WoW_Ladies: Girl Gamers of World of Warcraft

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that's the most amazingly geeky thing i've ever seen. i think you're my new hero. :P

one of my co-workers (who WoWs w/me) was like "make that shit and bring it in!", hahaha. awesome.

Haha. GREAT geekiness recipe! May I post this (with credit/linkback, of course) to my tiny little WoW comm? =o)

in love with your icon! can you make me one as pretty from my girl?

Um...I can try, but I can't promise. I'd need screenshots, though. You can send one (or more if you want me to choose) to

Oh, I know what okra is, thanks. :) I just wasn't convinced that you could make a good stew out of *just* meat and okra... I've generally had okra either with a few other veggies, or as a stewed veggie dish on its own.

Down where I'm from, we fry everything, and one of my favorite foods is fried okra. I never really liked it any other way because it's so slimey.

Mmm, fried okra sounds good.

This is the most awesome thing I've seen all day.

that is both amazingly geeky, and quite impressive. :)

Oo I think I'll have to get some WoW buddies together and make this when I get back to school.

Though I'm not the most masterful chef in Azeroth, when you want to make smaller portions, do you just halve the recipe?

Yes, halving the recipe should work fine! You may want to fiddle with how much meat and veg you add, depending on how healthy you're feeling... I tend to increase the amount of spices and cocoa as well. :)

<3 Eduardo! I think he and Wilt are my favorite characters on that show.

You are my hero. That loooks totally delicious, though!

LOOK AT THOSE LITTLE SNOUTS!!!!! GOD it Looks SOOOO good! I wish i was that creative!! You rock!

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