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Looking for Server Suggestions
spessartine wrote in wow_ladies
A friend and I are looking for suggestions about which server we should move to. We have a few criteria:

1. Our preference is for RP servers that are NOT Wyrmrest. We're willing to move to a normal server if it has a great atmosphere though - we care much more about a friendly atmosphere than actual rping. No pvp servers.

2. Decent Horde/Alliance balance.

3. Fairly populous - We're used to there being a lot on the AH, with decent(ish) prices, and a fair amount of pugs. So probably high pop.

4. Some raiding - not hardcore by any means, but happens!

Any suggestions are appreciated!

Gaming in Chinese?
liz | pointing
accountingwitch wrote in wow_ladies
I'm gradually picking up Chinese (Mandarin) again, and I figure one of the more enjoyable ways to re-learn it is learning it in a context that I enjoy.

That is...start raid leading in Mandarin. (It's an old joke with my guild.)

However, like the grand majority of people, I play on a North American, English-speaking server, and have no clue where to begin for vocabulary. I could easily grab a dictionary and look up the words for "raid", "boss" and "additional monsters", but they're obviously not going to be in the right context.

Short of jumping into a Chinese server and getting inundated, does anyone know a good place to start for vocabulary?

(I...I don't even know how to tag this...)


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