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Learning to PVP, when did you do it?
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mikkeneko wrote in wow_ladies
This might seem like a bit of a weird question, but I've been ruminating on it all evening after spending a day (unsuccessfully) trying to encourage a friend to persist in practicing arenas.

The question is...

When did you first realize that you could PVP?

Most people on my server, at least (RP-PVP) act as if they were born knowing how to do it, and never went through a learning period. I wasn't. I leveled up for the first time as a fury warrior, without a guild and without high-level friends to help me out, so undergeared as well as poorly specced. This on a PVP server, with what is (at last estimate) a 2:1 ratio of horde to alliance. I did do regular battlegrounds, but 49 levels of pugging Arathi Basin taught me a lot about what Alliance (doesn't) know about battlegrounds, and I'd be lucky if I got half as many HKs as deaths in a single BG, without even thinking about killing blows.

The end result of this was that until level 70 I was fundamentally convinced that I sucked at PVP, I would always suck at PVP, that there was something inherently wrong with me that I would never be able to fight on an equal level with other people on my server.

This lasted until I got to 70, and actually for quite a while after that -- I've heard it said that the difference between a new 70 and a geared 70 is like the difference between a new 70 and a level 60, and while I don't know that it's that bad, it's pretty significant. I respecced to Arms (well, Fury/Arms hybrid with MS) because I'd heard that was the power spec for warriors, but it didn't seem to make much of a difference. I continued to avoid world PVP encounters whenever possible, and die a lot in battlegrounds.

The change for me came when I started doing 2v2 arenas with a good buddy of mine, a holy paladin. At first, as a team, we sucked a lot, but he was patient and experienced and a great healer. And gradually, we came to win arenas. I started getting enough points to buy gladiator gear. And gradually we started winning more arenas than we lost. (Editors' note: This was back in season 1. Sadly, warrior/paladin doesn't make a very good arena team any more, so our glory days are over. :( )

The moment of revelation really came one day when I was doing a premade Arathi Basin with my guild. Another friend of mine, a resto shaman, was healbotting for me. Our group led the charge to the Blacksmith. I got off my mount, waded in, and started hitting people. And I realized, for the first time, that my hits were actually making a difference. I saw people's health bars going down in chunks. I saw people actually dying when I hit them.

We cleared the blacksmith, and drove on to the farm, with the horde falling back as we went. I was out in front, the resto shaman valiantly healing away behind. They couldn't stop us. I kept on cutting people into mincemeat all the way to the farm. And when I finally died, it was with 12 members of the horde team focus firing me.

And that was when it finally dawned on me: I could do PVP. I was not inherently lacking in the PVP-ness.

Have any of you ever had a similar moment of revelation?

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Wow, that is awesome! For me, it was a slow process though... there wasn't one clear-cut moment that I realize I can PVP. I'm a horde shaman. I freeze up very often when I was a lowbie.

One day, a rogue 2 levels lower than me (we're both low 30s) jumped me in Desolace. For some reason, I didn't freeze that time and held my ground for a while. He died from a flame shock after I died from poison plus other stuff. From then on, I don't think I know whether I can PVP or not, but I just started doing the right, logical things more often than freezing up. I learned to look for the class when i pvp. From many trials and errors, I've learned my way to pvp agianst other classes.

So now, I'm that heal bot shaman in BGs. =) ALlies rogues and warriors hate me.

When you shoved me into WSG at level 29 and said, 'go learn!' and I killed a mage all by myself.

Now I have a 30% chance of killing ganking rogues the same level as me! Go team learning curve!

(Although I'm still quite fond of the bit where I freezing trapped the bitch and bandaged while she, having blown all her cooldowns, hung there at 45% life watching as mine increased. >>).

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Yes, but you don't count, you aren't a real person. :p

For my birthday this year, can you get me a better friend? >:E

If I were to get you something that nice, wouldn't I have to be a good friend in the first place?

Editors' note: This was back in season 1. Sadly, warrior/paladin doesn't make a very good arena team any more, so our glory days are over. :(

/sigh. I contemplated many times making a druid with my warrior boyfriend because of this. T_T; Can barely break 1800 now in 2v2...

As for learning how to PVP... I've always been a healbot of some sort and had some sense of satisfaction knowing that my heals can turn the tide of a battle. Also, I've been leveling in PVP servers for 3 years now (although I recently transfered to a PVE server-- so weird!) so it was just slow, acquired knowledge of knowing what to expect from each class and how to counter it effectively. Like you, I first started off thinking I would suck at PVP and nowadays, I like to think I'm actually pretty good.

