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That would be nice. I really hate STV, and always do dustwallow, but there are hardly any quests there for alliance. On horde though I think I can usually get about a level there.

I took my druid there today...nabbed about a 1 1/3 levels of pure unganked XP and oh my...all the leather!

uhh i was thinking about that too which sucks cause i love dustwallow it's my fave grinding area =/

This makes me happy I'm on a PVE server. I'm fairly certain it will be a gank fest for a while, just like the Portal opening was. I heard horror stories about it from my PVP friends.

But I'm just happy there will be a new place to quest, as I just hated STV because there was no flight path in Rebel Camp. So after the patch I pretty much won't care which place I quest in.

There's a flight path there now :) (To the rebel camp that is)

LOL that would be kinda neat i think. At least our alts would be dying someplace new.

It's not as huge zone as STV though is it? Even with the new quests and stuff added. I mean, you can easily spend 10 levels in STV, I doubt you'll be able to do that in Dustwallow post patch. But then again, I'm all for new stuff, so bring on the gankings XD

(Also, am I the only one who finds the most awesome part about the Dustwallow revamp is that you'll finally be able to find Tabitha without running around for a good 15 minutes getting killed by various swamp-creatures? :P)

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