EVERYONE I AM A VERY IMPORTANT PERSON! (00hshiny) wrote in wow_ladies,

Slightly odd hunter pet question

I adore my pet. He's amazing and beautiful and I love him. The problem is, he was the first beast I tamed and I've had him since we were both ickle babies. I spent a ton of his training points on different resistances which has left very little for learning new skills. (He's a strigid screecher.)

I want to see endgame content. My current guild is starting kara runs today. I'm only 67 but I'm pushing for 70 so I can finally start raiding. I know Parakeet isn't going to be good enough for raiding. I know I need a new pet but I have no idea what would be good. I recently tamed Rema (the den mother in Blade's Edge) but she's only 66 and she'll just keep dragging a level behind me, plus I don't know what wolves are good for (tanking, dps etc.).

What is a good pet to get for endgame? I'd love one at my level (67) that can take a beating and keep up. If I get two or more mobs on Parakeet, he dies fairly quickly. I'm hoping to avoid that.

EDIT: I've been playing with talent builds, and I was wondering what ya'll think of this:

Current build (I know it sucks hardcore!): http://www.wowarmory.com/character-talents.xml?r=Feathermoon&n=Jaiddin

Possible new build: http://www.wowhead.com/?talent=cEbGdggoVkAoE

I am torn between adding clever traps or not because I use my traps a lot.
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