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Suggestions on Challenge Mode Dungeons...
christy_elias25 wrote in wow_ladies
My bf and I recently started our own guild after a lot of unnecessary drama and cliqueness in our old guild that was leaking into our real life (along w reasons i wont discuss).  We had a few friends that were quite loyal and followed along w us in hopes of forming our raid team once again and storming through the vaults, the bugs, and kickin the Sha's butt, but unfortunately only 7 of us are capable of raiding.  We are hesitant to recruit after all the problems in our last guild even tho we all miss raiding so much.  We tried to join raid teams w another small guild who wanted to raid but didnt have enough raiders but on our first planned night they were all a no guess thats a no go.  In order to appease a lil of our frustration from working so hard and now having nothing to do w raiding I suggested we run some challenge mode dungeons to help level our guild and give us that "raid" feel.  I knew they were tough, since I had tried one once before w a different guild of friends and it was a major disaster, but read up on them and hoped after a few wipes we would get them down.

Last night we tried Temple of the Jade Serpent as I felt it would be easiest to learning everything for our first time.  We wiped, a lot!  I feel like we are missing something...but after many many wipes, and gettting no medal we finally arrived at the Sha.  It was pathetic.  We'd get her down to 45 percent, but not kill our people kick enough so she'd heal back to 75 percent and then we'd all die.  And that was our best atempt! lol....So Im lookin for suggestions on challenge mode dungeons, on the temple of the jade serpent, on the boss fights, and especially on the Sha....HELP! :)

If it helps here was our makeup, our members dont have a lot of alts so we cant grab a Spriest, or switch out much other than me Im the only one w leveled geared alts that are even ready for heroics let alone challenge mode....(486 holy pally, 481 frost/arcane mage, 476 frost dk, and 475 resto/ele shammy).  Last night we had a 485 pally tank, a 487 enhanc shammy, a 473 arcane mage, my 486 holy pally, and a 484 ele shammy....I know it drops our ilvl but i heard it still keeps hit stats etc so I thought id give the ilvl for references.  I dps'd as much as possible on my holy pally cuz I read we shouldnt be using a healer but i was able to use holy power etc while dpsing, but I had to spend so much time healing the tank and some of the others that I barely could dps especially on boss fights.  at this point im not worried about medaling, I just wanna get a successful run through it and then work on beating our own time until we can get where we can medal....

The Librarian
wolf_shadow wrote in wow_ladies
Hi all,

Our guild is <Evil Dead> and we run two 10 man teams at the moment. Due to attrition, RL and a few unreliables, my team is looking for a few reliable new bloods to join us. Before we go any further we are on Hellscream EU and are Horde.

Seeking: We need a reliable OT and a healer plus DPS, to cover for attrition and unreliability. Reliability and competence is valued over gear levels. We ask that you are gemmed and enchanted, but are happy help out with mats and crafting, especially for MS raiders.

About us: We're an old guild who have been around on the server since Vanilla. We have players ranging from newbies to classic raiders, and are happy to work with people. Age-wise we range from (I think) 12 to 50s at least, but most of us are 20s-40s with RL and jobs etc. We have a strong belief in RL > WoW but we also expect people to let us know if there are issues (within reason of course!). We raid 3 nights a week from 20.30 server time until about 23.00. The guild provides banquets, flasks and potions, which are made with the mats that we all collect as we have time. We raid in English, but our team is from all. Oh and we really don't give a rats what gender you are, that you play, or that you are in a relationship with... :) Alts are welcome. We do scenarios and dungeons during non-raid nights, and occasionally do Challenge modes too. PvP isn't a big part of our ethos, but we do have some dedicated PvPers and more who enjoy the odd Arena or random BG.

The Server: Hellscream is an older EU realm, with we have people from all over Europe and multiple languages will often pop up in trade. It's not full, but not dead, with a very slight Alliance bias. Trade is alive and we have our pet trolls, of course.

Gah, any questions, just ask! Also feel free to roll alts to check us out or whatever :) If you are interested, whisper anyone in guild and ask if Garnett (me), Pikkle or Jaxus are online - we all have many alts!


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