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Presents: One for you, one for me, one for you, one for me....
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angels_voice wrote in wow_ladies
OMG, I'm so happy. I bought my boyfriend some early Christmas presents online last night - WoW shirts! :D

I got him this and a Mage shirt, because he is a Mage (obviously). :)

I couldn't help myself. I also bought some stuff for me too. XD

Hehehe. I can't wait to get them! <3

Wow, nice! I'm sure your boyfriend will LOVE those presents!

Hehe, the Green Linen Shirt is one of my favorites :)

lol! omg I want the 'more dots' t shirt :D
first 70 was a warlock, then I rerolled shadow priest, it's perfect for me! :D

I love jinx... I got the druid and hunter shirt, and... the nightelf sticker for my jeep. I wanted to get my husband the mage shirt, but he claims I'm a nerd/geek, my usual response is 'and proud of it'. but I did make him an avatar for the guild website:

When you get your class shirts, can you let me know what the quality is like? I saw a few of them at Hot Topic and it seemed to me that the print quality was pretty low. Not sure if it was a bad batch or if all of them are like that.

I have seen some of those where the print quality was low... but I love the shirt quality. Those t-shirts are some of the most comfortable I have ever owned. It's like wearing a high-thread count bedsheet. :-)

Hey, just letting you know that I got the shirts last week. I think the print quality is pretty nice!

Yay! Thanks for the update. Thinking of asking for a Priest shirt for Christmas. :)

I LOVE those shirts! I told my husband I wanted the Murloco's Tacos one hehe Doubt I'll get it tho...

My husband and I both have those :-D

I have the warlock one and I'm considering getting my boyfriend the same (warlock duos ftw) but I'm afraid that would be A.) totally lame to match or b.) waaay to nerdy haha.

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