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Wedding rings
kemica wrote in wow_ladies
Some of you may remember a loooong time ago (before October) me asking for advice on if my (then) soon to be husband and I should get 'soulbound' engraved into our rings. Well we did, and I finally got around to uploading a decent picture of them so I thought someone here might think it's amusing.

Note: We know it's a little silly but we originally met on an online game, the engraving was free, 'soulbound' sounds nice even if you aren't familiar with WoW, and engravings can be replaced (cheaply!). XD

I wonder if this picture is something we should send to Blizzard, or if we'd just get laughed into oblivion. XD

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I think it's completely adorable.

Not only is it adorable, the rings look great!

so very cute, wish my husband was a wowhead too =/

I think it's awesome and I think you should send the picture in to Blizzard. :)

I thought about engraving my hubby and my rings but never did.

Your rings win. *gives you three tokens*

I love it!! What a great idea.. my fiance and I duo (lock/mage) together. :)

I should con my fiance into agreeing to put BoP on our rings. /plot. :D

That's absolutely adorable! Not silly at all :)

Amazing and great and all things like that. So good I'm afraid I will have to do it too, love all around! xxx

I think that's great! :)

That is a fabulous idea. Hubby and I are both WoW nerds and both in the market for new rings... Hmmmmmmm... lol

That's really sweet. My current boyfriend and I met in FFXI and if we ever do get married I'm sure we'll do something equally "geeky". I like how the soulbound phrase works without being WoW related. I feel all schmoopy. :D

Awww, send it in to Blizzard!

I love those rings.
That's amazing.
*feels all fuzzy inside*


Oh yes these look wonderful!
You so should send the photo to Blizzard, they love sush things I am sure : )

Awesomesauce. Definitely =D

This is a nice idea. I would not publicize it too widely, because random evil trolling on the subject of my wedding band would somewhat spoil it for me. But ymmv.

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