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Remus & Tonks
simply_blah wrote in wow_ladies
What classes can you not play?

I cannot play a Paladin to save my life. To me they are just too complicated with the seals and stuff. I tried. I got to level 8 before giving up. Mad props to anyone who does but as for me, I just can't.

I also can't play a Warrior either. I have no taste for it.

I like my Shaman but I don't much like the enhancement spec that I just switched to for easier leveling. (And it really is easier to level with.) I really like my BM Hunter. I'm kind of apathetic towards my warlock and mage.

I've never seriously tried a priest or a druid.

Anyone else?

I can't play a warlock, I get bored by DoTing! I mean, I have a lvl 23 that I am tediously grinding to 70...ugh. And I really get bored by rogues.

Never tried shamans, totems? Why?
Priests are OK, I suppose.

I currently have:
A 70 mage, but I am so bored by her now after playing my...
62 Paladin! Love the paladins, they're wicked fun.

I can't get my Warlock past 19 and I want her to hit 20 so I can level her enchanting. She has a whole stack of mats.

What about totems?

I've had one of each, and I just cannot get in to a warrior. I have a pally alt right now, but I just don't see here going much of anywhere.

I all fairness I must add that until recently I had absolutely no luck with hunters... now I have a level 43 hunter! Maybe I rolled him (yes, also my ONLY male character) under a hunter's moon or something! :)

Roll a druid. Spec balance. Lots and lots of fun! **ZAP**

Warriors just seem so... boring... I just can't get into the mindset. I'm much better at hybrid roles.

I <3 my BM hunters. I love my BELF one more than my NELF one because she's a higher level. She does insane damage in BGs and she can solo mobs three levels higher than her.

The seals process reminds me a lot of rogue functionality- build up combos and then add a finishing move. I kinda like that.

The one class I cannot get my head around is the hunter. Tried twice, can't swing it.

What about hunters get you stuck? For me, I think they are the easiest class to level.

I tend to play the mana based classes better than the non-mana based ones. After my druid, I seem to be good at Hunter and Warlock, then priest and mage then Paladin. For some reason, I just can't get into the whole shaman totem thing. Warrior and Rogue bottom the list.

Can't play a rogue. Tried and failed miserably. I just suck at melee in general.

Don't think I can play a warrior, either.

I'd like to level a Horde rogue to 19 just for the purposes of having fun in WSG because I hate enemy rogues. :D

I can't get into playing a hunter, for some reason. My mains are a paladin and a mage, both of which I do love; my next highest is a warrior, who's been something of a learning experience...currently Fury spec but I may be going Prot since on my server tanks seem to be in short supply. (Though I'm still not sure I have the right 'temperament' for tanking...I'm so neurotic, I feel like it's my fault when I lose aggro even if others are bad about watching theirs and some friends of mine refuse to use threatmeters even when I beg 'em. *sigh*)
I also haven't been able to level a rogue past 20, and I'm currently trying out a shaman and a druid out of curiosity for each.

I've always had a hard time playing casters in general (even outside of Wow). I have a level 16 warlock who's really neglected (she's on Horde side while all my other toons are on Alliance) and for the life of me, I can't teach myself to stop moving. I'm so used to moving while attacking, I do it while I'm casting and I lose my spell... nevermind that when something comes up to chew on my face, my instincts are to either hit it or run from it. XD

Because of this, I hated the human priest I made. She got to level 4 before I deleted her. I think the dwarven priest was deleted at level 2 because I couldn't stand looking at her. But that all being said, I'm leaning to try either an elven or a draeni priest, possibly a gnome mage and gnome warlock. I really would like to try each class at least once, to level 20, but I'm really balking at the paladin and the priest.

i am crap at paladins too, but the class i have tried like 5 or 6 times is a rogue. i cna't do it. it's BORING. and the energy system really bothers me... i hate bashing my hotkeys and getting "NOT ENOUGH ENERGY!!11" every 3 seconds. i got a couple of my rogues to 30 and then i was just like "oh god this sucks so bad" and deleted them.

lol! You sound like me!
I've had priest, mage (whom I fell inlove with!) and druid.
I tried rogue because hey, they look cool at 70 with all the glowy weapons at their sides....
But the whole "not enough energy" "not enough energy" "not ENOUGH ENERGY"!!!! ARGH! I couldn't stand it.
My highest rogue reached level 23 :)

I cant play a pally to save my life either (my fiance' has a 70.. swears it's easy.. I think he's crazy)....
Also, I can't seem to level a priest past 10 or a mage or lock...

