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Would this help me with PvP?
garrosh wants you
masquedwriter wrote in wow_ladies
Okay, so, I've always wanted to be able to PvP. I feel like there's a huge part of the game I'm missing out on because I'm just not very good at it.

It's been on my mind more lately because recently my guild has started doing a lot of pvp and I'd love to be able to join in but I'm just terrible, lol. (They even started and RBG group which I have NO interest in - will never be that good, lol - but I'm super proud of them.)

Anyway, it's just such a different skill set for pvp over pve. Especially with a frost mage a lot of my 'control' spells as well as a couple others just aren't part of my rotation in pve raids and dungeons.

I was thinking it might be helpful to me to start a fresh frost mage and level her maybe halfway. This would let me focus on the abilities I don't usually use as I get them and focus on battlegrounds as they become available - rather than the huge list of them, half of which I don't understand - and just in general go 'back to basics.' Someone in my guild said they did this awhile back. Just wondering if you guys think this would help.

Another big problem that I have is just reaction time. From the time I register what is happening and what class the attacker is and all that jazz it's all but over. I don't really know what to do to improve this.

Also, can anyone recommend some kind of site that gives a run down on all the bgs and what is expected of me/basic strategy? I find some of them kind of confusing and have been unable to find a decent guide.

Are mages a decent class to be learning pvp on or are they harder than average? I don't have many mages to consult in my guild. Most of my guildies shelved their mages this expansion. I also have a spriest but I don't like the lack of burst I have on her in pvp. I feel like it's really hard to kill anything on her.

I appreciate any help, as always. Thanks ladies.

Guild Recruitment: US Kirin Tor (Alliance) & LF Healer or Tank for progression
rayce wrote in wow_ladies
Hi Everyone!

We have found some amazing members here on wow_ladies and I'm hoping we can find more :)

Our guild is looking for a healer or tank who would be interested in joining our progression raid group. We are only 1/6 on Mogu'shan Vaults due to some setbacks that include replacing our tanks 4 times. Not because of drama but because of real life (one got grounded for example). We have a good group now but we are still one person short. We are currently looking for either a healer or a tank that is looking for a good guild, a new home and the chance to do new content with a fresh group.

Our current raid schedule is Tuesday/Wednesday from 8:30 CST - 11:30 CST (We start invites and summons at 8:15)

Our raid rules can be found on our forums here:
Raid Rules and Sign Up

More about our guild and a video introduction :)Collapse )

If you are from another server and would like to just come check us out you are very welcome to make an alt and join us. You are also welcome to bring your raider to our guild LFR which we do together as a raid group cross server to see what our dynamic is like.

We of course would also like to invite anyone is interested in our guild, even if you are not interested in raiding. We have a lot of other events in the guild for everyone's interests.

Please comment here or send an lj message if you are interested to:
GL: Finowen aka me! (rayce)
Officer: Melliandret (nessainwe) = Raid Leader

Why nerf the raids?
pillars witch
masquedwriter wrote in wow_ladies
I am super disappointed that the patch will be bringing a major nerf to the current raids.

I guess I don't understand why?

I mean, we're well into the expansion I guess but it took a lot of guilds several months to get groups up and running. Some guilds are JUST getting groups up and running.

We've been working at Vaults for a couple of months now and we're currently stuck on elegon. We're working on him and making slow progress in improving our handling of the mechanics. It's been the same thing with every boss. We're slow but we don't give up and eventually we get it down and master the fight.

Do you know how upsetting it is for a guild like ours (ie. slow progressing) to see this nerf come what I feel is early in the expansion? We don't want to finish the run with everything nerfed into the ground. Do you know what is going to be more frustrating and discouraging than all the wipes we've had in Vaults combined? Going in there and burning through them because they've received a sizeable nerf. I think that will be the most disappointing experience I've had since starting raiding.

I've browsed the forums and there's a lot of 'if you haven't cleared yet, you're bad and you never will.' I don't feel this is necessarily true. It takes some groups longer to figure it out. And that's part of the pleasure. Mastering the fight when it's still current and unnerfed.

(Though, yes, I'm aware that Elegon has already received a nerf. But we still think he's pretty darn hard, lol.)

My raid leader was encouraging me that the patch isn't here yet. And maybe we'll be okay because I believe we have the dps to beat the timer and we've made improvements in handling the dance steps so to speak. So it might very well be possible.

But I know we're not the only guild in that boat.

Sorry if this comes off as a QQ. Does it feel early to anyone else to nerf this stuff?

Looking for Alliance Server/Guild Recommendations
fadednovelty143 wrote in wow_ladies
I'm coming back to the game after taking a break shortly after MoP launched. I moved out of state, and just didn't have the time to keep playing. Now that I do have more time, all of my horde friends have quit it seems (not that I had a ton to begin with!). So I'm looking for a new server to make a new alliance character on and to call home. I don't really like PVP servers, so basically anything other than that is fine with me. I'm just tired of playing alone, joining random guilds and finding out that I just don't fit in. I'm in my late 20s, married, and use the game as something to relax with. I'm not a hardcore raider, I'm lucky if I ever raid other than LFR and that's not a big deal to me. I'd rather go into a raid not knowing anything about it and having fun learning the fight than spending time researching bosses. Because of that I don't really try to raid outside of LFR, I hate to bring other people down :-P I want to find a server that has a nice community, isn't totally dead, and has a decent AH. Anyone know of such a server, or a guild that sounds like I might fit in? Any help is much appreciated!

So I have a guild bank....
swoon_song wrote in wow_ladies
It's four tabs, and it's stuffed. I could buy more tabs but even then, it's just too much junk. My mail is stuffed, even. I missed out on selling stuff at the end of expansions so I don't know what to do with it all. Do I vendor it? Do I try to AH it? I only really dabble in selling LW enchants and I don't even really do that anymore.

What is all this stuff? Potions...old flasks, old foods, some cloths, TONS of old food mats (probably a tab and a half), old crafting mats from like, BC and Wrath. It's killing me. The plan was to level some toons that needed this stuff but my tailor/enchanter is stuck in the 50s, and somehow I ended up with three alchemists that are closer to hitting 85/90 than any of my other stuff? (Man I don't know.)

My server isn't very RP-ish but I was thinking I could craft a bunch of playful potions and foods, but I don't know. Help? How can I clean this out?

Update to our Raid Recruitment Post
rayce wrote in wow_ladies
Update to our Raid Recruitment Post from earlier.

We are now 2/6 in MV :). Tomorrow we hope to down Gara'jal the Spiritbinder after we do LFR as a team and a guild. I just wanted to brag because it was both mine and our raid leaders first night tanking it *happy bear dance*. I actually really like the Feng dynamics as a tank.


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