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Just wanted to say that I LOVE tauren hunters XD

:D :D :D May I swipe your icon?

I have a baby Tauren druid and I love his feet. Everytime he crosses a bridge in TB I squee myself silly.
Glad you've found a good questing partner. Bet she's glad too: baby druids are super squishy.
If you were on my server, I'd happily quest with you.

:D Yes. I play a Tauren because I think they're pretty...even though they're HUGE. :) We have some funny screen shots of my friend (who plays an undead) and I standing next to each other. I dwarf her!

I have that "Alt-itis" thing and will likely create a toon to level with ya.. cause I'm weird that way. O_o... lol.

I'll edit with a name in a bit...

Taurens are loverly. ^_^!!!

O..k... not able to edit? lol

Berena (presently a lvl 4 warrior)

I figure I've got a druid and a shaman elsewhere, and don't feel like working another Hunter (I love my main too much. lol), so I went with warrior. My only other warrior... I deleted... wow. lol. :\

Go me!

Also, this'll be the 2nd RP realm I'm on, but first that I'm semi-active on. heh. :\

Awesome, I look forward to questing with you! My Inferia's up to a level 16 now. I couldn't stand Barrens chat anymore, so I'm presently in Durotar. I'll happily make my way back though! :D

(I just caught Echeyakee the white lion, so I'm all happy!)

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