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Recruitment regrets
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aerna wrote in wow_ladies
Me and one of my galpals thought it would be a good idea to get a mutual guyfriend into WoW. Big mistake.

He's not a bad guy but he's awfully passive-agressive and likes to guilt-trip people. Ever since he joined our guild on the Alliance side, he keeps whining about his lag. "Oh, I'm being killed by lag!" So my friend has to get on her lvl 42 warlock and run him through every fucking thing, including quests. If he was a cloth-wearer, I'd be sympathetic but he's a warrior for pete's sake.

I prefer playing Horde side but last night I got to feel my friend's pain when she tried to run my lvl 14 pally through Deadmines. Whiner decides to come along on his lvl 29 warrior and proceeds to run ahead and aggro every fucking thing, dying in the process. Despite being able to rez, I decide to just let him run back to his corpse.

It's gotten to the point where I don't want to play my pally on Alliance anymore and just reroll so I don't have to put up with Mr. WAAHMBULANCE. I mean, MMOs are supposed to be social but my friend hardly has time to level her own character because he wants her to run him through everything.

Maybe I'm a believer in tough love but I don't really think that powerlevelling your first, main character is a good idea. At least not for the first ten to twenty levels. When you're trying to get to 40 then it's great if friends want to help you reduce the grind of getting to your mount. I just hope he never comes over to play Horde because I sure wouldn't want him to annoy the people in my guild.

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My very first guild was pretty much like that as a whole. I was one of maybe three competent players out of about 30 to 40, and the rest wanted us to run through everything again and again for them -- not that I didn't like doing stuff that was level appropriate, but level 39 through Deadmines is kinda... much

I ran the Deadmines the first time at level 11. At level 14 is when the guildies started realizing that there was competence there. I led a group down through. Me (L14 Warlock), a L12 Priest, and a L11 Rogue. We made it to the ship, through the pirates on the dock, and took out the two assassins at the foot of the Gangplank. There were a couple of deaths along the way, but no wipes. The Tauren first mate guy whose name I don't remember took us out finally

My guild is pretty much we don't ever power level anyone for anything. We certainly help each other out but after a few times of running people through DM we just don't do it anymore. You NEED to learn. You CAN'T learn when you don't have any learning experiences. It's so much more fun to do a run with a group of people at your level than to get run through DM by a 70. Even a super squishy priest who can heal everyone for 500 times thier health but can't stay alive (not actually true, but feels like it!)

Go out and play! Enjoy the game!

The problem with that, at least on a server that's existed for a bit, is that there are no PUGs available for certain instances, so unless you get someone to run you through, you won't be able to do it at all (i.e. ST for your class quest).

Agreed. On my server, it's basically impossible to PUG any pre-BC instances other than VC. I think since BC came out I've managed to find one SM PUG and one Gnomer PUG (which even then ended up being someone running us through because we couldn't find a 5th member) while playing any of my alts, because no one is doing them anymore.

Difficult, but not impossible. You have to use the tool, and then sit on trade or in the right zone just asking /everyone/ and their cousin about the group, and then not being at all picky when you go.

I've run into five people all begging to be dragged through the same instance in the same city within an hour and none will group with the other or use the tool.


As I said, since BC came out, I have been able to find 2 PUGs for any of my alts, two of whom are healers, and I check and refresh the LFG thing constantly. People just aren't doing the low level instances on my server on my server anymore.

Oh, oh... let me tell you about a friend of ours. You'll appreciate this.

This friend makes tons of characters. *Tons*. Many of the Horde, mind. Every. Single. Time. He gets a character near 20, he wants runs through Deadmines. I have a mage, so it's not a huge deal, right? Except that I've done this at least twenty different times for various alts of his, almost all of whom he simply *stops* playing. He asks for this for basically every instance you can solo run someone through. He did it with his Alliance characters too, only not to me, to another friend who plays a holy/disc priest. Needless to say, neither of us are impressed. As far as we know, this is what he thinks level 60s (this was pre-BC) are for: running lower level characters through instances. In absolute fairness to him, though, he wanted to get to 60 so he could run lowbies through stuff. Except... I think his highest char got to 54. *sigh*

Wow, that's really rough. I would get to a point where I'd say, "not running any of your alts through anything until you hit level 60 on SOME character" and make a fun challenge or something. Or tell him that you'll run one of his characters through whatever instance one time for every time that one of his characters hits a certain level ("I'll run you through Deadmines every time one of your alts hits 40", etc).

