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Rep Farming
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nic_chan wrote in wow_ladies
I have a question about Rep Farming Etiquette.

Currently I am try to get Formula: Enchant Weapon - Agility but need Honored with the Timbermaw Hold. I'm at Unfriendly. So last night I'm killing Furbogs in Felwood (they are low 50s I'm high 60s) and getting some rep. Then I see two level 53s in the area killing the Furbogs too. Now I know there is at least a Horde quest to kill these furbogs and I feel bad killing them when someone may be questing them. so I backed off and did something else

My questions is, is there any etiquette for farming rep when in a "low" level area (and low is loosely used here as 53 is not low to most)?

Also I was getting one rep a kill and WoWHead and my friends said I should have been getting at least 5 a kill. Did they change the rep per kill? I'm level 68 and I thought they eliminated the reduced rate as you leveled.

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When in a low level area farming for something I want, unless it is really crowded with lower levels I stick around, but I try to be polite. I stay away from the lower levels and kill 1 thing at a time (my biggest pet peeve when I'm a lower level is a level 60+ swarming through, aoeing all the mobs, and leaving me with nothing).

As for rep... I think because the mobs are grey to you, you are getting diminished rep. You might have better luck in Winterspring, but I think those will probably be grey to you too. (I'm not sure about that being the reason, but yeah...) Quests still give rep at full rates, but kills might not. I still want to farm timbermaw rep for fun (on my 65 mage) but luckily I got my agility enchants back when I was still level 60!

There's no set etiquette. Some folks get mad if you take their spot. Others don't mind sharing. Personally, if I just need the kills for a quest, I'll ask for a group if the person is on the same side. If they're on the other side, I'll try trading kills.

And if somebody is a jerk, I just try and out-grind them until they go away or I get annoyed and leave.

Both horde and alliance have the same quests, IIRC, which they need to complete in order to get enough rep to get through the stupid tunnel and into Winterspring. (If they can't stealth, anyways.)

The reduced rep rate is only for quests that give rep with the alliance/horde factions, IIRC.

I'm not bothered when higher-level people kill mobs where I'm at. Maybe I've just been lucky in that I've never had anyone be a flat-out jerk about it; we just spread out a bit and it's fine. It usually makes the quest take longer, but nothing horrible. If I'm the higher-level person in a lower-level area, I usually ask the lower-level people if they want to group so they can get their quests done at the same time. Everybody wins! Funnily enough, I'm grinding rep on furbolgs now too (though not nearly as much as you- I just have to get neutral with them).

But I think I get terrible person points for my first thought being: "are you on a PvP server? If you can, just kill the other players so you get more mobs."

Ganking someone significantly lower is rude and there is no honor in it. Buuuut, they would deserve it, playing on a PVP server and all though, wouldn't they?

Nope, you don't get honor points for it. But it's not rude, either. Or against the rules (i.e., GMs won't do anything in response to tickets regarding camping/ganking/griefing/etc). I wouldn't say people "deserve" it for rolling on a PvP server, but if they truly can't live with getting killed by other players once in awhile, PvE would probably be a better choice. I really enjoy PvP, so playing on a realm where it's encouraged and widespread suits my playstyle. I'd imagine that most other people who've rolled on my realm are of a similar mindset.

Once in a while is not a problem. However, there's no joy and no fun in constantly getting ganked.

(Deleted comment)
When I've been ganked by ?? level people, it's hardly worth getting upset over. Spend 3 minutes running back to your body. Not a big deal. So someone took a few seconds to zap you as they ran by; hard to make any sort of judgment about them based on that. I realize that being so nonchalant about this (from both the victim and perpetrator sides) probably makes me sound like a total jerk, but I just don't see the point of getting mad or passing judgment on people because of it.

Corpse camping does get my goat, I admit. Especially if there's another person camping the graveyard, too. I can't fathom being bored enough that sitting by a corpse doing nothing sounds like a rockin' good time.

What pisses me off is the ?? in redridge! GRRRRRRRRR! Thats about it though...I have run into horde territory with my 70 Druid and just danced with the lower levels (usually a starting area) while I wait for friends to log to run. If they take a swipe at me I'll let em beat the crap out of me for a while then moonfire them and laugh...then move on :)

but as far as passing through a neutral area and ganking as a 70 on a 20-60 I think it is pathetic.

I just really like my moonkin dance :)

(Deleted comment)
Meh, I would blame blizzard, but on our server (Boulderfist) it always seems to be 60s(Pre BC while leveling my druid) or 70s (post BC while leveling my mage) that were there. The only reason I know they were 60s with my druid was because I had a 60 friend helping with one quest and I had my 70druid there with my mage for blood while leveling her!

