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Not to sound stereotypical, but Blood Elf, probably (blonde, light skin, etc).
Not sure what class I'd be though...

human caster probably. with short dark hair. yep.

I rolled my main to look like I did at the time (icon).

Dwarf works :D I'm short, round, red hair, and green eyes.

While I don't play one a female human (I got curve and like 'em)

And because of how I dress most of the time I'd end up being a rogue (I love my pants. Never been a big skirt/dress person unless it's a special occasion).

Oh... and my dance? Undead female - I don't like to move my legs when I dance.

Yeah some kind of female dwarf. Short 'n round. Though there are no blond dwarves. Hmmm. Not sure on the class. I'm pretty useless :D

There are blonde dwarves! It's just a really blonde colour not like YELLOW. :P

Red head blood elf, only in RL I'm chubby.

Buuuut, first thing in the morning I look like the Foresaken. ;)

Buuuut, first thing in the morning I look like the Foresaken. ;)

Win! :D

If I was frighteningly skinny....probably a blood elf. Blue-green eyes, blond hair (usually, lol, naturally blond, it......varies), tall. Probably too curvy though, so alas, I am human.

Female dwarf :) I'd probably be a hunter, too.l

Human of some kind :D

Female dwarf hunter for me.

Amusingly enough, this is probably why I have yet to play a dwarf. XD

For sheer build, Orc female (minus the green skin, fangs and pointy ears o'course). I'm tall and beefy.

Me too!! I once thought "maybe I should try the brown-ish skin on my orcs!" But then I realised, that looked too much lie a faniier version of me.

I am a Night Elf. This is further evidenced by the fact that my three characters over level 55 are Night Elves.

I'm fairly skinny with big boobs (bigger than the NE females, I think). But not just am I relatively close to the NE body type, I'm like them. Sorta. I'm not a nature loving hippie, but I'm possibly a computer geek version thereof. I feel most at home when I'm outside among plants and creatures. When I'm lost/scared/unhappy/whatever, I go sit outside for a bit, and I find myself recentered and rebalanced. And the "outside" that helps isn't a garden or pavement. It's the unmanaged patches of land we have around. Either hunter or druid. I like animals. I love working with animals. But sometimes when I work with animals I act more like them than like people.

Me on the left, my girlfriend on the right D: I'm 4'9" with terribly dyed green hair and skin much too pale for someone so middle-eastern... and I'm a martial arts and swordfighting nut (though admittedly ingame i'm a huntard) and my other half's a 6'0" gorgeous dark skinned veteranarian (kind of a doggy priest ;3) I'd consider this pretty accurate, lol.

Argh it'd help if my HTML wasn't whack.

I look like my human warlock these days, although I didn't when I rolled her. We have the same facial piercings, same shade of hair, and I wish I could I have the warlock armor for my self. And the height difference between me and the boyfriend in real life is the exact same between us in game (male Nelf Warrior).

But I must say my hair resembles dwarf women- long, lots of it, and normally braided. If I dyed it back to red I'd look more like my little dwarf priest.

I've thought about it and I'm not sure, so maybe one of you ladies could tell me. Here's a recent pic of me, tell me what you think I am; (be warned, bad hair day D:)

Gnome for sure.. Definitely. :P

A FEMALE TAUREN. With a brown mane and sexy green cow eyes. Maybe some cow spots here and there.

Draenei Paladin or Shaman probably... Human Pally would work too but they aren't booblicious enough....

I have the body of a blood elf with the height of a dwarf. :D

I'm definitely a troll. Tall, strong legs, and cute tusks. :)

There's a blood elf face that actually reminds me of my own...but, overall, a gnome. Their hand gestures when they talk, their giggles...oh and I'm short.

Short chunky dwarf here :P My 3 main characters are Nelf, a Draenei and Belf. Am I compensating? Quite possibly.

Dwarf hunter 'cuz I'm short and sort of on the round side and I don't wear dresses unless I'm forced to do so...and that's precisely why I'll never play one. I'm vertically gimped in real life, I want my chance to be tall! :P

Though for coloring, you know that whitest of white skin tone the belf girls have? ~raises hand~ That's me!

I actually look a LOT like my BE in terms of my hair (same color) and skin coloring. I even have bright green eyes heh.

However, I do NOT have her body haha. I am probably more like a slightly thinner Draenei female's body in terms of where my curves are (yeah in the back haha) and the fact that I have meat on my bones. Ok, I don't have the tentacles or hooves either...


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