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One of my best in-game friends had a vanity guild for just her and her boyfriend... all of the high ranks were named after things that the dragonmaw peons say (guild name was "I AM DA POWERFUL") and all the normal ranks were either "Night Elf" or "Not Night Elf" which I got a kick out of ;)

work is da poop! no more D:

Ooh, I have an alt on Smolderthorn that I rarely play because I don't know anyone there. Got anything in the 25-30 range? My shaman is 28 :D

What's the guild called? Is there a "theme"? A friend of mine has a Terry Pratchett themed guild with names from the books as ranks. Or there are this "we're pirates!" guilds, where you have ranks from ship crews, some guilds take any military system or something like that.
My alt guild is called "Brimstone and Pitch" from a German saying ("stick together like brimstone and pitch" together with the hell/devil association. It's a warlock guild) and the GL is Brimstone, the 2nd in command is Pitch and everybody else is "minion".

guild name is Sand in my Vashj

Yep! My vanity guild is "Death Stars Go PewPew" (GL Hansoloed >.<) and our ranks are:
-Jedi Master

They don't really matter because it's just me and my husband (Darthvdr), but sometimes I'll demote him to youngling for fun. It's more fun than making him sleep on the couch! "Sweetie.. can I have some mana thistle from the gbank?"

My guild is called The Nouns of Adjective. Our ranks are: Noun Noob, Apostrophe Avenger, Verb Vindicator, Princess of Prose (which is just a little vanity rank we give to our favorite drama queen because he likes to feel special), and our GL is the Pope of Punctuation.

I think it's funny, but I also think it works better if the ranks tie into your guild name. What's your guild name?

Pope of Punctuation killed me ded. ^^


Pretty Pony
Apocalypse Pony
Sparkle Pony
Death Pony

Or Care Bear names

Lol. My guild is Divine Legacy and we have the most random titles ever, they change on a weekly basis pretty much. Right now they are

Mad Scientist
Jackie Chan
Awesome Opossum
Cats Pajamas
Head Honcho <---me

Jackie Chan was Chuck Norris but people complained. :)

I made a guild myself recently and the ranks in order from lowest to Highest are

Quest Giver
Raid Boss

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