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conversations in /yell
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knowledgequeen wrote in wow_ladies
[ Commence Venting ]

Okay, for the life of me I do not understand why people hold entire conversations in Yell. It usually happens in Silvermoon on my server (Moon Guard), but tonight it happened in Undercity and I just snapped. People yelling insults at each other and then another few holding a completely l33t speak conversation, complete with U and K and "guyz" and stuff ... gah. Why don't they shut up and party chat? (Yes, that was rhetorical - I don't expect anyone here to be able to decode stupid.)

Can anyone explain why people do this and is there anything I can do short of filling my ignore list? Does this count as spam? If not, I'll just have to delete and reuse my ignore button, I guess, cause God, that drives me NUTS.

[ End Venting ]

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I just turn yell off in my chat window.

Me too. So, I don't see their yelling unless they are close and I happen to see the chat bubble over their heads.

I know, it's so annoying when that happens - my ignore list is so full >.>

^ and I didn't know that you can turn yell off. I'll definitely look into that, 'cause that's the only thing that shows up in yell, is stupid "conversation" and insults and stupid things.

I didn't know you could turn it off either. I'll definitely be doing that. That's like my biggest pet peeve in game.

devnull is awesome, if you don't mind using addons.

From the addon page:

"When you enter a capital city:

It will ignore people who /yell.
It will ignore spammy NPCs (ie. Ironforge bread vendor, Topper McNab in Stormwind etc).
It will ignore duel spam (A has defeated B in a duel).
It will ignore emotes (todo: Don't ignore emotes directed at yourself).
It will ignore drunk spam (X looks tipsy).
It will ignore tradeskill spam.

When you enter an instance or battleground:
It will mute the general channel.

All features can be toggled with the slash command /devnull."

Wow, I have never heard of this add on. I will have to look into it! :)

Happens too much on my server.
Too many "Kids" rolling Blood Elves because they're "pretty" or have a cool dance, etc.

You know what I did?
I got a mod. Infinite ignore list. :)

I love Wow Ace. Just go through that list and look for IgnoreMore.

I hate that so.freaking.much. I either turn off /yell (almost typed "hell" there, that would've been funny) or just ignore the derfwads doing it. >.>

I don't know either but because of it I turned off yell.
Funny thing: I was running with our old GM on her priest and at one point in the fight, she hit her macro a bunch of time which /yells for innervate. Finally on TS she asked me for one and I was like "Sure thing :D". She cracked up about it and I had to put /yell back on for the evening :P

I don't turn off yell, because a few times there's been actual reasons to shout.

But otherwise.. It's just red font ;) I know it's annoying, and I have turned it off (and general, guh) from what things people use it for, but after I leave the city, it goes back up again.

that should read "I'll turn off yell sometimes" or something >_> i just don't like to

You could technically have reported them. Being OOC in /yell is actually against RP-server Policy (Policy here).

I'm not really one to report people though. I probably would have just put them on ignore, and then removed them about a week later. That's how I generally handle those things..

Just wait until the servers come back up and everyone who's been dicking around MG because their main server is down goes away. -_-

Report them.

Seriously. report them for spamming, report them for violating the rules regarding acceptable speech in /say, /yell, and /party as outlined on WoW's official website regarding conduct on an RP server.

Report them for having stupid names. I don't care. Just report their asses. I'm sick of having to avoid silvermoon like the plague because the idiots are running the asylum.

(Yes I play on moon Guard. Yes I play a blood elf. yes I are completely elitist rp nazi. yarr.)

I don't think you're a complete elitist rp nazi if you want people to, y'know, speak English - or hell, speak German or Japanese or whatever, just not l33tsp34k - and conduct themselves relatively maturely.

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