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Unlikely leveling partners.
ex_lev195 wrote in wow_ladies
This is kind of a general "has this ever happened to you?" kind of question.

I started playing WoW back in February with some friends, and we planned on leveling together all the time. By the time our characters hit the 40s, I had pulled ahead by a few levels, and the gap just kept widening because my friends suddenly decided they were tired of WoW and didn't want to play much. (Much = at all.) I wasn't tired of playing and liked soloing, so I just kept going. (Also, I was not in a guild.)

I was lvl 56 in Winterspring and a random guy was LFG to find that bear (Ursius or something like that?) so I was like, hey, I need that, and grouped with him.

Almost 10 levels later, we've duoed all of Hellfire together, got kind of split up in Zangarmarsh (but we both helped each other catch up, so we've done most of the quests there twice) and are moving on to Terrokar/Nagrand. We've also started playing alts together. (And... still not in the same guild, haha.)

Another little tidbit - I'm 22. My leveling partner is... 14. Um, lol? I could tell he was young but when I found out how young I admit to being a little weirded out, but my brother's the same age so I'm not totally out of my element talking to him. He's a cute kid and I can get excited about dumb stuff with him and he won't think I'm immature. ;)

Anyone else have any unlikely leveling partner experiences?

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Yeah I have - I was levelling my alt priest in westfall, and met up with another priest. We levelled together for a while - he seemed nice, if a little formal. Turned out he was about 80 years old - that's quite a gap as I am in my later 20s! I thought that was ace.

In his 80s and playing WoW! That's awesome. ^.^

I was leveling up an alt druid and at level 12 I met this rogue. We've been duoing and grinding ever since (we're both 48 now). Turned out he also has a 70 paladin, so now he's pretty much my port-a-tank for instances and heroics. Trying to get him into my guild, too. :)

Port-a-tank for the win. ;) My friend is my port-a-healer which is especially good for me because I'm a shadow priest, and lots of people still seem to think priest = omg healer ONLY!!! so I just pull out my resto shaman friend and go about my merry little dps/offhealer way.

Heh, that's the opposite of me and my friend -- He's 21, I'm 14. We met at a guild meeting when we were both level 22 over a year ago, and have been playing together ever since.

Not so much unlikely, but my main started duoing Outlands with my friend's sometimes-main when she hit 58 (he'd been shelved at 58 for that purpose while he worked on getting his other char to 70). We also have two sets of duoing "escape alts" together, though neither get much use these days.

*shrug* Since we've started playing together, we've pretty much become best friends though. He's 24, I'm 22.

Well.. this really isnt "unlikely" just maybe a weird coinsidence? When I use to play my mage, me and this guy in my guild use to run a lot of things together just because we liked helping eachother out I guess. Nice guy and all.

Recently, I brought my alt into the same guild and he doesnt know who I am.. and again, it just sort of happend that we do a lot of leveling and instances together again... just naturally drawn to me I guess.. lol.

I started out playing solely with my boyfriend, and we were actually unguilded until around level 30. We joined up a guild and were only in it for around a month before we dropped due to inactivity and stayed unguilded for around another 10 levels. The GM contacted me again and asked me if I wanted to rejoin since they had more members...I said ok and we rejoined. I actually met some really great people the second time around and we wound up pulling away and starting our own guild.

My boyfriend lives in England though, so he winds up going to bed before I get home from work at night, so I'd have to solo if I wanted to get anything done. A friend of mine from the guild started leveling with me and we really started having fun, sort of made WoW fun to play again. Now we play pretty much every night. The age gap isn't quite so dramatic though, I'm 22 and he's 28 xD.

lol, Your comment made me realize that the friend I was originally playing with is 29, which is about the same age gap as my current leveling partner and I. Ah, well, what does age really matter?

When I first started playing, I met a nelf druid (I was also a nelf druid) when we were both about level 40. We ended up recruiting her into our guild, and the two of us were unseperable. We talked a lot about rl stuff and became pretty good friends as far as in-game relationships go.

One day, she finally got a mic for our vent server and freaked out the entire guild with her first words. Because she was a 40-something he. (The age didn't really have anything to do with anything, I just mention it because I was 24 at the time.)

It wasn't creepy like he was a stalker or something, but I was kinda hurt at first because we'd grown so close but he never told me he was a he. He said he didn't mean to fool me... he just never mentioned it because it never came up. Which was true. So I eventually got over it. We don't talk anymore because he eventually switched servers to play with some co-workers, and then I transferred as well.

Just goes to show you that you never really know who you're talking to, I guess. lol.

That is weird and creepy to me - if you talk about RL issues, won't your gender come up at some point in terms of your relationships??

I met a good friend and leveling partner from the most bizarre set of circumstances ever: she was doing a quest and getting chased (and killed) by a nice train of mobs, so I jumped off my mount, set my pet in, and got them off of her. From there, she asked if I wanted to group up to finish this quest (I think it was a holiday quest, maybe the Metzen one), and we ended up being great friends. She was my inside girl on one of the biggest raiding guilds on my server, so I got to see some raids I never would've gotten to see otherwise; we helped each other out with instance runs and alt-leveling and quests anytime the other needed it. She was probably my biggest asset on my priest--whenever I needed instance runs to gear up (lolazeroth), she'd be right there helping me; all I needed to drop a hint and she'd have a Scholo or Strat group assembled and ready to go in ten minutes.

She recently cancelled her WoW subscription, but we're still keeping contact in emails.