<3 my druid though :D

Love your icon! I'll add my name to the list of players just boggled by paladins. Blech. I don't like hunters either - they just seem really boring and OP for leveling.

My main is a warlock, and I guess I find that class easiest as it's what I'm used to. I love being at a distance, but at the same time, I like my rogue and 'actually' fighting.

I have a pally who I'm trying to level up but it's hard. I like the healing though :P

I keep trying hunters because I love the idea of the pet, I just can't stick with it... And for some reason I'm really tempted to try and level a holy priest

The shaman class REALLY confuses me. I just do not get how to play it. I really like the idea of a paladin. I keep making them. But...the highest I've gotten one is 14, by which time I was all augh not enough dps. I can't even get a hunter to level 10 for the pet, try as I might. x.x Rogues are boring.

I do enjoy druids, mages, warlocks, and warriors, and priests are okay.

Getting a hunter to lvl 10 is THE hardest, slowest, boring thing ever. Once you hit it though... it's really easy to level, and you grow attatched to your pet :)

(Deleted comment)
I love the rogue too! I love being able to sneak around, pick pockets for fun stuff, and then open up with "HA HA! BACKSTAB! *ZING ZING SLICE* 50% health for you in under 5 seconds! Nyah!"

The damage output of the rogue just scares me.

(Deleted comment)
Warrior, rogue, and shaman are on my "do not want" list (the first two because the bore the heck out of me, and the latter just because I don't understand what they do). I'm giving paladins another shot, and I've never rolled a druid but I'd like to try it out someday. But I love priests/warlocks/mages/hunters. :D Almost all of my alts are those classes.

Warriors = Boring! (For me to play!)

I picked a Shaman for the heck of it. >_> I didn't know what they did. I didn't know anything about them. I just picked them blind which probably worked better because I wasn't letting anyone else's opinions decide for me. I just picked Resto at first because I always seemed to group with crappy healers.

I can't get into playing a Pally either. I managed to get to level 14, then I just got utterly confused :P Same goes for a Shammy, neither of those classes fit my playstyle.

Apart from them I have tried and loved every other class ^^

I haven't tried all the classes, but am vaguely disgusted at the thought of playing a hunter or (especially) a rogue for some reason.

I have a warlock and warrior.

The only class that I've never played past 15 is the warlock. I just find the nature of the spells and abilities to be incredibly distasteful -- diseases and such. :p I thought I'd enjoy the class, since my main is a hunter, but nope.

I'm apathetic towards my warrior -- I loved tanking on her (and love tanking on my dr00d bare), but hated the utter lack of solo survivability. Maybe I had a bad spec for her or something. I'll probably give her a second shot sometime in the future w/ a respec and maybe some new gear to see if I can get to like her.

My main is a BM hunter I've been playing for 2 years. <333 Currently my second fav class is my feral dr00d, but I also really enjoy my mage, pallies, and shammies. I enjoy healing, but I get a little Meh soloing on my priest...priest combat spells and abilities just don't strike my fancy as much as other classes' I suppose, but I do continue playing her anyway. XD

OH. I almost forgot. ROGUES. I utterly utterly suck as a rogue. I just can't get my rogue past 19. All I do is die and die and die. As with my warrior, maybe I am just doing something wrong or have a bad spec or something. Who knows!

Whee I'm not the only one.. I'm a loregeek so I usually look up random NPCs I see having a name but no purpose. I saw the guy in Wetlands that a warlock has to murder cos he's suchagood fellow, as part of their Succubus quest... and went DO NOT WANT!

Never looked at my warlock housemate the same way again. :) Though he does melt faces supremely.

Warriors. SO TEDIOUS NO DEPTH. Bleh.

Love hunters, warriors, shaman and, to a lesser extent, warlocks. Can play a rogue, but don't have the patience for it. Paladins and druids are ok. Haven't tried a mage past level 15 (so squishy!), but the one class I just can't seem to do is priest. I think it might be one of those that once you get over the hump of the lower levels it's ok, but getting there is horrible.

