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Me, my bf, and his brother have a guild that's just the three of us and our alts -- Cat's Eye Sanity on Thrall. It's a combo of my name (Cat), the bf's char names (which are all different variations of the word 'sane' -- trying to remember who you're mailing to is a massive pain :P), and his brother's char names (all named *jewel*dust).

....that was a very long sentence. :D Anyway, we started it up because we were in three different places and wanted a way to talk to each other without getting our whispers mixed up.

Although now I live with the bf, and the brother is in his anti-WoW phase, so there's only ever one guildie on at a time. I am a lonely panda.

I used to have a just me guild on my priest on Cenarion Circle called Chocobuckle.

My guild for myself was called <The Shadow Union> as a role-play home for my rogue. I have an elaborate story for it, but when our realm was threatened with a forced population split, I moved all of my characters into one guild. Since I don't RP much anymore I never bothered to remake it.

Oh man, when I was super pissed at my guild a couple weeks ago, I started thinking about making my own guild. I had lots of snarky names to match my pissed-off mood, but I've forgotten them, and they're probably not all that cool anyway >.> And, er, some of them couldn't be made anyway due to Foul Language.

I am in a 2.5 person guild called "Subtle Chaos" with my fiancee and occasionally joined by our friend who only plays his warrior to do runecloth hand ins to Mulgore so he can get his Kodo mount in some far off distant day)

I haven't, but someday, I plan on snatching the name Phoenix and making the guild .


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I havn't made a one-woman guild yet, but me and my friend are really tempted to make a guild for just the two of us. We even have some names in concideration, although the only one I can remember now is "My Little Pwny" :P That was before I saw someone on another server running around with that exact guild name, we thought we were oh so clever XD

I have a Mage named Tap with her own guild, That Azz.

a friend's alt guild was called "my main will gank you" :) It makes me happy.

Kittens Go Mew is mine. :)

sweet names you all have :)

Brand spankin new guild on Shu'Halo

... called Hooves and Harlots, has only myself, my partner, and her sister right now. We're content to keep it that way, as we each have a (large) handful of characters. (As we meet people we like playing with we might add.)

We love the name, generates lots of funny interactions with other characters ... left someone crying his eyes out on a boat the other day ...

Vermin of the Week for me.

It's um, an obscure in-joke for fans of Futurama. :P

I'm weird, what can I say.

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