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Avelox's Adventures outside of Azeroth
twotone wrote in wow_ladies
Ever wonder what your characters are doing while the servers are down for maintenance?

A select few are busy beta-testing the exciting new MMORPG, "World of Rural Connecticut"! I managed to get a few shots of my husband's draenei paladin, Avelox, trying out this new environment.

Avelox #1

(Occasional graphic glitches result in the armor not showing up properly. Rest assured, this draenei only LOOKS naked.)

In "World of Rural Connecticut", exciting new quests await you, like...

Weeding the garden!

Avelox #2

Rolling around in the grass!

Avelox #4

Avelox #5

Aimlessly wandering around!

Avelox #3

The crochet pattern is My Little UFO Amigurumi by Lisa A Crochet, with a few flourishes from Steggie by Knittykat. I'm now trying to figure out if I should crochet him an elekk to ride on, or a horsey.

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that is SO cute! How long did it take you?

I would love to see a crocheted elekk, personally. :)

I think it took me about two or three days, but I am rather slow at crochet-ing.

OMG too cute!!!

I'll have to make one of these =)

Please share pictures if you do! :D

TOOOOO cute!!! and now i'm all shades of jealous that i can't knit :p

i say go fort eh elekk! =D

That's crochet. So your inability to knit shouldn't be a problem. ;)

bah.. either way, i can't do it :)

I bet you can! It's not hard! :)

yeah... i've always wanted to do it. i'll take it up eventually. would be nice to do so while i'm pregnant (soon, hopefully =D) i can make things for the baby.

You should take it up before you get pregnant. That way you can selfishly make things for yourself first. *grin*

lol i probably will :) but uh... i'll blame you when my hubby asks why there's 11 bajillion "yarn-y" things lying about :p

I am perfectly happy to take that blame! :)

Crochet and knitting are both a lot of fun, once you get the hang of it! I've been knitting for a few years and just started crocheting last month. :)

I'm in the village of Broad Brook, way up near the Massachusetts border. It is fascinating to mention Broad Brook to Connecticut residents and see the blank expression slowly go across their face. :p

I used to live in Wallingford... and yeah, blank look here >.>

Heheh. We're off of I-91, roughly equidistant from Hartford and Springfield... as far as I can tell, the three main employers in the area are LEGO, the tobacco industry, and the state penitentiary. :D

Woo, Manchester! Whenever we're feeling a little stir-crazy, my husband and I head to Manchester to do some geeky shopping.

You totally made my day. Thanks!

LOL that is very cute! I'd never imagine draeneis can be so... cute and innocent!

He makes a squeaky sound when you hug him. :D

Holy crap, that's the most adorable thing ever.

Thanks! :) I try to make up for my lack of drawing-y ability by knitting and crocheting. :D

That is just adorable! I love his little tail!!

Thank you! I wanted to make the tail longer, but I found that I needed it short and stubby so he could balance on his two feet and tail-tip. :p

OMG cuteness overload *ded*

Awesome! I should crochet some characters :)
I bet you could sell those!

Oh, please do share pics if you crochet some characters! :)

I don't think I made enough modifications to the pattern to be able to sell it... but I'd love to make a doll to represent each of my characters. :)

BTW, my husband has been eating your husband's character for a week. :)

It really surprised me to pull out his prescription bottle and see the name of your husband's paladin on the label!

Ha! I was wondering why Avelox seemed to be such a popular name of the servers, when (as far as we knew) it was a name my husband had invented.

Avelox in a bottle... hee!

Love it! :D :D :D I'd totally go for the elekk to ride on >.> And make the little nekky boy some Judgment armor xP hee. :)

as soon as I finish knitting this top hat I might have to move on to something WoW-ish. Especially if my server hasn't come up yet /sigh

Heheh. I think I could just about manage to make a tabard for him, maybe.

I was briefly obsessed with knitting beaded wristwarmers, and I thought I'd make a Horde and Alliance pair... but I never got around to it. :p Maybe next patch day. ;)


So RAD :D:D You rock. <3

That is just SORAD! Absolutely adorable. Sometimes I love the things people do while the servers are down.

Thanks! Servers down = excellent time to go outside and be silly. :)

OMG That is the cutest thing I have ever seen. Ever.

Hee, thank you! I'm still trying to figure out how to make a girl draenei version. :)

;D That is ADORABLE. Soo cuteee....

I just want to poke it..and hug it..

It has a squeaky noise-maker sewn into a felt heart inside it. It was MADE for poking and hugging. :D

(I wanted to surprise my husband with the squeaker, so I innocently told him to hug the draenei. Nothing happened, so I told him to hug him harder... and harder... He was apparently very worried that I'd gone completely insane.)

Best. Thing. EVER. Do want!


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