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A gift idea
a_cha wrote in wow_ladies
I've been plotting a gift for my boyfriend for a while for xmas. He plays a night elf druid and I know how much he loves his druid, so I figured I'd give him a box of plushies with the druid forms! I got all the forms (except the flight form, couldn't find a decently priced hawk or owl :\) and I planned on putting them into a box! I'm stuck on what to paint on the box... I was thinking something like "FREE DRUIDS TO GOOD HOME" but I'm not sure, any suggestions ladies? ^_^

I decided to go with -

Free Druids
To good home
right click to open
requires Lvl 60

(each line is a slat on the box)

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Aww, what a cute idea?

How about...


Or {right click to open}

Edited at 2007-12-18 10:47 pm (UTC)

You could maybe print out the icons for each form and stick 'em on there, or paint them if you're much more artistic than I am. (Heheh. That's not hard!)

I like "right click to open." Maybe you could even paint the little gear icon on there...

I think the "Free druids to good home" is really cute, lol. Maybe add the "<" right click to open ">" under it? (minus the quotation marks, i just did that so lj wouldn't freak)

[Right click to open]
[Binds when used]

And I love "free druids to good home." XD

Ah! Just make something like this: Drood carrier print it out, and stick it on there, that might be fun too! XD

mind if i steal your idea? my bf loves his main druid and well it hasn't been easy thinking of a gift for him.

I'd love to see pictures!

AHHH what a cute idea! I'd want that for myself lol.

That's an adorable present. Your man is one lucky guy, I hope he knows it!

Aww, this is the cutest idea I've seen in an age. Please say you'll post pictures!

(I'm also married to a druid, though mine /moos. :)

Aw. I'm a drood and you totally get my droodness stamp of approval on that one :) so cute :D

Did you manage to find a stuffed tree?

erk no, I only did the basics :\ I'd have loved to get him a moonkin (his current spec)

You could get a turkey and say it was the closest thing you could find. ;)

This is such an adorable idea, I'd love to see pictures once he opens it!

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