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first impressions of magisters' terrace?
Sophia (Alex Gray)
sophiaserpentia wrote in wow_ladies
SSC was cancelled, so, what else was there to do but go run Magisters' Terrace?

Oh, and die, repeatedly. I was with folks with whom i've run Karazhan, and we wiped continually on trash pulls. And *then* learned that there's no one to do repairs on Quel'Danas until that's unlocked.

My first impression? This is not just a new Steamvaults or Shattered Halls. Normal mode seems to me to have almost heroic difficulty. The mobs laugh at CC and aggro management, and hit hard. A number of people i know were insisting in a huff that they wouldn't be back (eh, i think they'll be back) but between the lag in the staging area, and broken mods, and low framerates (i was down to 2 fps at one point in the instance) i think there was a general current of frustration.

ETA: how about a quel'danas or MT tag? ETA 2: Thanks!

I ran through twice last night, with people who had done it before. It wasn't too bad, though we died/wiped a couple times during both runs. CC is nice for the big pulls, but we learned that the Magisters are unable to be MCd, oops. They wanted to do it on heroic after my first run, but I refused, since it was getting late and I didn't have time to wipe learning it...though there's a nice tanking trinket for my drood off the priestess I see.

I think it's nice that you can unlock heroic with one successful regular run, though.

We were having difficulties with CC. Sap seemed to work ok, and Seduce, but chain-trapping seemed to be tough, and we gave up on MCing because the shadow priest (me) kept taking damage, interrupting the MC.

Loot table seems decent, tho.

Hmm... I haven't been through yet, but hubby ran it twice last night and said that it was "quite an easy and fun instance." *puzzled look*

Maybe it's because he loves instances, and his guild has down Kael Thas recently? I dunno. But I'll have to try it out soon and see how it goes for myself.

Must say... it was funny to see about a MILLION 70's running around the new island within 10 minutes of our realm being up yesterday. It was hard to find ANY mob to kill, let alone get swamped by them.

Maybe it's designed for players in T5? ::shrugs::

I dunno. It's possible we were off our game.

I ran MGT on my weakling shaman, and we had a few problems, especially with the last boss (melee-heavy groups ftl on that one). I wouldn't call it heroic difficulty, though, because otherwise she'd have never made it past the first group. Poor little shaman.

Anyway, I want to go on my well-geared druid tank, but I haven't had time yet.

My first group that I went with was 2 druids, a warrior tank, an ele shammy, and a priest. We wiped maybe twice, and I think I managed to actually dash out of the instance one time, so it wasn't a full wipe. One shotted last boss (and every other boss but the Priestess).

The second time was with the warrior tank, the priest, a hunter, one of the druid's spriest, and my (other druid's) mage. That time we wiped upwards of 5 times. Both priests had to hearth and repair at one point. We were a bit confused that having actual CC was worse than only having an MC from the healer. I guess having off tanks is the way to go? (we're all just T4/badge reward geared as well)

Yeah its really easy for people who are geared in t5 and beyond. But Kara geared might have it a bit harder. It's also of course because nobody knows what to really expect yet, so more chance at wiping if you fuck up :p It shows nicely the people who love learning encounters and the people who are like "omg never coming here again!" But they'll gladly come back once other people learn how to do the instance correctly.

I think it's a fun new instance, and I look forward to do it the challanging way on my alt.

Well, it's one thing to say, "Well, we don't know the boss fights, it's a new dungeon," but we were wiping on trash pulls, which ordinarily are fairly routine.

Maybe it's comparable to Shattered Halls after all, i recall having similar difficulties with some of the bigger trash pulls there.

I ran it late last night on regular mode, and although we wiped a few times out of sloppiness (like pulling 2 trash packs at once), I thought it was generally fun and cool. But the mobs hit hard, almost as hard as heroic mobs in other instances. And a lot of CC is nice. We had sap and trap (which we didn't always use), but a third CC would really be ideal. Bosses were easy, though.

I'm looking forward to trying it on heroic mode tonight. Some of the big trash pulls remind of me Shadow Lab, which is always fun.

Oh yeah, and my group was basically T4.5-T5 geared, so that probably accounts for us not finding it very challenging. For new 70s, I think it would certainly be tough.

I went through once last night, and it was pretty fun. We still wiped a few times though - I repaired around 35% gear or so, because someone else had dropped a repair bot outside the instance (that person got 8g in tips from people in my party alone so I'm sure they raked in some cash, lol). We did have the advantage of having 2 of the people in the group already having run the instance though, and it helped big time I think.

