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ah! i'll have to let the boyfriend know! thank you :)

now if the stupid tooth pick would drop >.o

I have so many of those...I just wish they weren't soulbound. I'd share the love/achievement/pickaxes.

Well you can take low level characters in to SM, they just can't summon. It wouldn't be hard for them to get the achievement.

hrm. Until I hear a 'I GOT IT BY TRICK OR TREATING OMG!1212!!' with a SS or it didn't happen, then I am going to really not believe this one.

I wonder if your guildies are trying to pull a fast one on you.

Blizzard even addressed the drop rate of the items yesterday in a Blue post. They said that they are very happy with the drop rate as it is and have NO plans to increase it or make the pet or helm any more available than it already is via the event.

I am not happy with the drop rate! Bah.

OMG. Ye gods, I hope so!!!! I haven't seen the pet drop once and I wants it so baaaaad!!!

AND hubby just got the Hallowed Helm from Trick or Treating in Zangarmarsh as well, so confirmation of both dropping!!!!!!!!! ("Hey honey, what's a 'Hallowed Helm? What does it do? I wanted a wand."... cue me lol'ing at him as I race back here to post....)

Great, I wasted all my trick or treating on my main to get the achievement and didn't see this. Looks like RNG for me.

The candy buckets aren't what they're talking about. Visit any innkeeper once per hour (every hour) for trick or treating :)

Gah, kinda wish I had brought my laptop to work so I could trick or treat once an hour.

>.> not that I'm obsessed or nuffin'.

Hehe, my husband has me trick or treating for him on his main while he's off at work. So you're not the only one!

(Deleted comment)
Have hope, 'cause he was all I needed too and I just got him from trick or treating!!!!!!!!!!!!

ohhh thanks for the info! I learn so much reading wow ladies :)

Ooooh. Shizu's going trick or treating this weekend!

Woohoo! I know what I'm spending the next 10 days doing. :D

Woo! Now to get zapped with those remaing wands and the mask.... so much to do!

Is this working as intended or will it get removed once Blizz figures out that this is happening?

I don't think this could have happened by accident, could it? I hope not anyway or they'll definitely take it out :S

o_O ... Yessssssss. May I get it, may I get it, may I get it.

Thank you, comrade. I appreciate the heads up. :D

You're very welcome. Best of luck on your search!

just got the helm..squeeel. i will post screenshots to do hh.i hope.

Thank you .. I have it on my mains, But I got it on one of my alts today.. Thank you :D

Make that two alts and a guildmate.

i just got it on my alt:

Image Hosted by

too bad i never play her anymore, and need it on my main instead -_-
but its a start.

Of course they would do this the day after I got it to drop in SM.

That's what I was thinking! I got both of them yesterday for my main.

DUDE!!!! That is awesome - I am going to make sure to go every hour over the next week and a half to get one.

i just looted this on my hunter from trick or treating in shatt.

Yay i just got the Squashling from trick or treating in Ashenvale! :)

Just got the squashling in Zargamarsh. It surprised the hell out of me.

Thank you so much for posting this memo! My Warrior just got the Helm and my Mage just got the Squashling!

hehe I sent a link for this thread to and they published it on their front page.

Awh, they used my screenshot but I didn't get mentioned. *sadpanda*

Craziness! \o/ I am full of holiday glee. I will still happily kill the horseman (because it's fun) but without the pressure and stress of OMGNEEDPETOMGOMG. =D

Thanks for the heads up. I JUST TODAY got both, amazingly. :O

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