Oh well, passed that stage now and hopefully I'll never be forced to do Redridge or Duskwood again! lol

One server I was on they camped Gnomer and nailed any small who was in the area and flagged. For the longest time no problems just one day. Then lowbies realized they should maybe unflag before going to gnomer area.

My only real peeves with some pvp people are the ones that just have to kill every trainer, vendor, and quest giver(happened on The Scryers once when it was still young in Azure Myst). They know what they are and find it funny to repeatedly kill them so people can't turn in or train(in that area). Then there are the ones that harass non flagged little guys trying to make them flag.(This was bad on Misha with Alliance pestering Horde lowbie/start areas) When one such incident happened horde side I went and got my tauren hunter who was about the same level as the warlock. Little gnome warlock hid! So we all had a laugh on that.(it was a pve server... Uldaman)

I don't think there's any specific ettiquette aside from what someone else said above about people who pull entire camps and AoE down. Though I would suggest grinding furbies in Winterspring (the ones to the east of Everlook are good). The ones in Felwood not only used for quests, but for people trying to get enough rep just to go through the tunnels. I think you'll find much less competition (and perhaps more rep points) in Winterspring.

I think above 60, you only get 1 honor for each kill. No idea if they said they'd change it...

About the killing when lower levels are around: If there are only "solo players" around, I usually take on the groups of mobs (in this case: the camps with 3 furbolgs that hardly ever come alone). The solo players usually have a hard time killing 3 of them at once anyway. I leave the single mobs alone for them to kill. It takes a bit longer for me then but at least, I'm not taking away the mobs they need for levelling and questing.

Are you doing the repeatable kill quests as well?

Yes I am... and once I get to Neutral with them I have two quests I can hand in for them. It's just getting to Neutral is all :P

It's a.... bear of a grind. :D

That was so bad it made me laugh. Kudos to you!

i was fortunate to do that grind when 60 was the max. haven't been back since, so no idea. (i used my furbog wand constantly when i was grinding with my friend hayliegh..he set up a macro saying "wants to kill Tkkana for rep")

I don't know of any specific ettique. Though personally if they are same faction and come close and seem friendly I would be willing to group with them. This helps save/protect them depending on their level while we both get what we need from the kills.(also I usually don't need any loot they drop so I tell the person lower to keep it)

Timbermaw had quests at the Winterspring entrance and Felwood. I know this because I got to unfriendly and wanted to see if that furblog would talk to me for that drop quest item(totem?). It didn't but curious I saw if the furblogs at the opening would talk to me and they did offering a quest. So when I got to the other end I checked those ones and yes another quest there too. If the quest or mobs are yellow to green I think you get 5-25exp. If they are grey it's always 1. I know this from farming pirates in Tanaris for volitile rum and fabric.(I wonder if steamweedle gives anything good alchemy wise for high rep... if so I should get mine up.)

Oops forgot to say if they are opposing faction and questing. I keep out of their way but let them see me. If they seem friendly enough and I see them struggle I will moonfire or entangling roots what they are fighting because I can't give them a heal and spare them the run. Most opposing faction are nice about this and realize your not trying to take their kill. Your saying hi and also trying to be nice. A few times I think either they misunderstood or were overly competitive because despite me saving their life I got /rude or /spit however far more times I had a nice reaction (such as pats kitty or such for when I go to animal form) I take the farts as neutral... everyone in STV seems to have gas!

speaking of STV (as someone else did) I was doing the gorilla quest there with my mage and this stupid shammy was running around in ghost wolf or whatever grabbing all the damn gorillas! Take it he was running a lower level priest through doing it, but still, I'm happily questing there alone then all of a sudden everything in sight is dead! What made matters worse for me was I just about to shoot off a fireball when he popped out and chain lightening'd something! UGH! Same faction, just being rude!

My point you may ask, just be aware of the lowbies around you :)

He got a whisper saying "wow thanks, wanna kill everything and I'll forget about questing and leveling on my own?" Which was probably "rude" of me but oh well, like I said just be aware of them :)


When I was rep grinding for darn rep to get my kitty i hit the stonetalon mountains. This was the only time I really hit the problem. I saw a lowbie and I tried to keep a distance didnt see her after awhile and just started one shotting the low mobs ( i was lvl 61) the toon popped out from behind a tree and started getting all huffy that I was stealing her quest items. I apologized and explained that I was questing too and I didnt see her. I offered to help her complete her quests and that I was almost done but she refused. I guess moral was that I just look more closely and invite more often. Although I havent needed to grind lower like that since

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