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WoW on the mind
birthday komodo
umi_mikazuki wrote in wow_ladies
There's a little shop called BOP's Frozen Custard on the main street of my city.

Every single time I pass it, I think Bind on Pickup.

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I hear ya. The paper we use at work is Diversity Product Solutions brand, which simply says "dps" on the label.

Hey, we used that at my old job! So when I moved - from central Oklahoma to the DC metro area...I took an unopened box of staples with me.

Because, you know...I had to. ^.^

Mmmm, frozen custard :)

At a nightclub I went to a few weeks ago, there were flyers on the tables advertising a couple of bands that were playing; they abbreviated "With Special Guest" to "WSG." I was all like... Warsong Gulch?

I was driving down a smallish road, and a group of people who walked their dogs in the middle of the road, chatting, bunched together into a tight knot on the shoulder. "Nice for AoE," thought I.

On the way to a friend's house, the hub and I pass Black Rock Parkway.

so in ohio there is a place called G.G. Greg Entertainment Agency but of course all i see is "good game" greg entertianment agency..

Try coming across an organization called "PVPINC." Yeah, I nearly died.

The Suitland stop on the DC subway system? Outland. Yes, one CAN catch a train to Outland! (And you don't have to be 58 to enter.)

But frozen custard is BoP. Once you use it, no one else can. ^.^

I had an example, but for the life of me I cannot remember it. I do, however, want to let you know that your userpic makes me giggle

Bind on pickup custard

"May i have some custard?"
"No, BOP."

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