WoW_Ladies: Girl Gamers of World of Warcraft

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hehe, I also work at a public library and I'm a contributor on our blog. In my latest one, I mentioned WoW and have even had people talk to me about it when playing on the forums lol

As far as the interest group-I would say it would be like any new programs you try to get started...are there enough in your community who would participate? (wtb people willing to participate in a book club)
Maybe put a feeler out there on either the library website or fliers in the building, or in calendar of events if yall do that.

But I think it would be an awesome idea for a group!

Awesome! Mind sharing a link? We're Twinsburg Public,

I think we'd have an interest... LOL, we have like six book groups and they're all packed, except the men's book group. I'm thinking more like a teen group.

Clayton County Library System in Georgia. And I am sooo jealous of your interest levels. :( I've always wanted a teen book club, but our patrons are more concerned with getting on the damn computers, books are just there for looks lol

A teen group would be pretty cool. Heck if yall have wireless it might be cool to see about setting up a LAN group and starting a small play group on the same server. (heh-especially if you could install wow on the lappies)

i think that's an awesome idea for a teen group. we have some of the warcraft novels/graphic novels at our library and they circulate well .. my guess is you'd get a lot of interest.

Awesome link. Thanks! I am really interested in how WoW is being used in non-conventional ways. I am a language professor and am working on a grant proposal to develop the use of WoW (and similar games) for foreign language instruction. In fact, our German club here has a WoW group and we have a German speaking guild on our server.

I definitely think this would fly. I'm an academic librarian, and I really try to help my students see me as a colleague who can help them out. I tell them I play WoW, and I've typically got at least a few students who stay behind after my classes to chat about the game. If briefly mentioning it in class goes over that well, I'm sure an actual interest group would be awesome! Actually, our campus does a lot of LAN parties/game nights--I'm looking to see if I can get one held in the library sometime next semester.

For what it's worth both me and my husband have our MLISs, but neither of us work in traditional librarian positions.

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