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World of WarCRAFTS Monday :)
Serious Cat
cypher wrote in wow_ladies
I spent the entire weekend learning how to make soap. I desperately needed to come up with gifts for a couple of friends who play WoW and are moving back to my area. I figured some decorative soaps for their bathroom would be great. I'm also working on a custom handpainted messenger bag of her main toon, which, so far, looks great :)

Yup, those *are* hearthstone soaps on the left, and a soulstone and healthstone on the right :)

I'm so pleased at the way they came out. I handcarved them all and am terribly pleased at how the healthstone came out:

I'll toss them up on if anyone wants any. :)

As a side note, I want to do a Hallow's End contest for the communities, and wanted to know what kind of contest would be the most fun.

I'd like it to involve Hallow's end stuff and screenshots.

Share your ideas and I'll choose one, if any are good enough :)

Prize will be something very cool because Halloween is my favorite holiday.

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Man, I love this stuff :)

true story.

I first tried to do a mockup by melting ivory soap. Did you know that when you microwave ivory soap it foams up about a foot?

Yup, sure does.

The first ones i made to get the hang of carving soap are actually being used in my shower right now as we speak.

My nether regions are clean, and have their soul stored :)

Hahaha, must have been a sight to see :D

"My nether regions are clean, and have their soul stored :)" -- and really, could you ask for more than that?!

bonus feature: Clean microwave.

[Hearthstone Soap]
Equip: Clean your primal nethers.
Use: 99% chance to land you wet and nekkid in the middle of Shattrath City.
"Keep your bathrobe handy."

...sounds like something Griftah might sell. ;)

OMFG! I should totally put that on the label!!!!!!!!!

I'll trade you, your idea for a free soap!



Email me your shipping info and I'll mail it out ;)

sales @

~emails said info, bouncing happily~ :D

I totally rofl'd right here in my cubicle. Like, on the floor laughing so hard I'm not making any noise, with little laugh-tears in my eyes. a BEAUTIFUL way to end my day! ♥ :D

Did you know that when you microwave ivory soap it foams up about a foot?

"When Crafts Fight Back" at 11...


Eee! The Hearthstone soaps are SO cool. :D

I second this! Whatever you used to make the body of the soap is the perfect color. Very awesome.

If i told you the ingredients i used to come up with the color and texture, and have them be all natural, you'd think I was lying, lol.

Sadly, you cannot go into a store and ask for granite colored soap.

My boyfriend came over here to look at them and we both said "Wow. Are they are big as they look???" Got to love picture perception on the internets. ^^

They're the size of your typical bar of soap.

(Deleted comment)
Hey youuuu.

Would you maybe like to try running MT or Crypts with us tomorrow night? Maybe maybe?

My computar is not working, but Paks's hubby is off on a business trip and said I can use his godly machine of godly to play. :D

He doesn't lag at all in Shatt, even during high volume times, and it makes me cry!

(Deleted comment)

Re: Not to give you more work, but...

I thought about that. maybe i'll make em. :)

Wow, they are both great looking.. you did a wonderful job on the soaps.

btw: I'm glad to heard someone else say Halloween is their favorite. When ever I say that people look at me weird. lol.

WTF, Halloween is the best holiday in the history of ever. Srsly.

Wow, I've actually have said that once. You Rock!

The hearthstone soaps are amazing!!!!!

Heh, you could also do a bag chock-full of mini pink soulshards. Have them be like 2 inches long or smaller, and just package them in a bag with like 20 of them or something.

Oooho oooh! And you could do Arcane Powder bubble bath, and and Demonic Figurine soap, and Rune soaps too!

Totally untapped market, MMO bath products. Not only is it awesome, but it fights agains three-day dungeon crawl stank. Today, Etsy, tomorrow booths at conventions country-wide, providing soap to the unwashed nerdly masses, to the relief of all.

LOL YES!!! I totally should.

Lemme stop at the craftstore this week and i'll see what i can come up with.

Fizzy bath bomb soulshards!

Full of awesome, yet again! I love the translucency of the healthstone.

yay! i try for awesomeness :)

omgosh thats amazing :D

if i'd come across them i wouldn't be able to keep myself from picking up the hearthstone, getting into a casting position, and making a "wooooo" hearthing noise O_O

too late.

I already did it.


please to be wanting a mini-sculpted figure of the punkinhead tangler pet thing that's coming out for the Halloween event?

also, those soaps are clearly made of awesome and win. xP


Got a link to the picture? I do have lots of clay.


That's so gonna be mine. I collect all the cute little pets, lol

The hearthstones are my favorites. ♥ I agree with the above comments about doing the pose with it. haha.

Would be fun additions to a Halloween costume as long as it wasn't raining. ;) I need to break out from scarves and learn to do something else. haha. Crochet Battle Armor? Heavy Yarn Quiver? Maybe I just need to step away from YARN.

Totally jealous of the soap skillz though.


What do the warlock soaps smell like? >_>

(Deleted comment)
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