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I think it's completely adorable.

Not only is it adorable, the rings look great!

so very cute, wish my husband was a wowhead too =/

I think it's awesome and I think you should send the picture in to Blizzard. :)

I thought about engraving my hubby and my rings but never did.

Your rings win. *gives you three tokens*

I love it!! What a great idea.. my fiance and I duo (lock/mage) together. :)

I should con my fiance into agreeing to put BoP on our rings. /plot. :D

That's absolutely adorable! Not silly at all :)

Amazing and great and all things like that. So good I'm afraid I will have to do it too, love all around! xxx

I think that's great! :)

That is a fabulous idea. Hubby and I are both WoW nerds and both in the market for new rings... Hmmmmmmm... lol

That's really sweet. My current boyfriend and I met in FFXI and if we ever do get married I'm sure we'll do something equally "geeky". I like how the soulbound phrase works without being WoW related. I feel all schmoopy. :D

Awww, send it in to Blizzard!

I love those rings.
That's amazing.
*feels all fuzzy inside*


Oh yes these look wonderful!
You so should send the photo to Blizzard, they love sush things I am sure : )

Awesomesauce. Definitely =D

This is a nice idea. I would not publicize it too widely, because random evil trolling on the subject of my wedding band would somewhat spoil it for me. But ymmv.

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