Having ranged really helped, and two CC (we had 2 hunter traps, I would have preferred sheep or something, but traps worked). I'm not sure if we could have finished the instance with more than 1 melee and 1 tank :/ I have no idea how you are supposed to do Kael with a lot of melee dps. I had to make liberal use of Psychic Scream on the third boss... wow haha.

(As far as gear, we all were in Karazhan epics... I was sitting about 1700 healing with fishsticks, our tank had about 18k health, and our two hunters and fury warrior/rogue (he switched to his rogue for some bosses) were in Kara/badge epics or blues. The only one in all blues was the rogue alt.)

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Yeah, melee DPS seemed to be at a disadvantage. But that's starting to be true of dungeon design in general.

2 mages, shadow priest, holy priest, tankadin = painless group. Went well, one shotted pretty much every boss, even on heroic mode. probably my favorite 5man in the game.

Hmm, no melee dps in your group. *Takes notes* How well were you all geared?

Looking forward to trying it tonight on my T4/T5 tankadin, not so much on my priest who is currently PvP disc spec.

I ran it twice on regular and once on heroic last night with my T5-geared guildies. We found it pretty easy on regular once we got a hang of the huge pulls, but we also had two CC (polymorph from me and a trap). The heroic was certainly a bit more difficult, especially since we only had me for CC and then two melee DPS (a fury warrior and an enh shammy).

All in all, I found the trash to be a lot harder to figure out than the bosses themselves. And I have to love an instance that I'll get to do tons of times since people will need the CC mages bring to the table. ;)

I found it fun, it was a nice level of challenging on normal mode. Easy if you pay attention, but if you're not on your game you'll have trouble.

My group was a pally tank, druid healer, two mages and a rogue; we are all in T5 except for one of the mages who is fully Arena geared. The only boss we had trouble on was Zombie Kael, and that was because all the DPS died pretty much immediately from standing in the AOE fire, and we had to watch the healer and tank slooooooooowly beat him down over a period of about 10 minutes. At one point, the tank even floated over to the bot I'd dropped, repaired mid-fight, and kept on whacking at him.

Now that we know what's going on, we plan to run it on alts... there's some nice stuff in there, and it doesn't seem that difficult if you know the fights and pay attention.

On heroic, though, it was madness. The first boss was pretty standard for a heroic mode boss, but the second one killed us in seconds, many times. We're going back tomorrow with resist gear, since all his damage seems to be arcane... but it's a bit nutty for a 5-man instance to require resist gear, in my opinion

Hm, Pandemonius in Mana Tombs requires insane shadow resist on the tank's part at least. It's not too off the wall they're putting in more instances that require the extra boost from the gear.

I'm a decently geared T4/T5 druid tank, we ran this last night. First off, our group makeup was not ideal - me tanking, s-priest, resto druid, and 2 BM hunters. It was incredibly painful - the trash pulls are so chock full of casters, I couldn't always give them melee targets to trap. There are multiple pulls of 6+ mobs. Whereas most trash would stay dead if you killed it, making the next try easier if you wiped, the last pack (6) right before Kael was all or nothing, you killed them all or the ones you got down would reset.

We had the most trouble with the third boss. Ok, take it back, we had the most trouble with the trash pulls, lol. The first and second bosses were one shotted, and Kael himself was fairly easy (took two tries, but we didn't really know what to expect the first time).

My group blows through most heroics. The normal mode of this instance is harder than many of them. I do NOT want to tank this again unless I have different CC. It was a nightmare. And I noticed rather quickly that the touted change to swipe was NOT working. But we finished due to stubbornness more than anything else and got the shiny gem choice and unlocked heroic. I have to imagine that had our usual tank, a prot paladin, been with us, it would have been much smoother. This instance screams for a paladin tank. Indeed, he logged in about an hour after we'd started, got a group for it, and our groups finished within seconds of each other. Our guild ran about 5-6 teams through, and let it be noted I'm insanely jealous that one of them got a Phoenix Hatchling drop. We sharded everything except a ring the healer took for her off-spec set.


It seemed to be kind of a nightmare from the tanking point of view - aggro management seemed to be the trickiest part. We had problems with our healer getting targeted, taken out first. Those damn mage guards and their "glaive" AOE made MCing impossible - so they had to be the ones we MC'd instead of the healer.

(Deleted comment)
I've been liking MrT instead of MT :)

I did it 1.5 times. .5 because my guildies weren't ready and I picked up a pug who thought it was funny that I kept dying and the rogue was doing less dmg than the tank. (Although 2 rogues for cc was very nice.)