I would get so sick of doing that, even for a friend. :\

His excuse is that he doesn't have time to get to 60, because he works. I think it's a load of crap personally, but he seems to have settled on one or two characters at this point. However... we just don't go on runs with him. He's actually a pretty lousy player too.


Really, it's ok to say "No" to requests for help.

- Can you help me with a quest? I am being killed by lag
- Not at the time, sorry, busy with my own quests.

^ I agree with this.

Tell him no, tell him to shut up and quit whining, tell him when he makes mistakes because if he's an absolute newbie he might not have realized that hey, running ahead isn't ok because a level 42 warlock can't save your ass.

I found that being flat, emotionless and business-like is more efficient for me than judging people's character out loud, etc. All you suggest to say about him is probably true ^_^ At the same time, telling somebody like that to shut up and quit whining is quite likely to provoke a whole lot MORE whining and other silly, pointless types of conversation... Simple, direct "no, I am busy with other things" - repeated as needed - is more likely to drive the point across without provoking emotional outbursts. Your mileage may vary, etc.

Yeah, I agree - it's just that after several polite "No, sorry" responses, one might need to drive the point home a bit more directly. :)

It all depends on the people involved, of course.

I agree with you that one's first character should not be power leveled. Sure a run through an instance is ok cause pugs are really unreliable. I never thought I'd ever complete Uldaman, but I was determined! However, he's being a pest and he will continue to be such. You're going to have to say something. He can either play it off like he was kidding, get mad, or apologize.

It's really for the benefit of everyone involved to just suck it up and tell him to quit whining, lrn2play, and leave you all alone. In any case, how the hell does having someone run him through a quest solve his "lag" issues? What a dumb excuse. I used to have major issues telling people "no" but it's gotten to the point where my annoyance overwhelms my natural inclination to avoid confrontation.

Personally, I do not run guildies through instances. I offer to get on a lower level alt and join a group with them. Most of the time they don't take it me up on the offer, so I get to just continue with what I was doing :)

I agree.. I am very weird about that. I have gotten a few people into WoW and only have helped them a few times. Two of them actually had lag in the beginning but they did okay.

When I needed help I asked in general chat or whatever and made a few really good friends that way.

Your friend needs to learn2play, lol.

Agreeing as well. Im willing to do run throughs, IF I have time, IF it's not a first toon and IF the player in questions OBEYS when I tell them to do something. I did most instances with level-appropriate groups on my first toon, I expect the same from others whenever possible. It's much easier to find a group for them right now, post BC with so many people having re-rolled BE or Draeni.

Occasionally I got bitched at about my rules for this sort of thing, but for the most part I feel it's fair. Running people through Deadmines, RFC, WC and Gnomer doesnt teach them how to play in a group, which is the entire point of those early instances. And well, If I DO run your umpteenth alt through DM, you bloody well better listen when I tell you to do something, because Im interested in getting in and out as fast as possible without a repair bill. So if I say hug the wall or stay back, please do so, Ive got a reason for it.

She needs to tell him to suck it up. I'm a big believer in not handing people their levels or gear-unless it's someone I know personally has busted their ass on prior characters.

But this guy's a relative newb, and has a level 40-something slaving away for him to the point that person can't enjoy themselves, and you're considering a reroll?

For heaven's sake, tell him to go fuck himself, rather than let him ruin the game for you.

Why doesn't your friend just say no to helping him? I mean, of course it's great if you've created an alt and you have a friend who can help you do some stuff quickly (I mean, we all know how hard it can sometimes be to find an instance group for lower level instances). But I think for a first time player it's CRUCIAL that they experience things on their own, and learn to strategise and play the game, otherwise you'll end up with a lv40 who doesn't know what sunder armour is (THEY EXIST, I kid you not lol). And for someone who has a main it's perfectly within their right to say 'no, I'm levelling today' or something like that. Maybe I'm sounding all anti-social here, but whenever someone helps me I'll offer to help them with something similar or the other way around, but I will not be guilted into being anyone's butt-monkey and neither should anyone else. You and your friend sound like uber nice and helpful people so my advice is, save that help and friendliness for people who actually deserve it and are grateful for it =)

I have a friend like this too and I regret inviting him into my guild on a daily basis. I really just want to tell him Less QQ More Pew Pew, kkthxbai!

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