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US Player on Euro Realm
kraylessa wrote in wow_ladies
Last week I decided to buy a European Edition of the game and create a European account. So far, my experience on my EU Realm (Aszune) has been fantastic! A woman I met through wow_ladies helped me get my copy of the game and I ended up joining her guild. Everyone has been great to me. I've been overwhelmed by the warm welcome and it's definitely been a refreshing change from my US realms.

My main concerns in making the switch to EU realms were lag and discrimination. However, my lag is no different than it was when I was playing on a Pacific Time server from the east coast in the US. As for any anti-American sentiment I was afraid of, I've been very pleasantly surprised. So far, my nationality has just been a subject of curiosity. People have asked me about the time difference and various questions about culture and laws, but no negativity has been directed at me. Plus, I've already learned a lot about European culture. Anytime a reference is made to anything I'm unfamiliar with, people are happy to explain it to me. And they've done a great job of not making me feel stupid about it.

Anyway, I just wanted to share and say "thank you" to the European community for my warm welcome. I especially want to thank ankie and the other members of Lemmings of the Light for taking me in, helping me out, and making me feel right at home. If anyone is considering rerolling on a EU realm due to time issues or whatever else, I strongly encourage it.

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When I first got the game, I rolled on EU servers while living on the East Coast in the US. The reason being that the friend who got me hooked on the game lives in the UK. I really enjoy the people on EU serversand have found it a great experience. The only minuses:
- It's nearly impossible for me to raid. I work a 9-5 job, which puts me home much later than raid start times.
- When I have an issue (which have been few), especially with billing, contacting CE overseas is a pain in the ass.
- Since my usual playing time is so late at night for their servers, it can be more difficult to get a PuG

An additional plus:
- I can farm late evening my time and it's the middle of the night for the server, so there's little competition and the farming goes much quicker

Hope you continue to enjoy your time on the EU server!

Well, one of my main reasons for switching was my play time. I get off work at 3:00 eastern time and usually get home around 3:15. My main play time is from 3:15 until about 6:30 when my boyfriend gets home from work. On EU servers that's 9:15 until 1:30, so it's pretty much "prime time". Right now, because of the US has decided to do it's own thing with daylight savings time, I'm actually only 5 hours behind server time, so my play time is from 8:15 to 12:20 server time.

Rather off topic, but "do its own thing" with Daylight Savings Time? Er, how does that work?

*is Canadian and confused*

there's a new law in the US that has changed the weeks for daylight savings time starting this year...instead of changing the clocks back this past weekend (like it would have been under the old schedule) the clocks don't go back in the US until next weekend.

Nobody told my VCR about the law. It changed itself this weekend. I saw my VCR agreeing with my server time (which is an hour behind me). Confusion and panic ensued.

Time change FOR THE LOSE. ^^;

Yeah my electronics didn't get the memo either o_O

What's really disturbing is, the VCR is the only clock that changed. The cell phone, computer, and even the iPod...they knew not to change.


~shifty eyes~

Is Aszune a PvE realm? I'm currently taking a break from WoW, but I've been looking for a good EU PvE server since I'm totally fed up with PvP servers.

Yep, it's normal PVE. It doesn't have a huge population though, so if you are looking to have a ton of items available on the AH and hundreds of people in the capital cities at prime time, it's probably not the best option. I'd consider it a "medium population" server. It's certainly not a ghost town.

nah, medium population is fine...I'm mostly a solo player to be honest. Just as long as the people are friendly, it's all good :)

Well, if you end up on Aszune, let me know, I'll get you bags and stuff to get you started :)

oops, meant to reply to this earlier- thank you for the offer! very kind indeed. I'm hoping to get back to WoW when 2.3 is released (yay for shorter leveling times!) so I'll check out Aszune then :)

Sure, just whisper Wilgje or Ann :) Or any Lemmings of the Light member you see on, mentioning me :)

Well, I'm just glad you're not disappointed :) I'm really happy with the warm welcome my guildies gave you as I try to encourage people helping eachother, but.. I guess I'm a cynical optimist ;) Optimistic enough to be very proud of my guildies but too cynical to expect anyone to be *that* nice. Makes me a guildleader with a very fuzzy and warm feeling inside :)

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