CC seems CRUCIAL if you aren't uber geared. Only 2 of us in my group were out of Kara geared, the rest had some Kara gear. We wiped a lot on the priestess. (We didn't know it was like a 5v5 fight with no aggro since the tank had been having trouble the whole time we just thought it was a his bad kind of thing.) We made the enh shammy switch to his mage for that fight and I pretty much just stood there and tanked everyone I could. (I'm the hpreist). Next time I'm taking the advise and bringing a couple of my bg pieces in. We had a trap for cc (he did really well), our lock wasn't using her succ but was banishing the demons, and we had an enh shammy (it was MUCH MUCH easier when he switched to his mage, MUCH MUCH MUCH.)

I've been liking MrT instead of MT :)

That is AWESOME. I will try to get people to start using it!

(Deleted comment)
All of those mobs seem to totally ignore aggro. Someone in my first group likened it to 5v5 arenas. :)

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
Made 2.5 runs of it yesterday -- the half was the first, disasterous run where we disbanded after wiping four times on the third boss. We went into it boasting about heroic mode afterwards... then we went 0.0. Kara/heroic geared pallytank and healer, rest of us in Kara gear and some blues. We had no clue what we were doing, and expecting it to respond like a normal boss battle was bad. And the second boss wasn't great, we had no real idea what to do, our warlock ended up the only one there for the last 3 percent, we won with him at only about 200 HP.

Second and third groups, though, went much better. Had a pally tank in all the runs, so the trash wasn't bad -- I like how there's not a ton of trash pulls, just hard ones. Biggest problem was the proximity of the pulls made it hard to trap around consecration without aggroing another group at times (we skipped a few pulls, lots of mobs around). In general most groups had a Blood Knight, so I'd trap him, we'd sheep a caster, and go on our merry way.

Third boss was much better when we figured out to down the priestess first, but the group composition of the boss made a huuuge difference. When she had a mage/2 warrior/engineer? Easy. Rogue/shaman/warrior/hunter? Oh dear god. And being expected to trap a specific target in that battle SUCKS. But once she burns down it's not SO bad.

Kael was hard for us at first. I couldn't kite that damn phoenix, it drove me mad, so finally we realized, "Screw it", had pally tank both, we burned down the phoenix and the egg and had no problems. Gravity phase just took people realizing that STAY AWAY FROM THE ORBS was more important than constant DPS.

No phoenix. Both Kael kills had the exact same lame drops. :-( Stupid epic cape! I have a feeling I will be running this manymany times for birdie.

Just ran it with my boyfriend (that's my t5/6 level geared prot warrior and his equivalent gear-level holy priest) and some decent-ish dps (mage, lock, boomkin). With no prior looking up fights, we wiped twice (once on the fight that's like Hexlord... Dalrissa? and once on Kael) but it seemed ok on normal. I'm looking forward to when we try heroic but expecting loads of wipes, though, just because that trash is not really warrior tank friendly. We managed to brute-force a lot of it, because it was normal, and we had well geared tank and healer who're used to working together.

Can't understand people who say they won't be back, though. A challenge is FUN! :D

I ran it twice last night-- once on my mage, once on my healadin. Both are geared for the most part in Kara and beyond gear (except my pally is still wearing the judgement-alike heroic blue shoulders). My mage's group was with guildies in gear from Kara and beyond, and my pally's was with a couple of guildies (beartank in epics, mage in partial epics) and a couple of pugged folks (boomkin whose gear I didn't check, warlock in arena gear).

We wiped a few times in my mage's group because we were still sort of learning things as we went, though we remembered parts from PTR practice; we got Kael down eventually, though. My pally's group...ehhh. I was rusty with my healing because I was used to dpsing, but I was okay overall. Our warlock was kinda...blah. We got to the end but couldn't down Kael; we also were tired.

Honestly, I enjoyed the instance. It was difficult sometimes, but I love the setting and I love the music. And I always love killing blood elf men because they die in such a wonderfully melodramatic manner (I like killing night elf men too for the same reason). posse is so not geared like that. I'm a frost mage, in frozen shadoweave set, and 2 pieces from Kara. Boomkin with less epics than me, A fire mage that just dinged 70, and a PVP geared tree drood.

We 4-manned all the way to the first boss. Got a hunter friend of mine to come in for the boss. After that we called it because it was 4am.

Looks like you're tagged! :) I tossed a Sunwell on it too just so it was in the tag database. :)

The Priestess boss with all the adds? MY GOD. Stuns, ice traps, fears, aggro aggro aggro. That fight was a nightmare, and was the hardest in the instance. I fear that on heroic!

I ran MT three times last night. Twice on normal and once on heroic. We had a pally tank and were probably a little overpowered for the normal instance (4 of us were in full T6 or equivalents), only the pally tank was not in T6 equivalent gear.

