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All you healers out there....
stitchedlamb wrote in wow_ladies
I'm sorry if this question has been covered before, but I don't remember seeing it here before (so forgive me if it's a repeat).

Unfortunately after spending a lot of gold gearing myself up as a tank for Kara/heroics, I realized I hated the pressure and respecced to heals. The switch pretty much drained all my gold, so I figure doing dailies is the best way to make that gold up.

I just wanted to know how all you healers out there get your dailies done? I mean, I'm dreamstate atm, so I can kill mobs if I have to, it's just slow going, and not much fun.

Are there dailies out there that won't make me want to tear my hair out? Anyone have any particular daily cycles they can recommend?

Sometimes I miss being dps so much it's not even funny....

Thanks ladies.

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Bombing quests:
BEM-ez bombing
Fishing-no killing
Netherwing-cargo (don't kill just pick and run)/booterang
Island-The ezbombing/the ley lines/the flower picking quest

Just shy of 100G right there.

Not a single thing to kill :)

It's tough but doable.

Also, healing is pretty high pressure too. I'm guessing your a druid? Both tanking and healing can be tough unforgiving jobs with high pressure. Just be warned.

DOH! I totally missed one of my favorites, pick up in shatar the one to use the goggles in nagrand on the fire things.

Also you can leech off someone else for the blast the gateway quest in hellfire. Buff and heal and you can usually find a friend for that one easily.

There you go over 100G!

Oh, healing can definitely be stressful too, but while leveling I tended to heal PUGs so I have a lot more experience with that and know what I'm doing. I was a newbie tank, had a terrible time holding aggro, and was just tired of being responsible for wipes.

Thanks for the suggestions!

I actually really like doing dailies... even in my healing gear ^^;; in my healing gear (which is raid quality... I have like 1700 healing and about 1/3 of that is +dmg) I never have to drink at all and it is incredibly difficult to die. At lower gear levels I'm not really sure though ^^;;

So I guess I just enjoy the fact that unlike my mage or my warrior, it's very difficult to die, so even if things take a tiny bit longer it is relaxing to not have to worry. And finally I don't need to be so damned scared of the stupid respawn time on those dirty warlocks.

IAWTC. I have 1200 healing in my heal gear and doing my dailies, although taking a bit longer than when I was feral, are very doable. Roots + wrath spam = dead mob. For some mobs it's easier to go in cat form (although you need to switch gear for that) and then heal up afterwards. Also, eating some buff food while doing dailies helps.

Then again, if you're a paladin (OP) ignore what I said. Holy paladin soloing makes me want to tear my hair out too (I don't do ANY dailies on my pally, it's too frustrating)

No wait.. dreamstate is a balance talent isn't it? Gah getting confused. I have 61 points in resto so no clue what the balance tree is like.

dps in healing gear :P really isn't that bad.

I agree, I just wear my usually stuff and root, bees, moonfire, if i pull more than one i just bees and moonfire, have thorns on, and hot myself and tab target through and more bees, more moonfire, etc.

its not fast like on my rogue but it gets the job done, i used to have a circuit of 16 dailies i did every day like that.

OP, what class are you?

I have 2 priests one Holy and one Disc. I do not find dailies onerous on either. I love the bombing runs especially. You can usually find someone to group with if you need an assist.

Priests are easy to solo dalies with, even if they are healing spec. Shield and Inner Fire make it pretty easy. It's WAY harder on my resto shaman. No way to avoid interrupts (Earth Shield reduces them a bit but then I sacrifice Water Shield) and mana regen is ridiculous. I can only manage to kill 2-3 mobs before having to drink to full again... ugh! If I "waste" mana on totems to kill things faster, that just means having to drink sooner. I miss my Priest. :(

I switch between ES and WS based on what I need at the time, but in my healing gear my LBs hit for 1kish which means 3-4 LBs and a mob is dead. I don't use CL because while its DPS is higher the DPM is awful and I go for longevity when soloing as a resto spec shaman.

Overall though I don't find it onerous at all.

I also will advertise that I'm a healbot in general chat and can almost always get a group with 2-3 other people and we just steamroll the dailies.

Oh, it's certainly doable, it's just not nearly as easy as it was on my Disc/Holy Priest.

Compared to shadow it takes forever, but as holy it isn't bad. I swap out trinkets, weapon, and chestpeice and have over 800 spelldamage. I try to do the first 5 quel'danas dailies, the cooking and fishing, fire reading thing in nagrand, mana cell, and daily heroic and pvp. I usually manage to do most of these in a circuit and don't need to farm for food, since I get fish as rewards for the daily, and I've been able to stash away gold despite buying gems, flasks, and other stuff.

Doing dailies as a holy paladin is slow going but I find that once I get into the swing of things, it just flows.

Maybe try to team up with another healer or a tank, and help each other out. I sometimes do the isle dailies with my bf's hunter, and it's a bit frustrating that the mobs are dead before I'm close enough to melee :P

If I'm not in a mood for dailies, I just herb instead. That's good cash and very easy on a druid.

I can do some dailies; like the demon one in SSO. I'm leveling a rogue so I can farm and stuff on her; but otherwise I do dailies that don't require me to hit a lot.(I do, though, do th HFP SSO ones when I can for the primals.)List of them is the bombing ones in skettis and BEM, Ray wrangling, scyer attack plans, Nether Residue one, Mana Cell one(I don't enjoy it; but Cairne wants our fucking port to Sunwell already)...and there may be more here(oh, that nagrand one, and the fishing dailies!)