I get bored by melee classes. I've tried a few times to lvl a warrior and rogue, but can never get past lvl 20. I tried a paladin once while bored, and couldn't get into that either. And the only class I've enjoyed healing as is druid - the HoT style seems to compliment how I play more than the other styles of healing. I'd like to try a mage again, but I seem to get very frustrated by the squishiness - never gotten one past lvl 15.

However, while questing, sometimes I'll pop into cat form on my resto druid just to have a change of pace. My cat form hits like a pansy, but since I have my hubby tanking, it's just fun to goof around a bit sometimes. But I seem to prefer being a ranged/caster. I love my hunters, I love healing on my resto moo, and I dig warlocks.

But I seem to prefer being a ranged/caster.


i <3 my pally girls (i have three :)

what I can't really play are shammies and locks. i love to have them in party, i give mad props to those who play them, but i just can NOT do it myself.

warriors...the only one i have is a draenai, so she has that sweet healing racial, otherwise, i can't stand them.

i really prefer toon that can heal themselves, lol :)

For a while, I duo'ed with a Paladin. It was great. I just can't play one myself. I dont' get the Seals. I don't get the Blessings. I just.. Would rather not try.

Since switching to Enhancement, I can't heal for squat. :D

I've tried twice now, but I just can't seem to get in to playing a druid. I like the idea of them and being able to change into animals and all, but when I actually play one... meh. I don't care much for warlocks either.

Edited at 2007-12-28 05:14 pm (UTC)

I've heard that druids have to carry a lot of extra gear. My bags are always full. I don't know how they manage that.

When I started, I just couldn't play some classes (paladin, druid) that have since become favorites... My tankadin is now my main and my druid is my next-highest alt. But after nearly a year and a half of playing I still can't get a lock over level 16. I just sort of lose interest and beyond "woo, insta-cast corruption" I don't get how to talent them at ALL.

Rogues, sort of - I have one up to 17 now (16 is where classes I don't get go to die until I learn them) and I really enjoy her, though she's kind of on hold now that some friends on my main server are playing again. But I can't shake the suspicion that there's something in the talents I just don't get... I mean, is there some reason I shouldn't spec combat for leveling? Everyone seems to favor assassination for leveling and I don't get it.

And warriors. I got one to 40, but the last few levels were a painful slog. I can't solo well with her, I feel like I should be doing a lot more damage somehow (she's arms) but I'm not sure how, and while I love tanking on my pali, stance-dancing and horribly painful soloing mean I doubt I'll ever try warrior tanking.

There are some tricks that make the warrior easier to solo with:

a) Do quests and mobs that are green to you. Don't push your luck and go after yellows. It can be painful and frustrating because you lack the ability to heal yourself.

b) Upgrade your gear from the AH constantly. Every two to three levels, see if there's anything better. If the item is blue, keep it for five levels, ten if it's purple.

c) Take full advantage of consumables! Use buff pots, buff foods, have a stack of healing pots on hand, and use bandages liberally.

Once I focused on fixing these aspects, soloing on my warrior became a breeze. I stopped trying to solo mobs that were my level or one or two higher. I fixed my gear, and I started chugging consumables like mad. Now, I have no problems questing with her.

Warriors aren't a decent solo class like rogues, hunters and warlocks with oober abilities to take on three mobs at once or those that are higher level. There's no "oh shit" button, there's no way to heal, and there's no pet helping you out. It's a completely different style of play from the typical DPS classes and man, it can be frustrating. At least three times I came very close to deleting my warrior outright because playing her stressed me out beyond belief. My final straw was posting my armoury to the worldofwarcraft community and letting people rip my gear apart. I took everything they said and fixed her up and have had a blast playing her (when I can!)

Druids... I'm trying to stick it out and get to level and get cat form, but just bleh. I just don't get them, and I'm constantly dead.

I know that feeling. My druid almost got ditched at level 16 for those exact same reasons. I stuck it out, got cat form, and have loved him all the way to level 61. :D

Still died a lot in the begining though. I'm getting better at keeping myself alive now.

For the life of me I can't get Shaman. I have a lvl 29 pally but sometimes I wonder if I'm not playing the char right. Druids, I have only gotten to lvl 10 with one so they are new to me as well. Warriors your right I just can't get into them myself. Go figure.


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