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reservoir wrote in wow_ladies
Just a small qq on a Wednesday morning:

I pretty much ran heroic Magister's Terrace to death when it came out, helped a ton of people get their items from that place and have seen just about everything except the BE orb drop. I have the 20-slot bag and the phoenix hatchling. I've done it once or twice since the nerf but wasn't really interested in doing it more often. A friend of mine was sort of teasing me about it over the past couple of weeks because I was always really vehement that I would do ANY HEROIC BUT MGT OMG. So last night, when I finally caved to going with her, since I am trying to save up 100 badges (ugh, again)?

I get a whisper asking me to come to Hyjal. Except that I'm in MgT and we're at Delrissa, so I can't bail. I make the D: face IRL, and just say that I'm sorry but I can't bail on my group.

My guild's working in TK at the moment, so Hyjal is not content we're actively pursuing. Not to mention it's pretty much THE one thing I've really wanted to see in BC, more than Illidan or anything in the Black Temple.

I tried not to dwell on it, because chances are I WILL see Hyjal before WotLK, even if it's just a night of going in and wiping on trash, or Rage or something.

I'm just pissed that heroic MgT cockblocked me (we did finish the instance, though nothing I wanted dropped).

Anyone else ever had one of these moments where the perfect opportunity came along but you couldn't seize it?

Edit: Lol, hello Mike Schramm!

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Had the opportunity to go to TK for a Kael kill last night.

Had to decline since I was getting ready to go into ZA.

I still need my vials.

D: D: D:

Oh my god >_< I've been pulled to come in to help with Kael with this same guild that asked me about Hyjal, but it was like their second set of attempts on him, so I knew we weren't going to down him.

That really sucks :x I guess just have to hope that the opportunity will come along again :/

It does indeed suck! And this was a T6 guild, so I'm quite sure he'd have died. I've never seen the fight myself, but I think learning Kael would've been only a hair more stressful than last night's ZA run, where we just couldn't get past Jan'alai ... after full-clearing the place in one night just a few weeks ago. It was crazy, yo.

Plus, Kael is totally prettier than the trolls in ZA. :P

Hopefully another time! ~crosses fingers~

You will make it into Hyjal, and I will make it to Illidan. YES. ~firmnod!~

I have a rant triggered by your post, and I don't mean it as a direct criticism of you. It's more a, "My brain works in weird ways" thing than anything else.

I hate the term "cockblocked." I've only seen it used in reference to WoW events (seriously). It's vulgar, crude, and an unnecessary analogy.

Yet I don't have a problem with "fuck." Explain that one to me. :)

Haha, we used the term in college often, especially in the dorms. IE some girl and guy finally want to get down to business and the dorky kid who doesn't get the clue won't leave your room or stop talking.

When I was a freshman, oh so many years ago, we actually nicknamed a kid "Cockblock" because he was notorious for just not taking the hint to leave.

I've actually never heard it in reference to WoW! :)

Hah! See, for some reason, that use doesn't bother me. It's a fair description.

Maybe it's the more blatant comparison of WoW to sex. I mean, "fuck" has been so heavily used for things other than sex for so long that it doesn't necessarily have that association. But "cockblock" is something I've heard so much less.

I am amused that we can have a civilized conversation about vulgarities XD

I was just being amused by that myself. Conversation is working as intended. XD

This community is great. :D

I actually use the term cockblock for myself, and I'm a lady. It still works, I think, but then I'm one of those weirdos who liked the Hot Wheels toys better than Barbies back in the happy meal days >_>

Yeah, I mean, it definitely applies to everyone... that fits the definition, including apparently, Heroic MrT! :x

psst. If you want to just see the camps and the pretty scenery without mobs or bosses or anything, aid it up with a friend and go wander around in there.

A couple of friends and myself went through there just the other day(we have seen a lot of the action in Hyjal and it's 'blech' to me, but the actual scenery and the amazing camps are just wow!). But if you raid up in a group and go in, you can explore the WHOLE thing including swimming in the well of eternity (we swam to the deep, deep bottom of it) and the world tree-everything, and no mobs will get you unless you click on Jaina. :D We had a picnic by the world tree and in the night elf camp. It's also a great way to find out where you have to run when you are actually in the fights or changing camps.

So if you just want to see if for fun-without needing a group to fight through it-I highly recommend it. I personally don't like Hyjal...TOO many waves of crap over and over and over. But I love the atmosphere of the place.

I went in but there was nowhere to go but in to trash, or up against an invisible wall. We spent about 5 minutes in there before hearthing out.

An invisible wall? Did you follow the path the raid normally goes in? I never hit a wall at all, we ran all over the place. We did not go toward where the mobs come from...don't talk to Jaina, though we talked with Tyrande and Thrall and they just said to go talk to Jaina (which we did as we hearthed out just to start the waves heehee).

o_O Maybe we were lucky and it was a fluke, but I have screenshots on my old computer of us by the world tree and in the water of the well haha.

Edited at 2008-07-23 02:27 pm (UTC)

If you head south out of the Alliance camp you come across the Scourge camp then an invisable wall.

There's a path North out of the Alliance camp that leads to more interesting things (like the rest of the isntance) :3

I once tried to stealth into that Scourge camp, yeah that didn't work so well. I'll have to go back and go the right way this time.

I went exploring in the camp with my Eye of Killrog.

It would have bee much more awesome if the bosses were sat around in the camp drinking coffee while waiting for someone to start the event.

Ahhkay. :D I went the way we always run when we do the instance, not TOWARD the Scourge camp...scary haha.

You went the wrong way XD

I've gathered that by now, thanks :P

My friend and I just did this a little last night, except right in the middle of exploration, he goes "Oh hey look, Jaina!" and clicked on her. x.x

Epic fail.


We had someone start MH early 2 weeks ago, because he saw Jaina had a conversation option on his mouse cursor.

Considering we had people still needing to be summoned, no buffs, and hadn't explained the fight to have the raid, we did pretty well to actually make it to Rage.

The only moment I really missed that really upset me was when I was having serious connection issues. DCing every 5 minutes.

I had to unsign from the nights raid.

The guild had their first kills on Leo and Karathress that night -_-

(Deleted comment)
XD Well I am actually sorry to hear it was a bad night :< I was mostly just annoyed because the ONE freaking night I cave to Xplodi for MgT, I get 'o hai, you come to Hyjal nao?' Grrrrrrrrrrr.

I actually got the belf orb in my last run. It's weird seeing a belf wearing druid t4 and t5. I'd trade it though for the commendation which is what I've been really running MrT for. All I ever seem to see drop is Timbal's. Or maybe the healing trinket. Grrrr.

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