/sigh. I contemplated many times making a druid with my warrior boyfriend because of this. T_T; Can barely break 1800 now in 2v2...

Thankfully, another druid from my guild wanted to join our 2v2, and this last weekend he decided to respec resto. So we are the broken team now! Yay!

Oh PVP, how I love thee!

I first wandered into WSG at lvl 17 on my first toon. It was epic fail. I had no idea what we were doing, people were buffing each other and I was just standing there nervous (I'm a druid)- at the time I don't even know if I knew that my buff would have been really useful!

Anyhow, so of course I don't even think I got a blow in on any horde. I kept trying to LEAVE the GY to res at my body etc etc. It was really terrible. I was embarrassed beyond belief and vowed to never try it again.

I went back in at 39 and me and my leveling partner just had a great time. AB is one of my favorite BGs and we probably played 2 weeks straight there and WSG.

Now I have a 19 twink so I can BG whenever I want. I have to admit, I feel pretty cool when I one shot another player. ^_^

I think I must have realized that I could pvp, I just sucked at it. I realized I was actually being useful the day I respecced to SS on my rogue and began to be able to two-shot clothies. xD;

that's one of those times when I HATE you with the passion of a thousand suns if you're not on my side. xp

Oh, I hate other rogues too. xD;

I also haven't dared to go into BGs on any of my clothie toons...

I play a holy priest in pvp situations ("hey hon, can you come help me gank these two idiots that're camping me?") or in BG' my role is not to be out in front killin stuff, but back making sure that there's a BIG buffer between the horde and myself. So my primary experience is of *defensive* rather than *offensive* skills. How to hide myself so they can't see me, how to use fear and other skills so they can't hit me, and MC and all that stuff :)

I dont' suck at it, but the lvl 70 warrior I took out single handedly one day in WSG sure does. xP

my warlock and mage were raised up on a pvp server. i basiclly learned to pvp, or die all day every day. its something you just pick up and get better and better with each encounter. you cant know how to pvp with the class you are using until you've faught every type/kind of other player out there.. and that learning never stops. each day there will always be a diff person with a diff spec with diff armor and diff playstyle. ya just have to be able to adapt and make quick choices during the encounter. i like to call it being twitchy. though my druid is on a pve server.. and my mage and lock now as well.. i am still very twitchy and everytime i see the opposing faction in go into "killer" mode.. and im just ready and honed in on them. I REALISE they cant attack me now unless i want them to... but that instinct and paranoia never leaves hehe.

I'm still terrified of trying PVP. Which is stupid because I followed my roommate onto a PVP server. She keeps telling me to try, but I'm way scared! I'm sure eventually she'll convince me and I'll probably get my arse handed to me. :p But, it was rad hearing about how you other ladies overcame the PVP fear. :)

When I took on a Warrior and Priest my same level when I was leveling my Paladin. I blew a pot and every cooldown I had, sure, but I couldn't help but feel overwhelmed with pride.

When I tried out my new hunter survival spec in Arena and could melee a warrior to death. I was convinced that this guy had to be an unskilled player, but when I kept winning more Arenas where I failed before I knew it had been simply the wrong spec for me before, not just my inexperience. But that warrior moment was my personal "Holy Shit It Works" moment.

I avoided PVP until level 70. I entered AV at level 60 just to find a white wolf and tame it, but that was the *only* time I ever went into a BG. And being on a PVE server, once I learned how to avoid flagging myself, it was rare that I'd get into any PVP action.

Then my hunter officer started dragging me out to Battlegrounds. By the time he did this, I was T4/T5 geared, so while I didn't have any PVP gear to speak of, I was pretty geared up. But I still wailed "I SUCK AT THIS!" at him.

At the end of my first game, I came in as #2 for most damage dealt (he was #1). I did a WTF?!? at my screen. Ok, says I. The rest of the team must've sucked. The Horde must've sucked. I died several times. How did I put out that much damage compared to everyone else?

And in subsequent games, I found that I was still coming in within the top 3 to 5 (depending on BG and how many players in it) of damage dealt and usually a lot of Killing Blows too.

I generally have more deaths than most other DPS since I'm invariably squishy (I have about zero resiliance to speak of) but I can cause shittonnes of damage before I die. It was around then that I figured out I wasn't that bad at PVP (although I still do the "NO I AM NOT DUELING YOU, I SUCK AT IT!" moments. XD

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