I had also pugged it a few times on the PTR, and a couple of the others had also run it before previously, so we knew the pulls. Group make up was rogue, prot pally, destro lock, resto druid, shadow priest (me).

Just to mention, the instance will probably get easier as you run it a few more times and get used to the trash pulls. MC-able mobs that I noted (in heroic):
- Physician: Prayer of Mending, Inject Poison (self-buff increasing melee attacks)
- Warlock: Fel Armor (self-buff), Incinerate, Immolate
- Ethereal Smuggler: auto attack; but you prevent it from porting around and AEing.
- Magisters are immune to MC in heroic. I did not attempt to MC any of the melee mobs.

We pretty much AoE'd down the entire instance on normal mode. I accidentally pulled the first boss while we were clearing the trash packs, but we didn't wipe. Our wipes the first time through were mostly people being tired and stupid (running out of LoS for heals, opening up when the tank had no aggro, the tank bopping herself when she intended to BoP the lock...).

The third boss could be problematic depending on what adds we got. The rogues would consistently target me and/or the druid, so I was popping out to off heal. Mage sheeps meant that I was busy dispelling stuff. Since there didn't really seem to be an aggro table, I ditched salv for kings and we went all out DPS. The lock banished the holy priest. The adds were immune to MC, as far as I could tell (definitely the mage, anyway). They are sappable, though we didn't bother, even on heroic.

Kael'thas was annoying, but he died fast. It was pretty essential to take down the phoenix & egg and get out of the flying orbs, as well as getting out of the flamestrike.

Overall, if you're T5/6 geared with a cohesive group, the instance on normal mode is pretty trivial. Heroic mode is easy if you go a little slower and know the pulls and the CCs. The rogue was double- or triple-CCing at times when we accidentally pulled two+ groups of trash mobs. He'd stun two and blind a third. I would pick up MCs, or off heal as needed. The lock hellfired/SoC.

I should add that the drops in there are insanely good drops, even the blues. I can't wait to get my mage to 70 and in that instance.

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We found heroic 2nd boss to be our run-killer. We went through on regular no problem until we hit Kael. Took us a couple of times to get things down on moving away from the orbs. I gave up trying to do any sort of damage to him after he threw us up in the air and just threw HoTs around.

Boss 2 on heroic.... we just couldn't get him down. We had him under 10% four times and finally gave up. The shammy said he just couldn't heal it. It was frustrating that our group in T5+ gear (feral druid, BM hunter, fire mage, swords rogue, and resto shammy) couldn't get past that while I know another group from our guild cleared the place.

Magisters are immune to MC in regular too. :(

The Physician's Inject Poison ability, from what I could tell, poisons his weapon and then if you hit something shortly thereafter, poisons that mob.

All the casters' abilities had annoying cooldowns except for the Warlock, whose Immolate was spammable (and hit for >2k, fun stuff).

The Fury warrior (dual-wielding purple glow) in the 5s enounter was also immune to MC. Not sure about the others.

If you're talking about the 3rd boss, the mage is immune too, and the holy priest is a demon, and thus by default immune. I believe that there are 6 possible selections for the adds, so we've so far eliminated 3 from MC. I'm thinking that all the adds will be MC immune.

I ran it this morning with a bunch of guildies. Me, hpriest, two locks mage and a warrior. I'm still in PMC and the tank was in mostly blues. We're all just started kara the past few weeks so we're mostly in pvp stuff and blues. The instance seemed fairly easy and fun, a few silly pulls caused wipes but boss wise seemed really easy. Kael wiped us 7 times before we gave up though. Idk what the problem there was at alll =[

I ran reg MgT last night and I wasn't really impressed for the most part. I liked the little cinematic at the orb and seeing Kalecgos, but other than that it was just an annoying instance. I can't believe how much damage everyone was taking for a normal instance. I was with some of the stop players of our progression raiding team including out Hyjal MT and he was still eating dmg like crazy. My FPS went to shit (meaning stand still) in the room before the 2nd boss. There was also alot of camera issues that were annoying for me and the Hunter attempting to trap. Maybe I'll like it more with a group that isn't trying streamroll through it.

it's fun doing it for the first time, our group was the first guildies to do it and we were updating as we went along. Got a nice ring off the second boss but he was the hardest one to down in my opinion. We just used a lot of tactics from other bosses we had seen, apart from Fireheart we tried to tank outside the room then the tank got stuck in the room with him as we were outside as the fire shield thing went up. We had to sit there and watch him die LOL!

All good fun though!


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