I do like to fish up primal waters when I need the cash on my lowbie rogue; and I also waste my cloth CD's when I can and sell the cloth.

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I was wondering about that, too. I levelled my druid as feral and her DPS was at about 450 before she reached level 70. Now, in the same gear but with resto spec, she's at 250. That alone isn't bad. But one mob takes her to only 50% of her life. O.o I'm thinking about getting better feral gear for her, so soloing isn't that hard.

In her heal gear, she has about 280 spell damage. But when casting, she only has a bit more than 150 DPS. I guess - and hope - it will be better once she has better heal gear. But so far, the best option seems to be to get better feral gear (I'm also PvP resto spec - so, I have a few points in feral which makes the main attack cheaper and gives me a bit more armor).

Still, it's in no way comparable to my mage. ^^ (I do dailies with her - but I need to farm for leather with my druid and I thought about doing a few more regular quests with her... but I think I'll have to get friends to help me there ^^).

I find a couple people in the guild to run around with and heal, usually our tank and then a dps, and blow through them really really fast in QD. Easy 100g. Then on my warrior i dps while my pally friend runs behind me and heals. Teamwork ftw

I do my dailies in my healing gear as a holy priest. I don't have a hard time, just when I have 2 mobs on me. Its not like its all uberepic either.
But maybe thats different with your class :)

Anway, have fun with healing! <3

Can you find a buddy to go with you? I'm usually inclined to space out and do dailies on my own, but if one of my guild's healers needs some help, I'm happy to pair up and enjoy having no chance of dying. :)

Team up, quite simply. I was holy for a few weeks a while back and got into the habit of asking first in my guild and then in general if anyone wanted to join me and even though I'm shadow now I still do it. There's less competition for spawns, you can chain pull comfortably and you have someone to chat to when the grinding gets mind-numbing. ^^

As your healing gear improves, your dailies will get easier to do as healy spec. Grinding early on as resto (I play shaman) was -painful- but now my beloved has more spell damage in her healing gear than her elemental gear. I just throw up earth shield, put up flametongue, and alt-tab while I kill mobs. >.> Who said hunters were the only ones who auto-shot/afk?

That said, I sometimes group up with pals to do dailies, particularly the QD ones. Everyone needs them, no one really hates them, and sometimes those pals need a friend to help them out too.

And every once and a while, I'll decide to do a spree of 25 dailies in one night and I'll respec elemental or enhancement just to cut down on time a little. Depends on the mood.

As to which dailies are easiest, the first person to comment nailed them all. Listen to her; she's wise. ;)

I generally try and team up with guildies if they are on. But they tend to not be, since I'm one of 3 people or so on the east coast, on a west coast server.

But I managed to find a middle ground by respeccing my paladin to be shockadin. I have no idea what the equivalent for that would be with a druid. I can still heal for where I am right now but I can dish out some damage right back.

Yeah, I'm still slower than my shadow priest, but it cuts the time almost in half compared to what it used to be.

Ask a squishy dpser to team up with you. If I have a healer, I can AoE like mad as a mage and knock out the dailies twice as fast. I'm a raiding specced fire mage, so I'm seriously a glass cannon, and if I get silenced at the wrong moment I'm toast. By myself, I have to take slow, and keep it to 2 or so at a time. I love having a healer to team up with so I can go nuts!

And if you aren't daily-ing at the same time as guildies, most folks you bump into doing those quests would jump at the chance to group with a healer.

I actually use alts if I have to make some gold. (I make about 1k a week alone on JC.)

My main is a druid with all 61 points in the resto tree, and I have no problem doing the dailys that involve killing, takes a little longer, but I just root the mob so theyre not bashing on me, then wrath & moonfire till dead. when I cant use roots, i just moonfire spam, and if needed barkskin and heal myself.

But if you've ever played a Prot Warrior or a Holy Priest, you know for sure that some classes solo a little easier than others.

My prot warrior has 1800 attack power in 'solo' gear. It's not like we lose Berserker stance and Battle Shout when we spec protection...

[even after 2.3] it's tough to push out quests when all you've got is a bunch of +healing and no Shadowform to speak of.


My holy priest has damn near 800 spell damage in mostly healing gear, and a couple of damage pieces I picked up here and there (the pally stick from H. MgT, the Wicked Witch's hat and the wand off Aran). Half the time I forget to actually put the 'soloing' gear on and it's still fine (100 spell damage isn't going to make or break my lolsmite). I rarely have to drink unless I managed to get three mobs on me... o.O

It's not as fast as a DPS class/spec for sure, but wth?


To the OP, like everyone else said, as your +healing gear gets better questing will get much, much easier.

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I love soloing on my warrior as prot. It's cake. Depending on what I'm doing I throw on my fury gear and battle shout and spam devastate and whirlwind in zerker. If I'm in a high spawn area I'll just swap some tank stuff for some stuff with AP and crit and again spam devastate and outlive everything.

The best part about devastate spam is it means I don't have to remember to switch buttons to mash from stacking sunders (which is worth doing even when soloing as fury against any non-squishy mob).

When both of my trinkets proc (the skyguard one and the Shard of Contempt) I've got about 2k attack power. It's freaking beautiful. Item rack and quick keybinds for stance dancing make soloing as a prot warrior so easy. :D

I find soloing easier on my holy priest than I found it on my resto druid.

Anyways, I tend to do the money farming on my dps classes, but for SSO rep (etc) I try to team up with the other healers in the guild. Thinking of it, I've never concidered asking tanks if they'd like to team up, too.

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