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[H][Moon Guard] -Elegance- looking for raiders for second raiding team.
holy, holypriest
fading_stardust wrote in wow_ladies
Hey there, ladies (& lurking gentlemen). It's been a while since I posted. I recently just acquired leadership of my guild's second raiding team as our previous raid leader is burnt out and the guild hasn't been exactly active recruiting.

I've never been a raid leader before (apart from Old World runs), but am a seasoned raider and am really just looking to put together an easy-going group of raiders. With only occasional threats of me pulling this car over if you get too rowdy.

I'm currently in need of 2 tanks, a healer that would be willing to go dps on 2-heal fights and 1 reliable dps.
We raid Sunday & Monday 8pm server.

Feel free to contact me here or msg Eodri in game if you have any questions. <3

Blizzard is aware of the scary message that its Mobile App tells you
ConcordantNexus Fortune X Mage I Prieste
concordantnexus wrote in wow_ladies
Had quite the scare when (while bored waiting in line to pay for my weekly groceries) I checked my mobile app.

Turns out that it was a bug that occurs when your subscription payment is pending!

WoW Remote Says My Account Is Locked, Banned, Suspended, or Under Review

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We are aware of an issue that is causing the WoW Remote app to display an incorrect error message to players whose account subscription status is Pending. If you receive an error message that states “This World of Warcraft account is locked, banned, suspended, or under review” when you log into the WoW Remote app, please wait until the pending transaction completes and retry the app.

Looking for active FUN people--(H) Nesingwary
los_christabel wrote in wow_ladies
fIt has been awhile since last I posted looking for members.  We finally made it to level 3, I achieved exalted status with my guild (YAY!) and I figured out how to battle pets.  We even got our sister guild, Alliance-side (Thank you)  But our bank is still stuffed, and there's nobody to do 5-mans with.  So I thought I would try again.

The House of the Night is a friendly, supportive Hordeside guild on Nesingwary, currently lookiing for someone to have fun with us.  If you can give as well as you receive, and can laugh at your mistakes, please consider joining us.  Goofy humor and crafts/professions a huge plus.  We have Mumble and 5 bank tabs of stuff that needs to be used.

This coming year's goal is ICC or Bust!  Come help us make it true!  :D

In retrospect: Now, I realize that ICC is a bit, shall we say, dated?  Blame me, I never got to do the Lich King, and I still want to!

I'm not particular about any race, level or class, I just want people to be with, laugh with, and have fun with.  Questing, grinding, raiding and good times.  Could the person I'm looking for be you?

Further note:  We have just achieved level 6, and are heading for level 7 fast.  Still looking for quality mature people who want to have fun.


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