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NOW I get it!
me short hair
straycat wrote in wow_ladies
I've been playing World of Warcraft since October-ish thanks to one of my exes and one of my best friends, the lovely lyndi_hop. I've enjoyed it, but haven't understood the addiction until now. I happened to run into another girl playing a tauren druid virtually identical to my tauren hunter. She also happened to be new at it, and was almost exactly the same level. We've been grouping for a LOT of quests, and we're having a blast working together! We're learning at about the same speed (though she's leveling faster, I'm not online as much). I'm finding myself logging on more and more just to see if she's available for questing.

I love this game! I keep happily adding time to my account and trying not to "OMG SQUEE" at everything, including my pet wolf, which I swear howls every time the wind changes direction or, you know, he breathes.

So, I gotta ask, anyone else have lower (like 10-20) characters on the US Twisting Nether server? I'd like more people to quest with.


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Just wanted to say that I LOVE tauren hunters XD

:D :D :D May I swipe your icon?

I have a baby Tauren druid and I love his feet. Everytime he crosses a bridge in TB I squee myself silly.
Glad you've found a good questing partner. Bet she's glad too: baby druids are super squishy.
If you were on my server, I'd happily quest with you.

:D Yes. I play a Tauren because I think they're pretty...even though they're HUGE. :) We have some funny screen shots of my friend (who plays an undead) and I standing next to each other. I dwarf her!

I have that "Alt-itis" thing and will likely create a toon to level with ya.. cause I'm weird that way. O_o... lol.

I'll edit with a name in a bit...

Taurens are loverly. ^_^!!!

O..k... not able to edit? lol

Berena (presently a lvl 4 warrior)

I figure I've got a druid and a shaman elsewhere, and don't feel like working another Hunter (I love my main too much. lol), so I went with warrior. My only other warrior... I deleted... wow. lol. :\

Go me!

Also, this'll be the 2nd RP realm I'm on, but first that I'm semi-active on. heh. :\

Awesome, I look forward to questing with you! My Inferia's up to a level 16 now. I couldn't stand Barrens chat anymore, so I'm presently in Durotar. I'll happily make my way back though! :D

(I just caught Echeyakee the white lion, so I'm all happy!)

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