One of the guys in my guild is 58. I just thought he was 30 or something. We also have 12-year-olds, LoL.

i was busting my ass between 39 and 40 one night (dying to get a mount on my first-ever toon) and grouped with a random nelf rogue to do a group quest in STV... we melted faces on that quest and started talking and ended up playing together for like 3 hours straight trying to get to 40. now both of us are myspace friends and we play together constantly. he's also about 10 years older than i am, i think, and he has completely the opposite points of view about a lot of things (politics, relationships, etc) and i've managed to change his mind on a lot of things. it's pretty awesome.

Hmm...I actually didn't make any friends or levelling partners in this game til my first char (troll shaman) was like level 32, was questing in Hillsbrad and ended up doing the naga/murloc quests with an undead rogue. Turns out his girlfriend played a troll shaman too so he was used to questing with one and we grouped for the whole rest of the afternoon...After that, we were always stuck with each other haha. Through 3 guilds and and 2 different level 60s on my part, always this undead rogue was there. :P Since then he's quit the game and I've switched servers but we still chat on AIM sometimes.

once upon a time in duskwood when i was leveling my first char (beloved warlock), i encountered a mage while doing "worgen in the woods." we ended up playing together a lot for a while, i joined his guild, and that's where i met the people who introduced me to my current set of WoW friends. i'm 23 (now), he's 29 and lives in portugal. sadly he quit a while ago, but we keep in touch via emails :)

about two days after i started my trial account (november), i /w someone whose name made me giggle. we ground through the teens and 20s and a bit into the 30s together, and i'll admit that i developed a slight bit of an e-crush, since he was always very sweet and polite and well-spoken (yea. well-spoken on WoW. i was shocked, too.)

anyway, in january, he disappeared for a month and a half. i was kinda worried because it was just up and out of nowhere. then, one day, he came back. i /w him and was all "zomg wtf?" and he told me he'd been sent to one of those boot camps for kids who act up. o.O turned out he was 14.

...i'm 28. >_<

i felt soooo dirty.

we still run around and quest together; we're in the same guild. but for the longest time i was a bit squicked. >_

It's funny how many of the younger players are much more well spoken than the older ones. ...but then you get the ones that aren't, which are usually bad enough to make up for the ones who are.

but for the longest time i was a bit squicked.

I probably shouldn't laugh, but yeaaah, haha. Look at it this way - an intellectual crush on a 14-year-old is much less squicky than a, um, physical one. *cough*

Yea, I can look back on it and laugh now, too. But at the time? *headexplodey*

*chuckles* Don't feel bad, I recently found out that one of my guild and levelling mates that I have a bit of an e-crush on just turned seventeen. I'm twenty-seven.

I still feel kind of squicked at myself and confused, but like Lev said, it's just an intellectual crush that will pass anyhow. *shrugs*

I've made a cross faction friend. Whenever the two of us see each other in Felwood or Winterspring we rush over to help each other out - and keep our alliance/horde friends from killing each other too :)

The rogue and warlock that I frequently run heroics with are both 16 year old English boys, and the druid who tanks is a 40 year old Dutch man. I'm a 23 year old Irish woman. We've all been PvP'ing together for a long time too.

Yeah I have a similar experience, not really levelling exactly, but before BC I was doing the Winterspring Mount quests. I met another guy doing the quests and we worked very hard on them together. Turns out he was only 14 as well (I'm 17, most of my friends are older than me though..). We no longer play on the same server due to a couple of reasons but I still talk to him on AIM.

Oh, and my current levelling partner, I met by pure chance when on my warrior fighting undead. I was diseased, and he was nearby, saw it and cleansed it then buffed me. I thanked him by saying "wow, a paladin who knows how to cleanse!" -- 6 months later we have levelled a shaman & mage together from 1 to 65...70s coming up ^_^

My best friend plays a shadow priest and I play a warlock. our third grinding partner is a holy priest and we do just about everything together. She and I are both 28 and he's....16. I still have a hard time believing it - he's far more mature and well spoken (vent) than many of our mid-20's players.

Sometimes I feel a bit odd, but really, listening to him you'd never know he's not even out of high school. His brother ran with us a lot too, a holy pally, but he just left for Iraq =(

Mmm, shadowy goodness x 2.

I think actually talking to someone on vent and then finding out they were so much younger would be quite a bit more disconcerting than just typing, haha.

=( Here's hoping he comes back from Iraq in one piece.

Yeah - he's got a fairly deep voice and is very well educated sounding.

When I started playing in December of 2005, I switched through a lot of toons and servers at first. I got to level 6 on my gnome rogue and I was already getting bored with her when I met a Night Elf Hunter who was doing the same quests as I was in Dun Morogh. I ended up leveling with him from lvl 6 to lvl 58. He has become on of my best friends, and last November I went to visit him in New Orleans, the first time I had ever been there :)

A few days after I met said Night Elf,(level 8 at the time I think) I met another Gnome, a mage. He had me join his guild. In this guild I made most of the friends I still play with now. I don't talk to the person who originally got me into the guild as much as I used to, but if it wasn't for him and meeting the people I did in the guild I probably would not have stayed on the game for very long. A good majority of the players that were in that low level guild I've guild hopped around with, so we're always playing together. :)

Its been neat because the ages range from 16-47, most of us being in our mid 20s though. I'm 27. I talk to a chunk of them on the phone quite a bit, and we talk about life and not just wow. :)

one thing I forgot to mention, when ever me and my night elf friend remember the old days, we always say "We'll always have Shimmerweed"

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