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Exalted with Darnassus by level 30
truffled wrote in wow_ladies
Well, if anyone was curious if it could be done with the new non-degrading rep. The answer is yes!

I started a new Draenei hunter recently and decided I wanted a kitty instead of an elekk when I hit 30.

Here is the route I took:
Crash Site: 1-6
Shadowglen: 6-8
ALL the rest of Azuremyst Isle: 9-12
ALL the rest of Teldrasil, and the few Darnassus quests I could do: 13-15
Bloodmyst Isle: 15-22
Darkshore: 22-24
Ashenvale, Blackfathom Deeps, and Stonetalon: 25-29
Most of Westfall, and some Duskwood and Redridge for the spillover for the last little bit I needed: 29-30

I did EVERY quest I could find, and there were a few hard to find ones. The level range I was in is a guestimation as I don't quite remember the specifics. There were some level 30+ quests in Ashenvale I didn't do, about 4. If I had, I prolly would have not had to do much if any spillover quests, but I didn't want to get *too* much xp and ding 31. I also did not turn in the final quest in Raene's Cleansing, as I wanted to keep the rod.

When I dinged 30 it was only TWO spillover quests later that I hit exalted.

Cost: At level 30 and exalted, the training was 28g and the mount 8, so a total of 36g.


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I do this. Lucky haha.

Yay! I have promised myself a kitty for my baby Draenei priest - good to know I'm on the right track (if a smidgen over level - I don't mind waiting until 31 or 32 to get what I want!) - She's at level 21 right now, and it seems like her rep is *way* behind where it needs to be.

...I'm kind of glad to hear that. For the first time I'm leveling a Draenei through human quests for horse rep; she's at level 18 and seems further behind than she ought to be.

(Also, icon love.)

One of my guildies is leveling a Draenei warrior that he wants a horse for because - and I quote - "Elekks are ugly, and human rep is easiest to get". That said? I'll likely have my kitty before he gets his horse, mostly because I've been grinding Darnassus rep to the exclusion of just about anything else.

But yeah, I think you can do it, although I've heard of fewer people trying.

I'm doing this right now on a brand new baby Draenei priest, and I've taken a similar route. I'm back on Bloodmyst now after having done a few of the Auberdine quests. She just dinged 20 and revered with Darnassus shortly thereafter.


I want a ram mount for my draenei. It's a lot harder to get enough Ironforge rep.. pretty much impossible by 30 I think. She's currently level 35 and only about 4000 through revered. :(

Awesome, I hadn't seen a lvl 30 exalted yet. :) Grats!

Now if only someone could tell me the fastest route to take while grinding rep for a raptor on my lil hordie. ._.

By 30? Difficult I think. Most of the troll rep I got (on my 70) was spill-over.

Start with the orc/troll starting area, if you haven't already. Move over to the village (Splintertusk? I don't remember) Do ALL of the quests there, even the ones that send you to the orc village. Do all of the orc quests over there too, I am guessing it is shared rep (like, more than just spillover), even though it just says Org rep unless your are exalted with Org, then it will say something else.

That's the base of the grind where I think the most rep will come from. There are some troll quests in crossroads and ashenvale. I know there's a couple in Zangarmarsh, but it sounds like you are still low level. I personally believe if you make sure you hit ALL of the troll questgivers and fill out the rest with orcs, you'll be well on your way.

Awesome! We need more of these guides, as I am a cross-faction mount whore. XDDD

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