets a better chance at what they want.

a good way to fix this, is make sure everyone accepts quest before you start. It will show up on your quest log who has it and who doesnt.

What? No.

Have you done the HH summon before?

You can accept the quest from the pumpkin and not start the event by turning it in to the dirt pile - if everyone accepts the quest, you can look in your log and see who has it.

Huh. Ok. Consider me corrected.

You can take the candle without summoning the horseman.

Still, if people are going to be asses they can't just try to be the last, and then leave before they uses their.

Wow... I've never had that happen to me and I've been pugging this since it started because my friends are all on at diff times than me. >.

I had it happen to me during Brewfest, it was really annoying.

What I prefer to do, when I still have my summon, is try to be the 3rd or 4th person to summon. But being someone who can heal, you might actually be able to get groups who are having issues finding one. As DPS, it's a bit harder to find a group that will take me without a summon.

Never ever let them make you go first.

That was my own fault. I said let's summon in alphabetical order, just because it helps keep things simple and my name is first.. Elv.

I know this doesn't help for what already happened, but next time check your questlog. If it's any number less than 4, it means someone doesn't have the summon.

I hate asshats who use up other people's summons like that. =/

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