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spiritus wrote in wow_ladies
It seems like every time I actually post here, I'm always asking for advice. But alas, I'm back once again for that very same reason.

My question is, if any of you ladies were considering a server change (not that you are, just if you were), what are some of the things you'd like to know about the server you're moving to? Like, if you had a chance to scout out the potential servers that you could move to, what are the things you'd scout?

Thanks guys.

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Population, economy, activity during different hours, time zone, /who's of a variety of dungeons during my playtime, activity on the LFG channel, basic guild information (not just guild progression). Those are the main things I look at when considering a server. And all can be found by making an alt on each server you are thinking about - that's what I do, and i've always been pleased with the outcome.

I do ask peoples opinions on servers, but that doesn't come until I've narrowed down my options.

I haven't transferred, but when we decided to make Horde alts, I really only had a few conditions. I wanted one in my time zone, PvE Regular, and population. Since there are MANY more Alliance players than Horde, I wanted the server with the biggest Horde pop. So, we ended up with Zul'Jin. However, I totally agree with the above poster on her recommendations. I'd have done much more if I was paying for a transfer of a character. You can also check the realm forums and see what you can find there.

Good luck!

the only thing i care about is the raidprogress.
if u r from a eu-server, u can check it out here:

I look for economy, server type, and time zone mostly. I think I'm one of the few people on The Venture Co that is actually on server time (PST.)

I just pick one and jump in. :D

I think a lot of it depends what you're looking for in a server. Are you a serious raider? Are you a casual who might PUG stuff a lot? Someone who wants low levels around?

When we just shopped for guilds, we were looking for a mature horde server with at least two top horde guilds that raided at a time we could make. But, we really searched for a guild over a server. I don't really play to socialize, I don't really PUG instances, and I'm generally not worried about a server's economy. I play to raid, so a lot of the server characteristics were secondary to guild characteristics.

When we were searching for a new raiding guild, we used this process:

1. Separate servers into EST/CST and PVE using warcraft realms.
2. hit up and look at the top 2-3 horde guilds in progression
3. hit up individual realm forums and see what kind of progression/drama/etc we could dredge up
4. See what guilds were recruiting what classes
5. make low level alts to chat with a guild officer before applying


It's not so much the server but the people on it. Economies fluxuate, and servers with low pop might not be low pop tomorrow. If you aren't really interested in raiding or anything serious, I'd just pick a server type, time zone and be on my way. Assuming you want to join a raiding guild, I'd look up the guilds out there, find one that fits your needs and is recruiting your class and have a chat with them.

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