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Get you slugs before they are gone! :P
salmastryon wrote in wow_ladies
So, the previous post made me realize that no one here has posted about the two tamable slugs here. I figured I'd put up the info, because after 5.2 they won't be tamable anymore; however, so far they they are grandfathered on PTR. Historically unless a mistakenly tamed hunter pet is game breaking or exploitive they let you keep them. I still have my Oily Wolf due to that. All the slimes and hydras you see around are from that as well. The spirit wolf isn't as visible because there is a spirit beast(Karoma) with the same look but they are still around as well.

At anyrate, there are two slugs/grubs/maggots/parasites/whatever are tamable right now. They are both considered part of the worm family. The Amber parasite is lvl 90, but the Gorishi Grub is 54 I believe; however, the Gorishi Grub spawns from a rare so it could be harder to find to tame.

I could explain all about how to tame em but Kalliope has already done such a good job I'm just going to link to her post and movies under the cut. Be aware that they will shrink down to silkworm size after 5.2 hits.

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Happy hunting all!

Making the switch from Mac to PC. Laptop advice
deegenerate wrote in wow_ladies
I've been using Mac for so long I am so out of touch with the latest and greatest for PC. Basically, I am looking to have a very good gaming laptop. I also do music production and photography. Since PC doesn't come with GarageBand and Iphoto, I know I will need to buy Photoshop Elements and Protools which is ok. I need help figuring what I need as far as specs. I had budgeted $4k for a MacBook Pro, but I don't want to spend all of that if I don't need to (especially since I will be buying lots of new software).

I am looking at the Alienware MX17. Any advice? I can just max everything, but think that may be overkill...

bastets_place wrote in wow_ladies
Oh, ok, so I FINALLY -FINALLY- manage to save the money to get the world of warcraft account back up and running. I've been dying for this for a while now.

So I go to the website the little recipt I got at Gamestop tells me to go to and... the sites are down.

*sniff* This is my last day off until Tuesday!

Name Change?
dr_erdrich wrote in wow_ladies
Hello again everyone! I just have a quick question this time. I was on the forums, and out of curiosity I wanted to find out who on our server had the proper spelling of my char's name, Alice. Turns out it's some level 6 undead mage who obviously hasn't logged on in a fortnight. Is there anyway I can contact Blizzard and possibly get this name freed up? Its kinda shitty that names are being held my chars that are low level and inactive.


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