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Karazhan Team Exchange Program
geekgirlie wrote in wow_ladies
I apologize in advance if this has been dealt with before. I did a search and didn't come up with anything that I was looking for. So, I'll be a noob and post my question ;)

I am Gorgonzola the Tauren Druid (soon to be Viglione the Paladin) and I am the leader of Mediocrity in Motion on Skywall. We are a casual raiding guild (with heavy emphasis on casual) and we currently have two teams running Karazhan. Our first team, named Mozzarella, is almost finished with Karazhan and our second team, named Swiss, is just starting to make some significant progress.

We would like to start a program where we exchange one person on the veteran's team for one person on the newer team. That way, a less experienced player gets to see more of the boss fights and maybe get a chance at loot that would strengthen their character (that may otherwise be sharded). Also, by having a veteran on the newer team, we have an experienced person to give pointers on how things could be done better for a smoother raiding experience.

My question is, have any of you done such a program and, if so, how? Has it helped your guild's raiding experience or hurt it?

Thank you for your time!

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Well, it's not exactly the situation you described, but here previous guild dissolved, and 5 of us joined our new guild as a group. They had been running one Kara team, but when we joined, they split their main team and gave us a few key people and started running two teams. Now, while my previous guild was stuck at Curator, it was always my opinion that it was more due to to a non-consistent team and a series of vacations which always left some of the better geared members absent more than any lack of skill. With the good people from the broken raid team, us, and a couple of newbies, we were clearing Kara the second week. The other half of the original raid team took some of their truly "newbie" 70's on, and while it took them an extra couple of weeks, but they were back to clearing Kara soon too.

And here we are a few weeks after that, High King is down, and working on Gruul (best attempt so far, 26%)

Your idea sounds like a good one, I'd even trade out a couple rather than just one at a time. It might be a bit of "who gets the short straw" mentality on the part of the veterans, but having someone who knows the boss fights, and equally as important...the trash such a help!

My guild's using a system very much like this, and we're enjoying it a lot. Originally, we stuck to it much closer, with it being either all newer raiders and 1 or 2 experienced, etc, but these days it's more whoever can go.

But yes, we do have 2 teams and it's worked out really well. Everybody gets to go when it's their team's night and there's enough experienced raiders to make it go smoothly.

Actually in retrospect, the reason my guild has used this system is that eventually, if we're ever to progress to 25-man raids, we need as many people as possible to know what it means to be in a raid.

...and we need people geared. But you know, raiding can take some practice, and the more people who know what they're doing...

Just wanna say, cute name for your druid and team names ;)

I've been trying to push for something similar between our two groups (as has the group 2 raid leader). As it is, our Main group has all but Nightbane and Netherspite on farm, and we DE most everything except Prince Loot (or give it to off-spec... like my holy priest getting the Staff of Infinite Mysteries since the mages and warlocks didn't need it). Our other group can do to Curator fairly regularly, and has downed Shade once, but isn't doing so well on the post-curator front.

However, our main raid leader and second in comand of the guild is absolutely against mixing up the teams in any way shape or form. And it's frustrating because group 2 has ten people who could use the loot that we're DE'ing. (Even though they aren't that far behind us in boss kills... they've only been in Kara about a month, we've been in there all summer...). On one hand, I can understand wanting some sense of uniformity between the groups, but on the other hand, to absolutely refuse (to the point of getting angry and yelling) to mix up the groups at all... I just don't see it.

Plus it means, our attempts on High King have been disastrous, in part because 15 of the 25 people (the ones who aren't in raid 1) have little or no idea what it's like to raid with our main raid leaders.

It's making the whole "guild officer and raid leader" title more frustrating than it's worth.

Sooo... if you come across a solution to your problem, would you mind helping me out some? Share what works and why and how?

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