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I've collected all 50 coins!
zaababy wrote in wow_ladies
 My first time ever to do this. I found a site that showed where they all were (for the life of me I can't find it this morning) and so I headed out yesterday morning. Decided to grab the coins from the ally cities as early as possible, as I knew they would be the most difficult. Was able to waltz in and out of Ironforge and Darnassus, but Stormwind was a whole nother ballgame. Died twice, but had a trusty mage friend with me, and we managed to just ride, yes, just ride out of SW! I love all my wowlady friends, but I was sure frustrated with the alliance in that city. Here I am, in the park, obviously there to get a coin. Why why why won't you just let me click on the elder before you kill me?
Anybody else working on their coins?

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I am, and looking forward to going to Ogrimmar :D I love running in there.

There's people on both sides keeping the other from getting the coins though. Stupid people :(

The site w/ the list and the walk through is

I got a few last night. I think I'll try and get the rest of them tonight, though. :)

I'm looking forward to getting all the coins soon!! Thanks for the site info, that will help immensely. I am having a blast with Lunar Festival. I hate Valentine's Day, but Lunar Festival? hell yeah

I'm planning to get all my coins on my druid this year. I even printed out the WoWWiki list like a big dork so I can check them off as I get to them.

Yay thanks for posting that link! I wish there was a big to-do for me when I got the 50th coin, like a special reward, but the accomplishment I feel in my heart is enough. Good luck ladies! And if you are on Whisperwind, I promise to not kill you when you come to Org to get your coin. At least, not until AFTER you click on the elder.....what can I say it's so tempting.

I got 39 of them last night - stopping halfway through to run a heroic SV with some people. Thunder Bluff was the most interesting, I rode up the elevator with a shaman from one of the big horde guilds on the server. /kiss'd /hugged and he returned the emotes and left me alone. Probably laughed at me getting lost >_<.

Also discovered the western entrance of Org, that made visiting that Elder so much easier. Two years ago when I visited UC, there were a few hordies hanging out, but they let me get my coin first before hurting me.

I feel almost guilty for kitty-backstabbing the Horde shammy on his way out of SWC last night. I fully expect I will be repaid in full when I go a-calling with my hunter :-)

I intend to grab them all at least on my priest, maybe on my pally and hunter too. Checklist, here I come!

Can't wait to run a 36 hunter into the Alli cities. :p

Last year, my husband sent his... relatively low-level rogue into all the alliance places, to get their coins. Lots of deaths. But it got done! (I followed along with an alliance character, and warned about "guard coming" stuff...)

...I'm probably not trying to get all the coins, though I do suddenly have this urge to strip my druid naked and kitty-stealth into Org.

I collected the Kalimdor coins last night with my good friend who plays my blood elf's husband. :D It was something to do to pass the time and calm my nerves while I was so jittery from the storms going on last night (I'm in west TN; I took a break from coin-gathering when the sirens started up).

Tonight, we'll probably hit Eastern Kingdoms! :D

I got 15 coins from the Eastern Kingdoms with my stealthy level 60 rogue last night. I would have gone on to get more, but I wanted to make sure all my alts got their Blue Pant Suit, so I switched to getting at least 5 coins each on 8 characters.

I'm low level, so I only got the 15 easy ones

A couple questions.

1. Is it true that if you get the coins one year you can't do it the next?

2. Is it really possible to stealth into Org/etc (or IF/SW/etc)? I have a 62 rogue that I'd love to try it with. :D


"The quests for receiving coins are reset from year to year (previously, some characters were affected by a bug that made seasonal quests unrepeatable in subsequent years, but this issue has been corrected)."

re: #2... I had a friend say that he was able to stealth into Org to RFC when he was 70 and had full points in MoD and added stealth from his gear. So, I don't know if you'd be able to do it.. especially with the lvl 70 elite troll roof stalkers. Plus, the elder is right beside Thrall's place.

Let us know if you try it though!

Edited at 2008-02-06 04:53 pm (UTC)

I did this last year with my druid - had no problems stealthing to the ones in Horde cities...just had to be careful of the players, mostly ;-)

When I was a Troll hunter the time before that, I just had to ride Ride RIDE. One death in Stormwind because (i had no idea!) one of the high rank guards netted me and a high level player helped him. Two deaths in IF - one due to mobs of players and one due to falling off the cliff outside the front gate. Darnassus was the easiest, actually :-)

My huntard is 58.5...methinks she needs to hit 60 and get her epic mount before she tries for the coins at Org and Thunder Bluff. She has one...currently questing in Winterspring and the Elder was right there, which is how I realized the event had started.

Anyone know if there are any new rewards? I gathered all the coins last year with my main and got all the rewards I was interested in, and am still holding a stack of the Dumplings - so I don't see any real reason to do it again with her.

But zomg, this is the first time I've stayed on a server long enough to actually hit the same festival for a second time ;-)

49/50 here. *shakes fist at Mauradon and poor luck*

I'll get it tonight. I've been stealthing my way to most of them.

Pro Tip: Don't stab the fluffy tauren. I'm wearing a TUXEDO for crying out loud. I am not here to murder you all in your sleep. The Darnassians get it, the Ironforge residents get it, even the people in Goldshire and Westfall understand... what's up with the evil night elves in Stormwind?

I've got almost all of them..

The Stratholme one is a pain in the ass for me since I don't have the key D:

This is probably a dumb question, but what about the guards? How are you managing to ride in and out of major cities without the guards attacking you? I think I'm missing something... (Clearly I've never taken any of my toons to visit enemy cities. :))

You run and hide. They only chase so far, and don't cover the whole city.

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