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I got my second shoutout!
st_andrews_girl wrote in wow_ladies
So Moo Money over at WoWInsider didn't like my machinima, but he she still put it up on today's WoW Moviewatch

But the people commenting actually came to my defense, which is very gratifying!

The other shout out I got was for creating Sign My Charter a few months back.

For someone who could never be considered a WoW "Mover and Shaker" (I'm more of a WoW "Sit and Nosher") that's a pretty good rate!

EDIT: Edited to update Moo's gender. Certainly was not meant as a personal slight, though it seems to have been taken as such.

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Hehehe, I think your movie was adorable! ^.^ The druid kitty dancing at the end of each verse was so cute.

I saw that earlier as well and thought the comments were great. :D Moo Money is always kind of a terrible critic when it comes to videos, I notice. A video being long doesn't automatically make it horrible.

I'll be the first to admit it was a touch long, but when it comes to talking about something you love, it can be very hard to stop!:-)

Edited at 2008-09-13 08:04 pm (UTC)

I liked the video myself.  So you looped the tune; big deal.  I agree with one of the comments there:  It was a slow news day, so the guy posted something he didn't like just to bitch about it.

By the way...agreed on the male draenei /roar emote (pounding his chest like Tarzan=win; I have no idea why so many people badmouth it) and all the Thrall/Jaina shipping.  But I draw the line at murlocs.  And thanks for giving a shout-out to all us gamer girls.

I liked it, and I didn't think it was too long! I bet there are more things to love, even. I just thought it was cute. :D

OOh I loved it! Well done!

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