everoswent (yne19) wrote in wow_ladies,
  • Mood: aggravated

Rep Grinding: Silvermoon City

I've been working on my faction rep. Im exalted with four of the five races, unbelievably SMC has been the hardest rep to farm worst than the Trolls. There are a lot of lowbie quest that I can't do becasue they seem the are only available to Blood Elves. I tried Ghostlands but those only give me rep with Tranquilen which doesnt give anything not even a single rep point towards SMC. I had check the guides but I have done almost every single quest in Azeroth, after all Im exalted with all but them. I know some of you ladies have grinded that rep, how did you do it? Do you guys have any suggestions, well other than farm all the runecloth I can? Im short by 4.2k.
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