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Will Dustwallow become the new STV?
sexy troll
dvons wrote in wow_ladies

I know everyone is awaiting lvling their 30ish toons when the 2.3 patch comes out but I was pondering today if Dustwallow Marsh will be the new STV? People will still be ganking but everyone will be wanting to try the new quests so the ganking will just move there.


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That would be nice. I really hate STV, and always do dustwallow, but there are hardly any quests there for alliance. On horde though I think I can usually get about a level there.

I took my druid there today...nabbed about a 1 1/3 levels of pure unganked XP and oh my...all the leather!

uhh i was thinking about that too which sucks cause i love dustwallow it's my fave grinding area =/

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There's a flight path there now :) (To the rebel camp that is)

LOL that would be kinda neat i think. At least our alts would be dying someplace new.

It's not as huge zone as STV though is it? Even with the new quests and stuff added. I mean, you can easily spend 10 levels in STV, I doubt you'll be able to do that in Dustwallow post patch. But then again, I'm all for new stuff, so bring on the gankings XD

(Also, am I the only one who finds the most awesome part about the Dustwallow revamp is that you'll finally be able to find Tabitha without running around for a good 15 minutes getting killed by various swamp-creatures? :P)

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