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Burning Crusade Collectors Edition...on Amazon?!
nannerl - new
mercurykitty wrote in wow_ladies
Burning Crusade Collectors Edition Box - $74.99 and apparently IN STOCK! o_O;

I thought those things ceased to exist right after the release.

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you can still find tons of them up on ebay. and we still have one in our closet. I don't think the BC edition was all that 'collectors' ..... :(

Hell, the guys at Best Buy were begging me to buy a Burning Crusade Collector's edition the last time I bought a game card there in May. I guess they didn't sell very well there, at least at the one in my town. Given that there is a EB Games and Gamestop in the same 5 mile radius as the Best Buy, I'm not surprised.

Where I live, Northern Delaware, there were none to be found. I went out the day after release to find one for my boyfriend and visited six Game Stops, three Best Buys, three Walmarts, two Circuit Citys, a Target, and a K-Mart and basically got laughed at when I asked (especially at the Game Stops; Boy those guys were rude!).

He eventually got a copy three days after the release when he was lucky enough to visit when they had put them up for a few hours. Literally a few hours too. Not long after he ordered his he went back to look at the stats and the page didn't exist anymore! o_O;

Ooooh! DO WANT.

I'll be taking a trip to when I get home. XD


I own one myself, and I got it way after BC was released from Ebay for $64 with shipping included.:p

I got one at Target on a clearance rack for $35.


Envy me.

(It was complete luck/coincidence. I'd gone to Target with the sole intention of obtaining a regular copy of BC - this was about a month and a half ago.)

Okay now I feel bitter about having waited in line for two hours in FREEZING cold to get my copy.

I think what happened was everyone pre-ordered them, they didn't come on time so they just bought the regular edition, then their order arrived and they never picked it up.

I Pre-ordered mine at the EB I work at, so I didn't have any issues. I saw it sitting in the back room before we were allowed to sell it. Just... gah. *-*


The Funcoland near my house got a grand total of 5 collector's editions. I was so, so sad.

Do want, but have no money.

Lol. I thought they had ceased to exist too. I bought two CE's when they came out. One for me and one for my waiting at Meijer! (Walmart next door didn't even have them the night they came out) So seven or eight of us just trucked it next door and we got our copies :)

I love my netherwhelp, even tho it is useless. (I've had ppl want to buy it! lol)

I have to say I AM THE PISSED out of being screwed out of one.

We're not getting the next one at Hastings in College Station, no sirree.

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